: The only problem with it is the 30 second cooldown :s I feel like it's too long
Maybe a little bit- something like 20 would allow more trades, potentially. But when you think about it, you should really only have 1 trade per minion wave. Minions arrive every 30 seconds... And later in the game, when used for catch purposes- like how Lux often uses it- the CD is fine.
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: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
The new yellow trinket is actually a snowball mechanic, make no mistake. Get ahead>get more levels>get more/better wards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jcwolves,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=z44jEiXG,comment-id=0025,timestamp=2015-10-29T05:04:06.349+0000) > > Okay so a couple questions. > > 1: Why did you make a top lane buff this strong, so "top laners can feel like they're interacting with their team before the 15 minute mark." And then make it a two person thing? > I understand wanting to utilize the entire map and the baron pit having use pre-15 is very exciting, but I feel this buff might be a bit much that early in the match, especially on early game top laners, or *junglers ganking* for that matter. > Not sure what you're quoting (help me out here), but the goal for Rift Herald isn't so top laners can feel like they're interacting with their team. TP already does that. It's a two person objective because if it was a solo objective, it would clearly be a reward for the jungler (or even worse, a top laner that took Smite). But the mechanics of Rift Herald and the Doom's Eve buff heavily favor bringing your top laner as one of those two dudes. > 2: Okay so for junglers who get the buff, will the minion buff give them away if they are nearby? How will this effect ganks, or have you looked into it? It will give them away, and that's okay. We want this to be a clear read to the opponents where the push is coming from. This also naturally favors giving the buff to not-the-jungler. > > 3: I feel like the eye passive (12% true damage) is a cool idea... but the artwork could use a bit of work. The fact it opens on the top could be confusing, and how large is the "back" of this thing going to be? Since you have to hit it in the back while the eye is open... An indicator of some sort may be needed, or you could add it to the difficulty of it... just be careful not to be unfair :) Good feedback. We'll keep exploring what work we can do to add clarity here. > > 4: 40 movespeed? Uhm.. im imagining a tier two boot yi with this buff and dying inside. 355 base + 60 (swiftness boots) + 40 (Baby baron) = 447 (soft cap) +25% from ult (111.75MS) = 509.75 MS Yi with ult (and both soft caps). Dodging all but targetted stuns. Don't get me started on dead mans plate. (+60 = 534.75 (ish) with ult (soft cap)) HALP RITO! If jinx manages to get it... Warwick. Max the E and go crazy. Udyr gotta go fast. Braum catching all dem shots. Garen gotta go fast. Reintro Nunu W. Sk-Ska-Skarnnerrrr. Reintro Trundle. Rammus. Voli... > ONE WORD: Hecarim. I mean, I'm mostly glad you're just theorycrafting what's exciting about it here. But it's just 40 MS; most of the effects you combined in the list there are already well past the MS caps to the point that +40 flat MS means fairly little. > > 5: I like the move to avoid ranged attackers from taking this, but i feel this might oppress further ranged top or ranged jungle players, especially with a buff as large as it currently is. Perhaps make this not apply to ranged junglers (a passive on jungle items/smite)? IDEA! Smite removes the buff-so junglers get to pick who gets it and it promotes early smiting allowing others to steal if theres a squishy ADC trying to take it? Give it a chunk of armor still though... > I see where you're going here, but it's pretty important to make mechanics clear and consistent. Having the ranged damage penalty makes it clear that ADCs aren't optimized for taking this objective (unlike Dragon or Baron, which they generally are optimized at taking). As for ranged top laners or junglers, I do feel your pain - hopefully you brought a melee partner with some damage to help you out. > And I really hope you make baron eat the baby baron. It would be an awesome animation, but I know it is for later. :D Me too!
> [{quoted}](name=HeyItsChaBoiJag,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=z44jEiXG,comment-id=00250001,timestamp=2015-10-30T01:47:13.641+0000) > I mean, I'm mostly glad you're just theorycrafting what's exciting about it here. But it's just 40 MS; most of the effects you combined in the list there are already well past the MS caps to the point that +40 flat MS means fairly little. Flat move speed is always relevant at high numbers, due to the way move speed is calculated. Even with the higher cap of 50% reduction, that 40 movespeed can effectively give something like 40 move speed to some champions. More the more items they have. Relevant math: Level 11 Yi, ult active. Base move 355, tier 2 boots, ghostblade active, ghost. [(355+45) X (1+.27+.2) X (1.3)] X .5+230, Effective move speed: 612.2 Level 11 Yi, ult active. base move 355, tier 2 boots, ghostblade active, ghost, rift herald. [(355+45+40) X (1+.27+.2) X (1.3)] X .5+230, Effective move speed: 650 Best(ish) case ridiculousness: Level 16+ Yi, ult, base move, tier 5 boots, GB, tali active, 3x Zephyr, Scimitar active, distortion, ghost, flash, scuttle shrine, zilean E, Lulu W, Sona E, Kayle W, [(355+105) X (1+.2+.4+.3+.4+.3+.99+1.5+.72+1.14) x (1.45) X (1.3) X (1.5)] X .5+230= 4750 W/+40 from herald: [(355+105+40) X (1+.2+.4+.3+.4+.3+.99+1.5+.72+1.14) x (1.45) X (1.3) X (1.5)] X .5+230= 5143 Sure, that case is ridiculous, but I thought I'd point out that "40 flat is insignificant cuz soft cap" is faulty logic. Even in the 1st comparison (which is 100% plausible and in fact, likely to occur in some games), 38 move speed is nothing to sneeze at- that's 6% faster than he'd be running otherwise.
: Kha'zix Target Indicators!
I like this idea, but the VFX for the base Kha'zix skin look a little too much like Banshee's Veil to me. Not as much of an issue on higher qualities, but on low settings it might get confusing at a glance. The one for Guardian of the Sands is nice, though.


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