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: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
I believe that the colors on this skin are rather pale; perhaps you could make it a little warmer? I made a color change to illustrate my point: She also looks very similar to Star Guardian Jinx with the black leggings and arming(??), white clothing, and gold metal pieces, so I believe the color change would help differenciate them a bit more. I also agree that the outfit looks off with the way she stands. Perhaps something to consider for the future.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Karma!
Hey, I just took a look at the splash for Winter Wonder Karma, and although I realize there's only 1 week? 2 weeks? until the patch, I have to voice my disappointment. Not only does she look more like Nidalee than Karma, the splash is inconsistent with the in-game model. Different mantles, larger ponytails(?), no gloves, different colors (deeper and warmer purple, natural white fur), the fur line extends behind her, sudden tattoos, and a shorter, less puffy coat. Karma's face aside, the design in the splash is actually a lot better than what we have in-game. Her clothings look a lot more slender, which is better because it complements the classic Karma's silhouette. By puffing up her clothing, especially the furred part around her waist, the silhouette is disturbed and the design clusterized. Although it's probably too late for this skin. I hope that you could possibly consider my feedback for future Karma skins.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Karma!
Despite that this skin has a good design, I believe that the skin does have several issues that may turn people off. Base skin: The core problem comes with purple being too saturated, especially in comparison to the lightly desaturated Summoner's Rift. Older champions' textures were desaturated a while ago for specifically this reason. It's very hard to look at all the time. Proposed change: Desaturation of Purple A simple change. I firmly believe that desaturation of the clothings will bring this skin more in line with the other character models in League. The fur color should also be white instead of light purple, in order to increase the contrast of the outfit. Using a neutral color such as white or black will ease the color gap between the largely purple outfit and the blue ice, without upsetting the color balance. If changing the color scheme isn't a problem, I suggest a light blue. It's understandable to not change it, though, due to time concerns. One more thing, like another poster has said, is her exposed shoulders. It's not a big concern, but I believe that the same dark purple of her leggings can be used to cover her shoulders as well. Regardless, the snowy effects are very nice. And the recall animation fits Karma perfectly. I hope you consider my feedback.
: We made a bit of an adjustment to her hair - lemme know what you think!
Hey! Thank you for going through with the change, I really like it! [Here's a little something to show my thanks! ♥](
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Sona!
As a Sona main, I think the new Sona skin is fantastic. But I have to say the saturated purple white color of the hair takes away a lot from the beautiful outfit, which I think will stand out more with a different hair color. I've made some suggestions here using photoshop. I genuinely enjoy this skin and I really hope you would at least consider adjusting the hair color. Thank you! [Non-purple white]( [Blonde]( [Pink](


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