: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
My only concern is the increase for the base difficulty of the jungle. Unless I'm mistaken, tanky champs like Sejuani have pretty rough first clears. If one of the possible plans is to increase how much damage the jungle monsters do, any chance of possibly slightly increasing Sej's HP/5 or base health a little to compensate? Otherwise I feel she may fall further out of play. I know this may not be the best thread to ask about this in, but since it involves jungling, and you rarely see Sej or other tank junglers elsewhere.
: They'll be on PBE for at least 2 weeks so hopefully we can make further adjustments if it feels impractical in game. If you get opportunity to - try playing with it on PBE. Also - reading this - I seriously messed up my math in the initial post. Ergh. I fail - This is why you don't do math at 4 a.m.
If I can offer a suggestion, think you can crosspost your thoughts in the thread in the main forums, Xyph? For discussion there, I mean. Also a question mostly out of curiosity. Is there a reason why Riot hasn't looked at her passive's value at all, instead of nerfing various other aspects of her kit (in the past, I mean)?
: Team Builder Available on PBE!
I would like to mention that if my first team builder game is anything like future ones, it should be really alarming. In the fact that I had two people quit right at the start of a match. May I suggest that if you quit/afk in team builder matches, you are barred from using it? Obviously there should be some leniency, but nothing too extreme. I know there are anti-abuse features coming, but its worth throwing out there as well.


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