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: KDA needs another member
Since Odyssey and Star Guardian skin lines have an actual EXTRA game mode, where you need **5 CHAMPIONS to play this RGM**, it is fair to say that Riot shouldn't (and won't) create an additional KD/A skin when they are nearly ready for live servers. Other skins have the same "matter" and no one is complaining about it.
: Game disconnects and then reconnects
Yeah this issue happens in every game. Since it appears once in a game, with everybody disconnecting, it's not that tragic
: rp bug .ne bug
There are some issues about the RP script (getting 8000 RP 24 hours). You gain BE - Blue Essences (or as you call them Celestial Essence) by playing games. Every skin that needs testing costs 1 BE, champions too. You can read more in [this]( thread.
: wheres my rp and blue essence??
[This]( one as well since you don't know how to report bugs
: After pbe update, i can't open client
Check your internet, reboot your computer. If this still doesn't help wait till next patch I guess
: PBE Client not appearing
Check your internet and reboot your computer. If this doesn't help just wait till the next patch I guess.
: king rammus and victorious elise
Be grateful? Victorious skins are very weirdly priced since Elise's Victorious skin from S3 costs 10 RP, while Victorious Morgana (S4) costs like 9999 RP. Victorious Maokai, Sivir (and I guess Graves too) are not able to purchase any more. So are not the legacy skins (except for King Rammus).
Actually, you can go to [this]( thread as well, since you don't actually know how to report bugs.
: Riot Points
Well you can read Riot's statement [here]( :^)?
[This]( one is for your thread And [this]( one is for your manners.
: The most important things that need testing are available for 1 BE.
You forgot to link [this]( thread Amy :^(
: When will urf return?
Guess maybe when it's time? :^)
: All champions are free to play, but in order to buy their skins, you still have to buy (=own) the champs. This is not a bug.
But he just said that he got every champion unlocked hmm...
: The PBE boards are meant for content currently on PBE. Karthus hasn't had any changes on this patch, so anything related to him should be posted elsewhere, you'll get more visibility on the LoL reddit or Live boards.
: Very long
: PBE Font Sizes
If you have noticed, every font got smaller as well as the Mana Indicator or the Champions Information if you press C. I don't know but I guess this is a kind of a bug yikes.
: Ahri nerf ultimate
I don't want her ult to get nerfed if I'm honest
: The PBE boards are meant for bug reports and feature feedback, anything else shouldn't be posted here.
Try in the unofficial PBE Discord server
There have been problems with the RP script I guess... For more information check [THIS]( thread and **_DON'T_** post threads about bugs that have been pinned already by Riot (or that have been posted by other people) thanks!
: [GAME] Loading Screen Stuck?
Don't worry, you are not the only one with this frightening issue. My advice, cause **I've been through this problem:** * Don't ever tab out while in the loading screen * You have probably a slow computer so check him before playing * Did I mention that you should never tab out? With these tips you should actually face the issue never (or some times idk) again :^) **DON'T TAB OUT**
: Hiya, friends! Thanks for all the feedback. Unfortunately, there's no time for us to put any VO processing on Amumu since that requires a re-localization of the processed lines. About the W being molten lava or coughing up a plume of smoke on a failed R though, I'll bring that up with the team and see if there's any time to add those in! It's getting pretty close to our cutoff date so adding new things like this is super risky, but it won't hurt to bring up and see.
So a new (blue) chroma is very unlikely huh? :^(
: How can i get RP
Missed the pinned thread about PBE and RP? [Here]( it is....
: > [{quoted}](name=Oxyzene,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=GIeZtQZN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-01T11:35:32.782+0000) > > i know it already has but it didnt get fixed after it was reported maybe they missed it >.< > Also it a bit more specified (the other report mentioned audio too which isnt present on everyone and the fact that this only happens when Eve uses W vs monsters). Then simply what you do is post what you put in this thread as a reply in the other one and upvote it so it gets more visibility, posting multiple times about the same issue makes it harder for riot to track down it's source, and so on fix it.
: EZ's Q interrupts his Auto attacks
Well, it's supposed to be that way :^) He had the same issues before he got updated... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: TRUE!!!! i repair 5 times and nothing got fixt....i unistal it and instal it again 2 times and steel nothing...all dark...At least tell us what to do
: I created a custom match. It didn't start after the picking phase ended, it was stuck at 0 seconds. I reset the client and now I can't join that match back, and if I try to play on any game mode it says I can't play because I'm in a game. Yeah, cool
Yeah this can happen in the live servers too. You have just to wait because this is a different issue
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: The better question is: What isn't missing?
Answer: its only the ground and the walls that are missing in this bug
: Missing ground textures is still going on after 2 updates. What's going on?
