: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
So...what EXACTLY does her W do now? Is it just a passive move speed increase with an active attack speed steroid?
: It's not as awkward as you might first think, and 25% cdr is definitely even more awkward. There are three 10% cdr items that you can build, which are DFG, Twin Shadows and WotA. You won't build DFG but you can pick between Spooky Ghosts and WotA, the difference of which is movement speed and active on one side and spell vamp and 100 extra gold cost on the other. 25% increases the item choice by 1: Ionian boots of Lucidity. Otherwise you'll have to go 5% cdr in Offence tree and buy one of those three (actually two) 10% items anyway. If you go cdr boots you might be able to cram a Rylai's or something into your build, which I guess is ok but is it worth losing 15 mpen? I guess if you REALLY want to open up more itemization, you should probably look at 20% where people are allowed to build Athene's and Morellonomicon in case they hate Seraph's for some reason.
or, your know, just use 5% in runes. 40% natural cdr without having to buy any items.


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