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: Selecting Aurelion Sol causes custom games to not start.
Can confirm the typical new champion bug wave
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: YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.
I can only agree on this shen is miserable
: Shen's rework is really disappointing. Please send this back.
Same here bro it's literally garbage. While i agree shen does need a rework this is not the way to go it's just feels off and out of place not to mention his abilities are annoying (but easy to use). I used to think poppy's rework is bad but i changed my mind after i played her some games THIS however leaves only bad taste Don't get me wrong change is good {{champion:121}} But this isn't the way to go
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: Replicatable: Morde no passive Bug
Can confirm almost lost a lane cause of it
: Whispers about Vayne
Well i tried it i haven't heard anything
: I want so badly to love the new Poppy, but...
I can agree with this whole post wholeheartedly she's not fun
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Here are my thoughts on poppy after playing her a bit 1- Is she meant for jungling since her ultimate really doesn't help that when you send them in a polar direction you want them to go (i know her ult knocks someone into their base's side just saying though) 2-She seems really fun but she seems to quite fall off late 3-I don't have to mention the low hp voice spam but i do have to mention that her w's passive seems to be on the weak side 4-The ult in itself seems like a tool to get rid of the engage/tanks or whatever you don't want to be in the teamfight however it's really easy to knock away the thing you do want to kill Well theese are just mine thoughts though thanks for reading
: Please Nerf Illaoi
I don't want to be that guy but i think you need to practice against her i can play against her with no problems her tentacles are predictable once you get the hang of her HELL SHE EVEN SAYS TO STAY IN MOTION
: Dunkmaster Illaoi
Maybe not Dunkmaster but maybe Priestess of Dunk Illaoi
: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
Hello not sure if that's intended or not but illaoi can use her charges on relic shield/targon item to kill someone's spirit. Just thought that i'll report that
: Illaoi Bug Report Thread
When you hit a turret with your W there is no sound nothing really major just thought that i'll report that
: Can't Get past the champ select with Illaoi
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: Champions stuck in animation
I can see it constantly happening on a lot of champs durning my game with nasus my rengar got frozen in his jump animation leona got frozen in her recall animation
: Disconnect and taken back to lobby
Seems to be happening a lot today


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