: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Lunar Guardian Warwick has a great visual design: golden moon, magnificent, mysterious, powerfull. but it poorly has 0 synergie with the "badguy"-sentence he tell us. i just thought: wtf, is realy telling us seomething in this dumb, primitive, non raised strayer-language. the content of his visual design makes 0 sense with the content of his words. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: My opinion on the new skins !!!
Lunar Guardian Warwick has a great visual design, but it poorly has 0 synergie with the "badguy"-sentence he tell us.
: The store is very slow
: Vi Ulti on Kayne and he ulti on Vi makes her unmovable
i think kayne should ult her, but her ulti must stop then, so that she can move.
: You can take this "higher then normal game traffic" crap and shove it up your ***
Rioter Comments
: Teleport Summoner Spell Icon in champ select
: Aerin appears to be dealing adaptive damage opposite to the champion's main damage/build
: Can't buy any skins because I don't own the champions.
: ohh..., ever heard of maokai? Lux? Morgana?jinx? Leona with 3 stuns?cho's aoe knock up? nami? brum, everyone has AOE, synda has, ahri can rip him apart with her charm, thresh, blitz, you gotta pick em, and try not to feed, you do know master yi is not OP until couple of items, and that runes, requires him to hit and wait for 3 secs, you got time, you do not cc him before dem 3 secs
yeah i did. maokai yes, maybe leona, the rest yi can dodge. a few days ago i saw on tiwch how dia and materplayers could not handle a kata. if u have no point and click cc its not so easy as u think.
: TRICK On How To Buy Champions For CHEAP
there are 2 mistakes: 1. u can just buy 25 boxes a day. 2- u wont have enough blue essence
: Banned/Suspended for 14. (FOR NOTHING)
realy? "kill urself" is no problem? maybe dont put ure finger son others and look on urself instead of saying it to others. ;)
: stats from taking trees doesn't make sense
on one tree there is a difference ;)
: No it does not.
it helps, but its not enough for this never seen before attackspeed in early/midgame. ;)
: Just cc that champ, it's not that hard
normaly a yi goes in fight, if all cc is out. or if there is an engagiig leona on ure adc, a following kata and a jumping in gnar u cant cc the yi too...
: Exclusive hextech skins.
cause he is new, the others are much older
: Lethal Tempo is way to OP on Champs Like Master Yi
yeah i make a post, where i called, that this rune needs a nerv. as-limit only to 3.0 and lower speed scaling would be nice.
: Reworks
cho gath and rammus just get a good update? akali too. but morde and especially mundo can get an update omg and why pantheon? where i can get this official information?
: Toxicity on the PBE
i thinik, after the new runes are on live server, there will be big clean up. the reason, why riot needed more testers are the new runes. after coming out, it will be much harder.
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: Toxicity
just mute them. bigger problem are guys, who go afk, or do trollmoves and dont help ure team or steal farm
: > [{quoted}](name=Kal1sta,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Tgl8Pq4W,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-01T20:42:13.595+0000) > > Keystone's useful for the clumsy jungler that forgets smite, but who the fuck takes that path primary as a Jungle champion? I don't use it. I actually tried it a couple times on Hecarim jungle and it worked quite well for me. Won both games, one of which was a 4v5 (although I played a third game with Dark Harvest Hecarim and won that 4v5 as well). I started with ghost/smite, then in the mid-game (around 12min) there was a cloud drake up in one game and an ocean drake in the other game, and I had already taken rift herald. So I dropped smite and went Ghost/TP for the next 10min or so. REALLY surprised a few enemies, got a few free kills off of TP that they weren't expecting. Grabbed smite back around 22min, used it for Baron, then swapped back for TP and played without smite for a while again. Basically, I got to have 2 summoners whenever I wasn't concerned about Baron, and since the TP helped me get control in the mid game I could choose when to pressure Baron in the late game. So they couldn't punish me for not having smite as we were ahead they couldn't force Baron. When I wanted to force Baron I would switch to smite, then go back to TP (or ghost, depending on the cooldown there was once I swapped ghost out for smite and TP'd to the Baron) once we secured the objectives. I actually think it's stronger on junglers than most other classes. The alternative strengths I see for it, is taking it to replace heal/barrier/ignite with TP or Cleanse in the late game. In the early game those spells can make a big difference between getting killed / living / getting a kill. In the late game, more often than not if you get caught a heal or barrier isn't going to save you. A cleanse may save you from all the damage though. A top laner who snowballs with ignite can then match the splitpush with TP later in the game. Etc...
i am sure, it can work on every champ. but was it realy the tp, why u had so much impact? or was it, cause u are ahead? a middle-/good enemy jungler will invade u and win evry trade with damage-keystone masterys. every early 2vs2 in midlane or toplane or every 3vs3 will be lost. at the end most ganks are not so powerfull without a damgerune.