It's actually after 3 maintenances :^) Guess this bug is very hard to find and Riot doesnt seem to know what to answer. Also the bug doesnt make this game unplayable. Just don't play jungle. Sure the playstyle of certain champions are affected (Kayn, Anivia, Lissandra) but its not that bad.
: Odyssey OFF
Maybe because the gamemode Odyssey: Extraction wasnt supposed to be permanent and it's time is already up? Duh
: The effects for this skin are lazy. It should be 975rp! We've been playing odyssey for the past few weeks on live and his ult is an asset from that mode (which is basically infernal Nasus E). Why not make his tears lava like? Why not give him a different VO to make him sound a bit more...Infernal!? I love the design and I guess if I was deaf then sfx wouldn't matter to me, but it just doesn't fit. For 1350rp; I'm not buying this skin. If the price is reduced to 975rp I'll do it.
Actually, if you compare this skin with other 975 RP skin, it will outclass them without doubt. So in my opinion the price is worthy for the skin and it should not be changed. But yeah the changes you suggested would be really nice and will be probably done (since Infernal Wukong has a demonic VO and he is only 975 so YIKES).
: I created some Chromas for DTH just for funzies, and they have some serious potential, and I know you said no chromas for leggies when they come out but you should seriously consider making some for this skin because they look so good that I might just buy all of them!!! 1. Normal 2. MoloMan 3. Elven 4. Wizard 5. Royal 6. Evil The second one is a refrence to my concept I made a few years ago, and I actually think it looks really good! (the chroma not the concept)
Sadly, there will be no chromas for a legendary skin. But they look awesome good work dude!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Amumu!
Since the chromas are not avaiable yet, may I suggest that you add the cholor Blue (as in Tarzanite/Sapphire or something). The W color should also match the chroma color you choose. If you are already reading this can you **PLEASE** answer to the threads with the bug where the ground/walls are missing or is just **BLACK**. Thank you for reading
: Sorry but I don't think this skin should be 1350 rp. It's look very cheap and lack of details. No even a voice effect. Boring skin for me.
: Issues in game with Keys/Mouse Settings
Obviously the settings for the interface/mouse/sounds got all reverted to the default, so I guess you have to set it again as you wish. Live with that
: > [{quoted}](name=Dahila will come,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=gAmjiTaE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-26T21:02:31.656+0000) > > Same. Had 20 rune pages but only 2 survived the maintenance :^(. > Oh and the default ones which you can not delete/change (Presicion, Inspiration, ...) were there too. > yikes. You can't delete those anyway, but you should still be able to hide the presets. Is that not working as intended?
Well the first game after the v8.20 patch the hidden standard runes were not hidden at all even though i enabled "Hide present pages", but after the maintenance the "Hide present pages" is doing as it says :]. Still idk if i should buy myself the missing 18 rune pages again or should I wait because its a bug or something
: Confirmed. Had over 20 purchased rune pages. All have been removed, except for the two default ones.
Same. Had 20 rune pages but only 2 survived the maintenance :^(. Oh and the default ones which you can not delete/change (Presicion, Inspiration, ...) were there too. yikes.
: Its all Dark
Same issue, but I can see the grass and the bushes :^). Still the wall and the ground is missing/just B L A C K
: Hey man, thanks for the update, will try to adjust messages accordingly. If possible, it would be cool to pin/stick this discussion to increase its visibility in the long term and unpin the other older update for clarity purposes.
why aren't you a riot employee yet? Can someone promote this helpful summoner to like a moderator/admin :^)
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: We're starting to test positional matchmaking on PBE!
So the algorithm tracks the position of a player, by the **position he got assigned**, right? I'm curious since I'm playing like only "Mid-Lane-Picks" in the support position :^) Yours faithfully, a strange human :^)))))) {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Same goes for me. Though i recently experienced that other champion models were teleporting and that everything was just weird. Normally I would just disconnect, then reconnect and everything was fine.
Amy we need your explaination :(
Since the bug isn‘t on every Lux game (LUX SUPPORT IS SPEAKING RIGHT HERE) I‘m fine with it (:
: Disconnection Bug
Same goes for me. Though i recently experienced that other champion models were teleporting and that everything was just weird. Normally I would just disconnect, then reconnect and everything was fine.
: Bug with leveling up abilities
Happend already with 3 Champions :^) Had the Bug with - Xayah: Level 1, I thought I skilled my E but I didn‘t - Syndra: Level 2, couldnt level up my W - Lux: Level 11, couldn‘t level up my Ultimate So I had no issues with my internet and I had to wait for the next level to level up my abilities Have a nice day
: Higher ping than PBE normally has?
I played a lot of games in the PBE and honestly in 5 out of 10 games, someone is crying for help because he has a ping of 200ms. Also, my normal ping is 130ms (Classic EUW ping) and nowadays it rises up to 160-180 ms. I CAN FEEL YA
: Gamebreaking bug potentially. Can't use abilities.
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