: I know everyone in the thread wants a toggle but it was something that we considered but ultimately decided not to do due to the amount of players that actually use toggles found by our insights team (it's extremely low). And adding a toggle isn't as easy as a switch: we double our test cases, increase rigging scope, it causes clipping and animation issues, and is actually a pretty big pain to incorporate. Player knowledge of toggles is something we'll be revisiting with our SR rift team (maybe we could have better messaging for it) but overall a big example is project pyke's toggle which we spent 2-3 days of full development days to get right only for many players not even using it let alone knowing about it. I'm sorry to bring bad news but we can retroactively add a toggle should player use of it rise. I hope ya'll understand, thanks.
I don't have feedback on the skin as much as I have with Sylas auto dmg on minions, it's lower than any champion I have ever played. Last hitting is extremely hard with him. He is also melee, which puts more pressure on him to being able to last compared to ranged champs. Please look into this please, please, please.
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: Hey thanks for all of the feedback everyone! Will try to get the stealth mode tweaked up and some adjustment oomphs to ult and maybe the w. Love ya'll and thanks for the patience my account was having issues.
When will the textures be fixed on the skin?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
Bug with textures when selecting Chromas. LOVE LOVE ALLL THE SKINS THAT ARE ON PBE THIS CYCLE.
: [Skin Bug] In Store: Soraka Dawn & Night bringer

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