: Can we get a sticky about the smaller mage changes too?
The only change i saw in Xerath is that he gets 3/4/5 barrages now unlike the mage upgrade page where it says that he gets an additional barrage with each champion hit.
: honestly i liked the first rework because perma slow was too op once fed, but this rework is completely unneeded and i can tell from the red comments going in negatives that rito messed up.
The first rework at the beginning was terrible and unplayable, and it needed for Riot months to fix it.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Did you just seriously gutted Skarner again? Again? For the second time? Gutting once wasn't enough for him wasn't it?
: Gatekeeper Galio - Updated Spell Effects
They are terrible now And why does he turn into stone when doing his ult?
: Don't rework Karma. Leave her alone.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Xerath
This might sound negative but are you gonna keep updating Arclight Vayne or you will address the issues with the other skins as well?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Guardian of the Sands Xerath
I just noticed that when he dies he retains his original particles when he explodes. The ones on Scorched Earth are different and lava-like. It would be cool if he turns into sand or something. Also some parts of his model seem to stretch alot.
: @RIOT : Community ask for answers on their feedback !
Not to mention that many bugs from the rework that were reported weeks ago are still lingering around. It's like they made this board for nothing.
: this happend to me to and i posted it so hope they fix this for the smartcast users :)
Well I posted this a day ago and recently the PBE got updated. The bug still isn't fixed sadly.
: [You just posted about this yesterday.](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/7Rb6PpsB-voice-and-animations-xerath-joke-and-laughs-q-and-r-animations) This is a pretty slow moving forum. Reds can probably read through everything posted here, even if they don't respond.
I posted that in the bugs forum mainly about the bugs. Some reds read only the bugs forum, some reds only read the gameplay forums. Gotta take the chances. And I doubt about the reds, the original Xerath and Skarner rework threads didn't have much response from Zenon/Scruffy despite great amount of criticisms/suggestions. They've also been unstickied recently which is kinda suspicious.
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I posted this on the bugs section but I will post it here too so that others might confirm it: This happens only when using smartcast, I don't know if it happens without using smartcast. When pressing Q and immediately clicking the left mouse button, Arcanopulse continues charging even if you are not pressing Q.
: I can confirm it's happened to me, although I can't really discern the precise circumstances. The charge/cast paradigm is a bit unusual on the skill, including having a split second where literally nothing's happening between the end of the channel and the beginning of the cast. Try and post on the official thread, it got its sticky tag removed so you might need to tell other playtesters as well. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/39bNlmHA-xerath-rework-now-back-on-pbe
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
People are saying that he needs more polish and tuning on his kit. Latest PBE patch nerfs his strengths with a slight, insignificant buffs. Also, nice job on unsticking this thread, can't take criticisms Zenon?
: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
Actually many would agree with you. But the sad thing is that Riot doesn't see much into a lore perspective anymore AND they just do some silly decisions lately. And of course no matter how much we plea for things that make sense, they ignore.
: nasus is broken for a reason. We don't need more champions scaling so hard it doesn't matter what they itemize, because their kit gives them damage equal to gold they cant spend when item capped.
And yet Riot does nothing about him. Meanwhile, champs that are alright and balanced get reworked kits for no reason.
: We tried 6v6 on TT, but with the new, smaller map it was too crowded.
That was the thing that made it fun on TT. 6v6 TT had lots of stuff happening you don't know what's going on anymore.
: This is their new temporary fun maps I'm guessing. Remember when All for one first popped up? (everyone same champ)Then snowdown showdown? (1v1) Most likely next version. Reminds me of the old 4v4 twisted (hacked version)
Actually it was 6v6. Would've been awesome if Hexakill was on Twisted Treeline instead on SR
: this is new to V10 then, Thanks
You are welcome. Now if only Zenon/Xelnath/Rito James would do something about that... Or any bug in particular...
: Q doesn´t proc Tear, but the last time i played with tear every single shot of Ult charged it.
Just tried it again to confirm it. Nope, I fired a shot from his ultimate and the tear didn't proc.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Glad that the names are changed. They make much sense now. Still about that magic pen gone in his passive though... Also, it seems that his ultimate doesn't proc Tear. When should it happen, when the ult is cast? When an arcane barrage is fired? Or while he stays in ult he gains one point per second?
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: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
Just checked out the latest PBE, the Xerath bugs still haven't been addressed. Also, his ultimate doesn't proc just like Arcanopulse.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Funny, on the AIR client it says that Xerath rework is V10 but when I get ingame it is still V9.
: When I ulted Xerath ((while his in ult form)) it did not work. Xerath was at his ult form and my ult gone on cool down and did not grab him.
That's because when Xerath is rooted he can't be CCd, except for stuns.
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: Xerath 3 bugs
Confirmed about Lich Bane, Tear and Archangel's Staff not activating when using Q
: Feedback on the **new** W and ulti: **Locus of Destruction** feels much better now. To the point where I'd sacrifice the unnoticeable 10% slow to give his ulti a greater power budget, even though it would affect W's synergy with Liandry's Torment. **Ascension**'s damage has been reduced but also stabilized, as minions don't reduce the bonus damage now. Also, the longer duration makes it possible for the player to aim rather than spam his charges. I was able to get to know the ability better, and its mechanics. And my remark is what others, more insightful than me, have said before: **Ascension is a great ability but not for this version of Xerath. It's irrelevant to hit kit.** Except for E>R there's not a single synergy with his other spells (obviously, since they get disabled.) And because of this, Live Xerath may have an unhealthy burst and a powerbudget wasted on a irrelevant (to the rest of his kit) passive but he's much more *consistent*. **Suggestion:** Leave Q, W, E as they are. Make his passive give % MPEN (which will scale off some stat). And remake Ascension into something like this: *Xerath ascends to his true form, rooting himself in place for 5/6/7 seconds or until he runs out of mana. While in this state, his basic attack and spells are replaced by empowered versions with increased damage and massive range, that also cost additional mana. **Basic attacks** become a barrage of bolts like the V9 Arcane Barrages. **Arcanopulse** becomes a long range beam that widens into a cone as you charge it. **Locus of Destruction** becomes a delayed hyperblast with a low cooldown (3s). (So that it functions like a slower live ulti). **Stasis Orb** becomes a slow, long ranged missile that explodes on contact, stunning everyone in the (very small) AoE.*
Your suggestion is something like an early version of an ult Xelnath was making. I like the sound of it.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I'm sorry but with his magic pen. gone from his passive there is no point calling it "Overwhelming Power". Now it doesn't do anything that overwhelms. I must say that I was more keen to his previous PBE versions, when Xelnath was in charge instead of you Xenon. Sorry. Also... I know it's too much to ask but perhaps change the visuals of W and R?
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Xelnath once said that Xerath's voiceover will be changed, or at least a bit modified. Will this be a thing or his voice will remain the same?


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