: How can this be in PBE?
I agree there is a spike of toxicity on PBE servers. I really dunno how they can access to PBE. I was there in season 4, and never I saw that much toxicity.
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: Ola invocadores. Passando aqui para deixar uma ideia
Sorry, but nobody will understand what you mean. The main language on this board is English. Please translate what you want to say. Thanks.
: Katarina jurada de morte
Hi. I'm sorry, but this forum is basically worldwide. I just don't understand what you are talking about, and I recommand you to translate in English. Thanks.
Please communicate in English on the PBE forums to be understandable by everyone.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Hi everyone ! I'll copy here my feedback I posted yesterday. > [{quoted}](name=DarkPit59,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=iMWW2t4W,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-27T09:13:59.682+0000) > > Hello there! I'm a main Evelynn and tested new one today on PBE. Here is my feedback, and there are some questions I would ask to Riot. > > > - New mechanics. > > New stealth ability is quite interesting, but not as fun as live (old) Evelynn : Stealth is activated post 6 and lower Evelynn's impact towards earlygame. I don't know why Mana regen was switched for Health regen. Evelynn doen't need HP regen but is really mana-consuming in the jungle. I think mana-regen on passive gives her more utility, because without stealth and mana, she just can't gank pre-6. > > New Q limits the spamming of this skill. however, she uses a lot of mana if she decide to clean camps with. It's ok about cooldown, but without mana, it's hard to gank after cleaning jungle. > > New W works as a charm, if you allow me the joke. I like the mechanic of the heart mark. But there is one little problem with this : mana-cost too high, too much time for enemies to react (2s is a lot) and reveals Eve to hers target, who simply has to run away, til the mark disappear... Just a little bit easy to counter. > > New E is ok. She has a good amount of damage. I like the fact she can boost her E with her stealth. Great job. > > New R is nice ! Needs a little practice before she can teleport wherever I want after an execution. Just need a little more earlygame damage to be viable. Maybe an option between stay there and being teleported can be added ? like if button is kept pressed : teleport, else stay where casted ? or maybe being stealth after teleport ? > > > - New ratios / damage > > Eve has globally not enough damage, due to hers ratios on Q and R, and her low base damage on spells. Plus, I saw that she lost her AD ratios on E. I don't like she lost her hybrid part, and it's quite sad. I hope her base damage will not be lowered, and her Q and R ratios will be buffed. > > > - Questions to Riot > > Why Evelynn didn't kept her hybrid personnality ? Why would you like to force her to be AP only ? > I know Evelynn was really hard pre-6, but why remove Evelynn's mana regen on passive ? she needed it for pre-6 ganks. Do you want Evelynn become a post-6 champion ? > If you consider Evelynn as a lategame champion and not an earlygame champion (due to low possibilities pre-6), why are her ratios that low ? She can't really shine in midgame without items, can't shine in earlygame cause of her pre-6 need of mana and no-stealth, plus she can be easily kicked out her own jungle by agressive counter-junglers, and can't shine in lategame cause of lots of tanks building Magic Resist, Boosting-ADC meta Supports like Janna, Lulu, Sona and soraka, and her quite low ratios for a full AP champ. > > > Thanks for reading and feel free to comment ! > DarkPit59, main Evelynn
: Wrong rune system on post-match screen
Thats true... New runes aren't fully implemented yet, that's why we have a lot of bugs like that.
: Cant test anything really with the massive unbalancing of teams and premades and bug exploits
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: Tango Evelynn?
Yeah and safecracker evelynn doesn't change a lot...
: Doombots
They will soon release Doom Bots mode, but they need to work on it. For now, they release gamemodes who don't really need some modifications, like URF, One for All, King Poro, etc.
: Cassiopia is broken in URF
OP Evelynn Style !{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Jinx Rocket AS changes in testing
Hi, after tested Jinx, I think these changes are good, I feel Jinx smoother and more instinctive than after the Fishbones nerf. Nerfing damage on E is not that bad, but dont change the mana cost, or maybe just 10 points not 20. It's her only way of engage/disengage, and the cooldown is high. She needs to make a choice for using it or not. Nerfing damage is okay (be more useful for defense and more punishable if used offensively) but no need to nerf cooldown or mana cost I wonder.
: I play mostly devourer jungle on live and this item give the same stats at the same moment of the game and even better one at the end. (count 30 damage for 1000 hp and when you buy it everyone have 1000+hp) and ranp up to 90+ against tank champion in late. and they moved the passive to the guinsoo rageblade anyway. i played a lot the 5 champ you think that they will have nothing good to take as jungle item i just disagree. warior on yi is huge and give him a way better early and the late will be the same with guinsoo same for xin zhao and kindred. shyvana and jax will prob stick to razorblade and it will be ok.
But it loses its capacity of jungle cleaning, every other jungle enchant are better in jungle cleaning...
: How am I supposed to buy runes? I was only given 1 IP.
do an AI game and wait. then, if you still dont have your RP and IP, go to the shop and check the packs.
: [PBE Client] 0 Starting Level/IP/RP
do an AI game and wait. then, if you still dont have your RP and IP, go to the shop and check the packs.
: I got no RP or IP
do an AI game and wait. then, if you still dont have your RP and IP, go to the shop and check the packs.
: Didnt get rp and ip??
Try to wait, do an AI game, and see. If you still don't have your RP/IP after the game, go in the shop and look for the packs.
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: 10 of us get CRASH for many times in a single game
Hi ! I got the same problem 5 minutes ago. Since last update, everyone ingame got Bugsplat. I dont think it's because of the champs, but certainly because of the last update of 180Mo, with something or else who causes Bugsplats ingame. Note : There was a Bard and an HeadHunter Akali ingame in our side By the way, there is a bug with health and mana bars, who have disappear since update Please fix it...


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