: because you're wrong, and it's obvious
no u dont understand ferrous text... and in lol most players are lol elo. ;)
: Actually dark harvest was a great rune on GP because his Parrrley would apply the Dark Harvest damage
as long as he has other good runes, i dont see a problem.
: "a little bit lower" the nerf actually amounts to about 80-100 stacks on average lost at the 30 minute mark, thats pretty significant, thats a whole 80-100 damage lost, no small nerf. On top of that the total damage dealt by the end of the game is now on average less than electocute, and even less than grasp of the undying. When your burst assassin based rune is doing less total damage during a game than the tank rune, you know there is a problem.
where i can see this stats, u are talking about?
: Unsealed Spellbook is not a good keystone Compared To others
i love the idea of getting better summs. {{summoner:21}} : more shield power or around +10% mr/armor as long as the shield is there {{summoner:1}} : giving a little movementspeed like heal {{summoner:3}} : is getting the old exhaust with reducing armor/mr {{summoner:4}} : has longer range like old flash in season 1 {{summoner:6}} : u get full speed immenditially and 1sec longer {{summoner:7}} : a little bit more healing and 2secs speedbuff or heals a third person too {{summoner:14}} : slows enemy for 20% in first 3 secs {{summoner:11}} : u getting the old buffs in jungle or u can stack a third smite and the cd is only 5 secs {{summoner:12}} : only needs 3secs and u can stack up to 2 tps like smite
: You can use it to play around with non-users. For a jungler, you can gank freely trade off a flash, because you know when yours is up, theirs is definitely still down for a while. And there is a cheese for it too. You can grab a smite item, steal an entire side of the enemy jungle, back, swap smite to flash and tp back top a level ahead with buff. It's basically the upgraded version of the old Sion top cheese because now you can grab your cinderhulk anyway, but you get your tp as well. And summoners have long cooldowns for a reason. You don't have to swap them around all the time to be useful, the fact that you have yours up a lot more often than the enemy is big.
its still so, that other keystones make more damage, so u wont have to trade the flash. u only need flash. and so on.
: This keystone is only good on like Darius. U start with ignite - get a kill back - TP to back to lane, extend your lead back - take ghost, roam bot
the problem is, u wont get the kill, cause the other keystones make more damage then a simple ignite.
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: Gangplank is one of those. There are others. Zilean for instance (though we rarely see him outside of the support role anymore). Mord is another that comes to mind. If I took the time to think about it, I'd think of more.
this is right, but zilean and gp have perfek runes in the mage-tree. ;)
: I think you don't realise how strong the rune "press the attack" is. It's not only a burst but continuous bonus damages from all your attacks and spells.
"press the attack" is much better then "Fervor of battle"
: OT: Riot-Rejected PBE Login Screen Patch 7.22
i think its the best login since a long time. <3 i just wrote it before u say its a bnous in other chat here. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: The Dark Harvest adjustments were a little over the top. The biggest impact though, is actually the increase from 100 to 150 souls for the extended time of charge. This change significantly hurt the usefulness of Dark Harvest, particularly for JG champions. There are a number of champions that don't really have "3 hit" combos, but are also not auto attack champs. Those champs that like to build a burst style champion can't really benefit from the other burst runes due to the "3 hit combo" thing. These types of champs frequently aren't in a position to use that burst within 20 secs of getting a charge (which is fine for early game), but pushing it back to 150 souls while at the same time reducing the rate at which you can farm souls was a "double whammy". So now, you are seeing far less damage. JG champs hurt even more as they generally can't get an appropriate gank within 20 secs of getting a charge. The move pushes the usefulness of Dark Harvest to after the laning phase -- at which point it finally starts to be worth taking, but you are further behind because you spend the first 2/3's to 3/4's of the game having a Keystone that you might as well have not taken. I would suggest to try leaving the stack rate the same as it currently is (the new reduced soul rate), but revert the extended charge time from 150 to 100.
which champs, which are no adcs, have a only 1-2 hitcombo???? or cant benefit of 3 attcks/abilitys?
