: I haven't analysed the different types of strategies involved in this, but, that doesn't mean it should remain in the game. It is possible players could start theory crafting, and come up with strategies to circumvent this limitation that you suggest. If everyone knew from the start that every carousel gives you guaranteed 1 extra unit for a free synergy; players would begin building early/mid-game comps, so later on they could get free units, and receiving synergies that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Even worse, late-game could mean picking up a tier 5 unit (Yasuo/Swain/Kayle) from the carousel, and placing them on the board for free - which would be pretty game breaking, since those units are rare to be upgraded, and gives your team a unit for no cost. Imagine Kayle being put on the board over the unit cap, allowing you to get another unit for synergy - which wouldn't be possible normally. This should be fixed regardless whether it is a perceived advantage or not; as there will be players who make it a much larger advantage than is initially presented
you can't upgrade any champion on board with this. It doesn't matter how many lvl 1s you have on board. Though its an exploit, its a pretty useless exploit which will never net you a win. even if you get a level 5 unit later on, you cant move it. your board becomes kinda frozen, and your ability to make any strategical play becomes impossible. I tried to make it work, never once did it helped me.
: [TFT] Combining champs shouldn't combine basic items they have.
yeah need an option to take out items from champions with out deleting them
: thank you RIOT
just happened to me too just now, waited 10 hrs just to get in, but sadly received the "un-expected error" Now the new queue is 31 hrs 55 mins ..... You are lucky to only get 10 hour as your next queue.
: That's from Thursday. I'm talking about the one on Friday. There's no patch notes but there *was* downtime.
Ahh may be I missed it, but isn't the usual routine 10:00 am PDT message of maintenance then starting 10:30 ish to 11:00 am PDT going for approx. 2 hours maintenance to 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM PDT? and thats only taking into account of regular maintenance not emergency ones.
: There was maintenance yesterday. Scheduled for 2:30pm PDT but ended up happening at 3:15pm PDT. For CEST, this was just after midnight. We normally don't have maintenance in the weekends, but they can happen in case of emergencies or problems.
you talking about the 4 hour maintenance? the 2 hour that got extended to 4 hours? I don't remember any maintenance after that.
: Honestly, they have a "maintenance" pretty often so I dont feel like even if people are staying in, it's for long
they didn't have maintenance yesterday, and I don't think there would be any on the weekend too (meaning today and tomorrow). But I am not sure, may be they do a maintenance out of blue today or tomorrow. ~~But there hasn't been any maintenance in the last 24 hrs and thats a fact.~~
: Check your queue time
hope there is no {{champion:110}} in it.
: I do not know whether to laugh or sit and cry
well let me ease your situation a little bit. [If you have error 1B, you have to restart the client to get into 8 hr or prolly 9 hr queue. Hope answered your q, and now it would be easier for you to decide whether to laugh or whether to cry.... ](https://twitter.com/RiotSapMagic/status/1141845249704132609)
: Error 1b
I am dead inside, been trying to get to play for 9 hours now. Logged in then after 3hrs unexpected error happened, then tried to logged in again then maintenance time came after 2 hrs. Maintenance started waited (2+2) hours to log in to get error 1b, now re-logging just to see my queue being at 1 hr 30 mins and then it correcting itself to 3h 4m. I am sad, very sad now atm. Why are streamers allowed special access? Sure its free publicity, but still .... at-least make some kind of priority for those who had old PBE accounts.

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