: Autofill bug
It's possible autofill protection is not enabled on the PBE. They used to not have Drafts at all, but with the huge influx of new people to the server, they made a modified draft mode (no bans). I would guess that they either forgot to put autofill protection on, or chose not to put it in place at all.
: What Changed with the Forum Page Login?
It's working fine for me. What broswer are you using? Edit: had a pc reboot (power loss) that cleared all my active logins, and this is now occuring for me as well. Really annoying, would like to see a fix or workaround somewhere.
: Lulu is from Bandle City. As Zoe is an Aspect, she must have ties to Mount Targon, possibly even originating from there.
Think he's referring to the grove Lulu spent time in with the fae that effectively melted the sanity portion of her brain.
: New PBE server near EU China and Russia
It's not feasible at all to offer the support for it so far away from their home region. Riot doesn't gain nearly enough benefit from it either. Remember, the PBE exists for the benefit of Riot in testing, not players. The added data from another server likely does not outweigh the costs and additional work needed to run another server that far away.
: Non-Tank Supports: Where and What Do We Do With New Runes
Kleptomancy isn't terrible on most ranged supports. Random free items. Combine with Magical Footwear rune and it gets you a good bit of a head start gold-wise.
: General Bug Updates 7.22
Bug: minimap is completely black. Temp fix: change minimap position, then change it back to where you want it.
: Hi! Please post ideas on [EUW boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/), [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/) or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions. Shen had a VGU in... 2015/2016, with which has quotes were updated too iirc, so he won't be getting those anytime soon.
He got a half-assed VGU with no new quotes, and no unique recall animations (he only has them now because they added idle/emote animations to champions without recall animations as a temp fix).
: Great changes! Would it be out of the question to have the Draft positions remembered when when you log off or exit the lobby? I mean, it will still take the same amount of clicks to change them from nothing to something, as it will take to change them from something to something. The difference would be that you run a nice likelihood of actually not having to change anything, instead of always having to set your roles after relogging or exiting a lobby. (Yes, I am terribly lazy)
Something like a "Default role selection" would be nice. Another added improvement for this would be needing everyone in lobby to be ready (change the button to "Ready" for everyone except party leader). The potential problem with this is getting into a lobby where the leader is clickhappy to jump into queue the moment everyone has roles set, so something like this would mitigate that.
: Saddly we don't get official patch notes from Riot for every PBE change. [Surrenderat20](http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/) is the way to go.
It would take too long for them to do it daily, so it's best to rely on S@20's data mining, with Riot chiming in on things they would miss.
: Kleptomancy Consumables
It's completely intended. There is a bug with the Elixir of skill though, which was present back when it was a support item reward. Once you reach level 18, the "Level Up" buttons to rank up a skill show up, but are all greyed out (since skills are all maxed). So the interface to rank skills up remains for the remainder of the game.
: Problem with dualscreen and game bordeless
I've had this issue. I found that by tabbing out once (or clicking another window with the curser) tends to fix it for the rest of the game, as you had mentioned. Unsure if it's a windows issue, as all other games I use borderless on lets you mouse out of the game when menus are open.
: Not Gaining BE
This is working as intended. BE isn't being reset, only RP. BE isn't earned from games or first win. It's primiarliy earned from disenchanting champion shards, which will be obtained from capsules earned when leveling up.
: Bug Splat from Alt+Tab
Important info to help devs with the issue: Fullscreen, Windowed, or Borderless? Windows or Mac client + version? Graphics card and driver versions?
: [Bug Report] Invisible Kennen Ultimate (Blood Moon only?)
This bug back again, for like the third time it seems.
: Emotes Error EM05
My friend had this happen. He swapped it from right to left side then back, and it was fine afterwords for him.
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
Better for us. Draft > Blind 10000000% Better for you, with greater testing with mirror matches and new stuff not being banned out.
: Thanks for the warning, illYaoiPBE! (btw, I'm happy that I'm not the only one who's been calling Illaoi that. xD) We've disabled Lancer Rogue and Paragon Blitzcranks on PBE while we make some adjustments to address this issue. So sorry for the inconvenience. And nice suggestion, R1pM3! That would be pretty cool to have a toggle like that. We do try to air on the side of caution when it comes to health and safety risks like this though, so we would prefer there not to be a risk in the first place just in case settings get changed for whatever reason and the toggle changes unexpectedly.
Also saves from having to add a pesky epilepsy warning in the client or something.
Rioter Comments
: ("Check this box to confirm that you have read what I am saying") {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Mastery symbol shows strange symbols
Do you actually have a mastery on the champion? I know it does this when you don't have mastery 4/5/6/7 on a champion.
: Replace patch notes with "to do" timeline list.
To do: Create todo list- check Update todo list- ... ... ...
: I was speaking with someone internally about this last week! Since opening up the PBE to a lot more folks, I find a lot of the same questions posted on the forum over and over again. It's hard to get information in front of players when all we have is that little ticker at the top of the client. I'd love to be able to use a little pop-up. Perhaps, re-purpose the esports match pop-up that they use in Live regions, as a low effort solution here. Anyway, it's on my list of things to look into.
Couldn't you link the "news" things on the landing page to boards posts, then swap it to normal stuff towards the end of the cycle with a smaller notification in it's place? Of even hijack the Patch Notes section?
