No one is playing PBE to have quality games where you can ban who you want and counter pick. People play PBE to try the new champ/content and that's not possible if it gets banned every game. The pick order might give you a "sense of order" but that's not gonna stop the guy in last pick from dodging just because he wanted to play senna. New champ releases are always huge dodge fests where you have to go through 10 champ selects just to get in game, even in draft pick.
: Senna interaction between ulti and Ardent Censer
Ardent Censer applies if you shield yourself. This is currently how it works on live servers and, to my knowledge, this is the intended effect. I just tested it in live servers in practice tool with janna. So it is intended that she gains ardent censer when shielding herself with ultimate.


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