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: Bug Splat from Alt+Tab
Well, i have this error right now and i don't use alt tab.
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: But when I go to buy a skin it says that I need to have the champion
well, as I know they have made free champions
: all champions are free, dude.
: Where are the bundles?
all champions are free, dude.
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: Yeah you're right its free on pbe not live servers we dont get them for free on live we get them on a test server to send FEEDBACK about the skin, find bugs and to improve the skin to make them get profit. EDIT : btw where is ur proof u been on since 2015 cuz I looked at your acc history and u joined 8 days ago.
yeah that's a new account. since they open i was able to back and this time stay . My older account was suspended for inactivity cause i was working a lot and have no time for pbe.
: The honor capsules show me what they have inside
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: In a way they do profit considering if the skins they make are good they make profit off that, at the cost of a few extra little helpers :)
dude.. pbe skin's r free
: If i'd have to guess, i'd say it's a mix of the new preseason changing a lot of stuff and the massive amount of new pbe players
Yes... a lot to do... riot should invest in pbe, but they don't have profit with 100% free server.
: A descrição aparece assim porque as runas ainda não foram traduzidas para o Português. Se você mudar a linguagem do cliente para Inglês as descrições aparecem normalmente.
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