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkdanger,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=o1MKhn9E,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-10-31T18:04:18.845+0000) > > thats why u should speak about changed things. pls read the guides, which riot make for the pbe server: then u wont say just &quot;nope&quot;. thx. > evyerthing what is new on pbe and NOT on official server goes in pbe-forum. all, what is on live server, u tell in this forum. ardent censer is already nerved on live. its realy easy to understand. ;) now u know, why u get so bad feedback on ure post... that what its about champs and item they are to do with it and if you read it says Champions & Gameplay Feedback, the items are to do with gameplay an so is everything I have put Also if you no every, you would no the changes happen on the pbe that why I have posted it on the pbe forums
: Dark Harvest Balance Changes Ideas
i love the cooldown idea in fights and i think 300 secs (yes the flash time: 5!!!!!!!!!! minutes, around 1/6 of an average game) is absurd high. 40 secs should be enough.
: The amount of toxic,dc and int feeders is actually comical.
i hate this sentence "its just pbe". :D but i disagree with "dont speak english". its allowed to write evyerthing in ure language in this forum, so it should be not an important ability.
: Tank Masteries: Iron Skin|Mirror Shell|Conditioning Feedback
in the first 10 minutes u can win a lane. thats why u have to decide, if u want pressure on early or not. to get the 5% bonus, u just need to consume a pot. ist easy. an all-in leona botlane can benefid of the early armor vs a lucian or she maybe need mr vs a zyra. on toplane it can be usefull, not to die vs a pantheon (to have more armor) or a teemo (with more mr). u must decide if u need a little early buff or a good buff later. i mean: if an average game goes around 30 minutes, u have one rune less then the others over 33% of the game.
: dark harvest nerf
loool, i hoped the nerve would not be so low... i think u just have problems, after an op-rune got a littel bit lower. ;)
: Rito rewarded some cool PBE players with 2 music, gratz {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkdanger,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=o1MKhn9E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-30T22:38:48.452+0000) > > wrong forum. go official, not pbe. nope the pbe were thing get changed
thats why u should speak about changed things. pls read the guides, which riot make for the pbe server: then u wont say just "nope". thx. evyerthing what is new on pbe and NOT on official server goes in pbe-forum. all, what is on live server, u tell in this forum. ardent censer is already nerved on live. its realy easy to understand. ;) now u know, why u get so bad feedback on ure post...
: lux should be able to one shot adcs with a full combo from out of their range
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats, why i did this post,,,,,, XD
: Übersetzungsfehler German <-> English
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} there is a wrong translation for germans. so i write it in german, cause it belongs only to german translater. it says, that u get addittional healing, but what u get is additional life. ;)
Rioter Comments
: Manaflow Band does not work for any of Varus' abilities
: Bug with background music in champion select (client side).
omg me 2, all the game. ist was horrible. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Dominion Runes are Strong
there are not realy much informations... and now? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: See you dont understand balance and game health. The Runes SHOULD do about the same damage. HOW you do that damage and under what circumstances is what makes them different. You dont take Lethal Temp on Veigar but the damage you get from it on a AS champ should be about the same as Veigar gets from Arcane Comet. FYI Arcane Comet is really EZ to negate ALL of its damage EVERY time by playing Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Fizz, LeB and MANY others that just dash out of the way. Dark Harvester pre 150 stacks is meant for laning. 20-30s is FINE and allows you to get it off almost every time. After 150 is for mid late game where your target is not near by. Also you say playing vs DH is ez, yep so ez when Talon or LeB can kill a Cannon and gank Top lane and STILL have the buff PRE 150 stacks. With champs that can Dive there is no way to NOT get hit without backing to base. We will see how this updated version plays out. You can tell how balanced it is by looking at its overall damage at 15m, 20m, 30m If it is about the same as Others Press the Attack or AC or Electrocute then we are good to ship it. If its more then it needs more nerfs. If its less the it needs buffed. Its called Balance and yes a game needs balance else there is no reason to not play ONLY the OP shit.
i totaly agree <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: Don't think so. Part of its strength is infinitely stacking, so why would you nerf the scaling? The base damage is not really high, so I guess it would be the best to make it have a cooldown.
the base damge IS high. :) {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: And Dark harvest is ruined.
:D sry i dont think so. ^^ {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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