: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Spectator HUD Visual Update
I really, really appreciate the transparency. But we need even more transparency. Plasma TVs are everywhere. I have one, I bough about 6 months before start watching LCS and the current spectator mode "white" spots are all burned on my screen. For every hour of LCS I watch on my 55" plasma I need to have the TV on on the "Screen wipe" feature for at least 30 hours. Some of the parts, like near kill scores, are probably burned forever. I am not specialist, but I listen to a lot of tech podcasts, and two very influential guys already said their kids are not allowed to stream Twitch games on the main living room because the plasma would be damaged. Some other games already shifted to not having a single fixed pixel. Even a 3% transparency goes a long way saving those screens. Any solid pixels are bad, any light color or white fixed pixels are deadly. Here are some areas of extra concern: * Time: The " : " character has fixed position and it's pretty bright color. * Hard edges are still solid, those mark the screen a lot. * Map Background: Blue turret dots slightly mark the screen more then red ones, but lanes are visible on my plasma TV even after days of "screen wipe". There is a number of secondary reasons I think Riot should pay attention to this: * TV update cycles in family rooms are way longer than computers. It might take 5 to 8 years for a TV that is already 1080p to be switched to a new one. * Riot wants to include the family in the LCS and other leagues experience, and potential, even slight damage might be compelling enough for some families to tell the kids to switch channels or go watch your game in your room. * Super expensive projectors with high lumens lamps, although not always plasma, also suffer from screen burn and live event venues will also benefit. * Up until 2015 no LED TV has reached the black levels and contrast ratio of a good plasma. People who care are precisely those who could eventually prioritize the lifetime of their TV over LCS.
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Spectator HUD Visual Update
Please, make all ultimate green circles. I understand that having the ultimate icons is visually appealing, but there are a number of reasons I think a single color would be better. * Green circles would be more readable at a glance, specially during team fights when to quickly scan all the ultimates from both teams we have to look at the two far opposing sides of the screen * Pie charts/radial progress during charging are super hard to read for some ultimates, even 2/3 full in the live square icon version. Now they are smaller and cropped do a circle will make it even harder. * The game has a very small number of summoner spell icons, they already have very distinctive colors and it's easy to see them, also see the the progress pie cut (only TP is slightly harder to see the difference between 90% full to fully available), but there are more then 100 ultimate icons and not all are that readable. Unless you are very familiar with a champions kit, it's hardly distinguishable over 90% charged. * Vods on youtube are 720p and some broadcasts are 720@60fps and all the aforementioned small differences will be proportionally more impactful below 1080p.
: Any way we can make the top part of spectator mode be symmetrical? I took my time to photoshop a screenshot and I think it looks more pleasing to the eye...
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: Why remove magus instead of just adding another enchant to satisfy both types of AP jungle mages?
Another alternative is to not create RuneGlaive and just buff magus... maybe some flat magic penetration? Of course I would prefer to have both... but just in case...
: Active Game Not found – after accepting a match
After posting yesterday I got it again. That time, it did put me back to queue. Although, the queue took 40 mins after that and I cancelled and got back to queue and played in 15 mins. So I really think this is a bug. It feels to me that I was not put back in queue but the clock was running.
: That happens most likely when you have a slow internet so the 'accept queue' screen probably timed out before you actually pressed the 'accept' button, therefore the queue was disbanded (because you didn't accept it) but because you had a slower internet therefore the accepting queue window popped up later, you didn't know about it. Happens to me sometimes as well, and it's a matter of internet.
Unlikely, I have a very good connection and I usually have a 25 to 30 ping and I am almost aways the first one to get to 100%. Anyways, the amount of data downloaded during any game is negligible in comparison to any other download size. I know because I fiddled with replay data and it's pretty small. Also, even if this is a problem with my connection, "Active Game Not Found" is a pretty bad message ande very technical. This dialog should not exist as it is, and it is still a bug. If I clicked too late and I am the one that lost the queue, it should pop-up the dialog that says I lost the queue, and not a modal. If I was not the one, it should put me back to the queue and pop the dialog that explains that.
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: New HUD changing resolution error
I was about to upload similar screenshots. Also happens for me... iMac here, at max res, full screen, I get the same name and numbers displacement, going back to borderless solves for me.
: The new HUD is too big
Did you change to the smaller possible in options? I think the max value is not enough on 4k and 5k displays, so I think it's a something that needs to be configurable and have reasonable defaults based on resolution. I don't agree it's too big, if fact it could be bigger IMHO. (iMac 5k here) [edit] OK, I think I didn't read the first lone, I started at "I player a few...". Sorry, I see, you do want the smaller possible version to be even smaller. That's ok. I think the bigger needs to be bigger =)
: Enchantment Magus vs. Runeglaive
I agree that Magus could be kept and it would be healthy. To be honest I don't play Magus so often, the reason being I adopted way better to being a tank champ, so I don't care about playing dmg only champs. I would never be able to put the way OP said, but I agree with his assessment and I would like to see his proposal at least for a while on the PBE, even if Runeglaive goes live replacing Magus, having both at the same time on the PBE could help prove or not his hypothesis.
