: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Nightbringer Vladimir
I love the skin but feel as though the purples are too saturated? When I first look at this skin I immediately think of Cosmic Rakan as the purples are so strong. Perhaps darkening or desaturating the purples would help make the skin feel more "Nightbringer" (more shadows that are darker/less purple) and less "Cosmic". Otherwise I love everything else.
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: Have you had a chance to play him yet? The heal on the Crimson Q is very substantial and especially with the AP ratio on % missing health restored can make some huge swings. I was able to heal over 500 with an empowered Q with around 250 AP at ~10% (of a bit over 2000) health. Also the heal doesn't seem to be damage based (except from his ult) at all but fixed rates so MR shouldn't hurt his sustain though it will make winning those trades/fights tough still.
You're absolutely right, I guess what I am trying to say is just in general, it feels as if Vlad's sustain is almost "hit and miss" when compared to champions such as Irelia, etc. This just could be an angry rant because I am bad haha but when mages rush Morellonomicon and tanks rush the typical builds top, it just feels as if Vlad gets outclassed and becomes that champ that is just kind of "there". I still have a lot of games yet to play so I am just throwing my two cents in. Do you recommend I try building more AP items to maximize my heals or is it still wise to rush tankier items such a spirit visage?
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
Hi Stashu! I feel like the new Vlad changes put him in a strange position. I love the new counterplay mechanics involved with his Q and E, but I feel as if his sustain and buildpath are limited. For the cost of his E and general lack of spellvamp now, I feel like he isn't the huge "sustain" mage we are used to and is quickly irrelevant when facing champions with any form of MR. (For example, it feels like a Poppy or Illaoi building MR and other bruiser items can out-sustain and out damage Vlad 8 times out of 10 without losing much of anything). I still have a lot of testing to do so take my words with a grain of salt, but I feel like Vlad's more or less forced into building more HP than AP items. His E makes it feel like you lose a lot more in fights than you gain, which can be detrimental in teamfights. His spellvamp seems almost lackluster with the fact that Vlad is *the* sustain champ. Maybe upping the base heal for his Q will make him feel more comfortable? With that said, I love the changes to Vlads ult and new Q passive and can't wait to continue testing out his new kit. Thanks for taking the time to look at what makes me love this champion with a passion !

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