: [Suggestion] Tribunal update
yeah, but is not necessary give a reward for this help. But I agree that sometimes is very difficult to know if one of the "bad guy" feeding the enemy team. I see a lot of time that people only for losing, report the one who, for them, feed the enemy. So I agree with a match replay in this case. For the reward,I repeat, I don't think it's necessary.. it will be going to minimize the tribunal . Sorry for bad english °-°
: [Suggestion] Poro snack
ahahahah Poros can distract people from taking some kills in the abyss è_é. By the way,I don't care much about this but if poros are part and symbol of the howling abyss they can and they MUST have something to eat during the game è.è Nevertheless is also an hobby that some people love (some people plays Howling Abyss only to feed poros) so I agree with this è.è
: [SUGGESTION] Doran Items Upgrades
mhm I don't think this will work. They had nerfed doran's blade from 10 ad to 8 ad and reduced healing to ranged champions (3 from 5). With the upgrade, they could give buff to adc's and this could break the balance of the game. By the way, doran's item aren't part of late game's equipment so it makes no sense to make an upgrade of something that isn't part of the equip. With 1000 gold you could buy a vampiric scepter that gives 10% lifesteal and 10 ad and with that you could make blood or blade of ruined king. My personal thoughts. Sorry for bad english °-°
: [Suggestion] separate (mastery) Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving
I think that they should be linked together but I prefer that the two masteries are in invert positions. The first to be avaiable blade weaving and then spell weaving.
: [suggestion] Ashe buff maybe?
Yes I think that Ashe is in disavantage when compared with other adc like Caitlyn or hybrid adc like Ezreal or Kog maw. The question is.. is will be she too much buffed with this idea? I think that is a good idea buff her W because she has only this skill that do damage and has a low couldown. But does the q buff too much an adc? She will be in advantage at level 18 because she will have 35 ad more than other adc.. I think that adding a little magic damage with the q is the best choice for me. Like the old draven passive but reduced. This is my opinion :) don't kill me! And sorry for my english. I try to give my impression with my bad english <3


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