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: As I said in my original comment, if it's a problem in the LCS (for players _or_ broadcasts) then _put restrictions on it_. They want the HUD to be readable for viewers? Leave everything at the default size and position. As for streaming, it'd be entirely up to the streamers to customize their HUDs just as it would be entirely up to the viewers to have the common sense to simply determine where the HUD elements (there aren't _that_ many). If they're new to League, then what they see will be their "default" HUD and they'll likely customize their own at some point to mimic their favorite streamers (and ask said streamers how to do it). Guides and coaching? Again, work off of the _default_ HUD placement. Anyone who's in need of such _basic_ help shouldn't even be messing around with the HUD until they grasp what the game is about. Likewise, those _giving_ such basic help shouldn't be creating unnecessary confusion in their guides/coaching by messing with HUD elements. If they're that dedicated to helping people, they'll use the default HUD when making videos or taking screenshots.
You addressed in many ways what I described as good reasons not to have modularity. Those are fair points, but I still think is way easier to onboard on a game that has fixed UI. I still think it's not needed. It will not make you play better and it will not bring more people to LoL. Also, I don't think if the continuously deny this feature that any number of of players will abandon LoL for that reason. There are way, way more important things to improve. Specially the player behavior and punishment. Also they need to invest into blocking and/or banning people using scripts. I could make a way larger list but it's off topic. For me, the fact is that there is no **need** of such features, although a small percentage of users think this is desirable, a portion of the players requesting would probably stick to the defaults after trying a bit. Riot probably have a good estimate of this numbers and if they think it might be healthy, they will do it. One extra thing I would like to mention, is the competitive factor. If know how and spending a lot of time on customizing the interface make players perform better, this feature would just add to the huge list of things to know in LoL in order to succeed. Not to mention that people who messes up with their interface might have actually lower win rate after all. LoL is hard as it is, it needs simplification and not more hassle.
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: One big thing I dislike - please correct me if it's there but I'm missing it - is that the new ally section no longer shows your allies' mana. While maybe not the BIGGEST deal, I feel that this information can be important in solo queue to know when to engage. If I'm the jungler and I see my team is all at near-full HP, I might ping to engage and the team can follow up, but if Ziggs is out of mana I won't do that. With the new interface it seems harder to judge that information quickly.
Also, on the topic of ally HUDs, during game I was used to pay attention to ally levels without needing to press TAB. This is now only possible if ally is alive, because the death timer covers the ally level, thus, increasing the chances that I need to look on the TAB HUD.
: Leveling up seems much less noticeable now than it was before. I have found myself nearly halfway to the next level before I realize I have a point to spend. It blends in except for the animation which is subtle. Also the shop is really bad right now. Items are way to spaced out on the mode that doesn't contain the text. To much space around the individual items.
+ one for making this more noticeable
: I agree with what Turtle Teemo said, a modular HUD would be the best way to improve it, some of the less-popular MOBAs have managed to do it so I don't see why you guys can't. For example, I already don't like how items and allied champion information are both on the right side of the screen now. Call me nitpicky and against change, but it's what I've been used to for over 3 years now, so it's a bit annoying to have such things suddenly shuffled around with no other option. Let me move some HUD elements around and I'll be happy. Anyone who likes it as is? They're happy too. The Death Recap also needs an update, since it's currently useless outside of telling you _who_ killed you. Actually, I take that back because the other day it said that _**I assisted in killing myself**...with 67 true damage from Orianna's (my) auto-attack_. It was ARAM, I didn't have Mark/Dash, Orianna doesn't deal true damage on her auto-attacks, and last I checked, _I'm **on** my team_. I don't even... But, to not leave this as entirely negative feedback, it's nice that the HUD is finally getting an update and everything now has a uniform look (client and in-game). It's also nice that the scoreboard is no longer unnecessarily super massive. I assume the shop is next up to get a facelift?
I am sorry to disagree. Modularity is not needed. IMHO League streaming and the LCS are so popular because everyone can read the interface correctly during streaming and VODs. If you make it modular, it will make the "extended LoL experience" harder to enjoy. Not to mention guides, classes, coaching and etc.
: I also want a transparency option for the HUD, after all, the background does not have to be completely opaque.
I would like specially to see opacity being on by default. I have a Plasma TV and watching streaming and LCS is burning my panel. Even 1% transparent minimum helps reduce Plasma LCD burning by a huge margin.


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