: The changes to Orange Essence
From my Live account: Ultimate skin shard gives 1083 (PFE shard) I've got three Epics at 607 disenchant value (Omega Squad Teemo, Mecha Zero Sion, Final Boss Veigar)
: I understand that. I think with time you'll get faster, people will work out the whole "what's broken what's not" and your choices will really slim down. Plus they will be adding more rune pages as we go so that should make things easier.
It's not even that, it's just that I like playing a lot of things, and not just the broken meta stuff. The ardent cancer meta I've had to endure being shoehorned into was the worst. I am wholely looking forward to the new runes and additional ardent nerfs freeing me up a lot in my viable pick options. I wanna break out the support Veigar without getting flamed for it. Event Horizon makes it fairly easy to nab Kleptomancy procs, on top of the "lul I pressed R" moments that exist currently.
: white mage veigar is 1 be
Both seem fairly priced.
: I think that as time goes on, players will get faster at it. Also, you always have time to do it during your pick phase. If you are last pick you have at least 60 seconds to make a page, not counting the first 4 pick phases too.
Half the time when I'm last pick I don't know what I want to play though. As a support player, it's not even a narrow selection, since i might need tio play a wide range of things to round out a teamcomp.
: No, I believe they made this change to prevent the store from being bombarded with new players buying everything, and by cycling 8000 RP and 5 BE every 24 hours it'll help test what you'd like to permanently. It's a restriction for what you want to play for the day, but maybe in the future they will potentially put the store prices back to normal and RP BE amounts back. Depends on how everything tests out for them.
There's no more 5 BE every day though. You'll earn BE as normal, and get reset to 8000 RP every day. Skins won't be available for BE anymore, only RP. It makes sense to keep the store from crashing from spending sprees from thousands of players trying to buy at once (which will only be worse when we get a patch with new skins, when things are already bogged down).
: We have heard some issues with high ping. Are you based and logging in from North America? We expect ping from other continents to be high due to the traffic being routed 100% on the public internet.
I looked around and didn't see it anywhere, but can we get the IP for the PBE server? Tracerts might help isolate problem areas even among NA players. This could help the community get options for potentially avoiding them, perhaps with specific VPN services and whatever else the internet wizards can come up with.
: Why is the PBE suddenly full of People from South America?
There's a lot of people from other regions on as well. But they aren't on during the same time, so we don't really see them as much. They're in the same time zones as NA, so they play at the same times. The ping for them isn't as bad as what other regions overseas get. So they're more likely to stay than others who might play a game or two and decide the 300+ ping isn't worthwhile untill worthwhile new content comes out.
: Launcher music does not stop.
It's a big annoyance when you have the client open and are trying to do something else, like watch a youtube video or something between games. Closing the client or disabling music work for now, but it would be nice to not have to do that sooner rather than later.
: Some of the skin-specific audio seems to be missing
I beleive the SG music is overwritten with the Worlds audio.
: [Behavior Reward] White box in place of an image for a key fragment
A number of level-up rewards also display as transparent box with a border. Very noticable when you level up to 31 and get 31 level-up rewards spammed at you.
Was there an Ornn in any of those games?
: But how can it be that i met alot more toxic people on PBE then on live i dont understand
I've noticed the higher quantity of toxic players as well. However, I primarily play normals, where people are less toxic than in ranked queues. That may be skewing my view of a "normal" level of toxic players, since everyone is tossed into the same pot here.
: LOL i just played Udyr and nothing happened? Did they fix it? The game went normal as it should.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
What skin were you using?
: > [{quoted}](name=I HyoKi I,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uqXvqPFv,comment-id=001900000000,timestamp=2017-09-28T09:53:24.669+0000) > > Yeah, the word unique is a bit wrong, because you can proc it with the same damage just in 3 different instances (3 aa can proc that) but one Ahri's Q doesn't count as 2 istances but just one...something like this :D We're trying out the word "separate" instead. Could also provide a definition for "separate" but I'm not sure of a succinct way to define it. Open to suggestions on that front!
Dealing damage with any three uses of abilities or attacks.
: Yea, we just noticed that gamers will game the system, cause you know, gamers. We have to disable loot while we figure this out and create some sort of limits so that everybody can purchase what they want to test.
Would it be feasible to automatically unlock all skins released more than 2 patches ago? If you notice a lot of older skins being purchased clogging the store down, this might help alleviate a lot of that, and still force new content to be purchased to make sure the store system is still working properly as time goes on.
: Rakan Bug - Batlle Dance(E) stacking twice
It's on live too, and was acknowledged in a bug thread. Should see it getting fixed during one of this week's deploys.
: Being honor 3 to join pbe is a bad decision !
Toxicity bans on PBE being permanent bans for the server would help to weed them out. It's also likely an easier solution since it all uses existing tools and infrastructure.
: I was going to make a board post about this exact thing actually, I also noticed that Rakan managed to crash the game after buying Ornn's trinity fusion. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
There's a issue with all of Ornn's items. Someone tested things out. Buying any masterwork item then buying another item triggers it, based on their post.
: Unable to connect to game?
There's been an issue of games just being randomly dropped. I've had this issue occur a few times. I've also had a game randomly just disconnect after 25-ish minutes. Exit game and it no longer exists. Nothing in match history and no prompt to reconnect.


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