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: In my opinion, if you're following that hologram, and you die to it, that's on you. And what do you mean, cheap deaths? The only people I hear describing their deaths as "cheap" are the ones who were outplayed and are salty about dying because of it. Does Zed need a range indicator to let you know when you're in range of his ult? Does Katarina need an indicator for her ult to let you know when you're going to eat knives? Should Leblanc's Dash range be immediately obvious to you so you know to not get to close, which you should already know to do anyway? Riot isn't here to baby you. If you can't learn to get a feel for a champion's range of AOE, that's a lack of skill on your part, not Riot's fault for not being more clear with it.
Because with champion with such giant damage and outplay potential like that, YOU NEED to give lower level players as much freaking feedback as possible to reduce the amount of backlash this champion is gonna get on release day, unless you want him to eventually receive Evelynn/Tryndamere treatment, no matter how often and loud will you scream "GET GUD". Besides this giant elephant in the room, by cheaps deaths i mean being clipped by the edge of ult i didn't see. This ultimate is obnoxiously high danger zone, and almost insta death if you are something squishy and get hit by it. Argument "Don't get close noobcake" doesn't really apply here, because if you are in the jungle you need to know if there's a safe spot where you can avoid his ultimate radius, if you play ADC you pretty much know that every space of the battlefield is super important when it comes to positioning. And what with those flawed examples? Galio has circle indicating area of effect on his ult, Morgana has circle indicating shackle area, cho'gath has his Q telegraphed, Sion as well, Ziggs has this big giant indicator, Even fizz with his dodgy fish hitbox has clearly indicated shark area. Why the hell Ekko shouldn't have circle on his Ult considering its even more powerful ability than some of the mentioned above? That kind of feedback is important whether you are skilled or not. You really won't impress anyone here with "Get good" speeches on this forum, because its not supposed to be place for it, I give a lot of valid feedback as to why the projection should have circle around it, while you are here saying "Its not needed" from some super arbitrary reasons.
: and why not just do that to every champ in game to make this game noob friendly
Because very few champion have the ability to one shot enemy team with a single skill. I'm sorry but ability with 500 + 1.3 ap ratio of AOE magic damage burst is not something you can fuck with. If the numbers are to stay then actions should be taken to reduce the amount of "cheap deaths" such skill can generate. And most of game changing skills like that have indicator so i don't understand why this one shouldn't.
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: A Viktor Main's opinion on the Changes
For me he's pretty much the same thing to be honest, he got a little buffs there and little nerfs there but overall his damage barely feels changed ('Till the late game obviously) and for the most part most of the changes are pretty much quality of life improvements for both Viktor and his opponents as well. Increased range on his W means that he won't need to be in range of every skill shot on the planet just to deploy it and this little increased delay means that enemies have a little bit more reaction time to not get trapped. Its meaningless in grand scheme of things but its nice little improvement. His Passive is just cool, I like what it has been done with it. It has actual late game scaling, and it doesn't force you to pick this once specific augment because its just flat out better than the others, without compromising stats for his role. I hoped for actual customization of your augment, like you get red and then yellow and it gives you some kind of unique effect like for example exploding Q. But this one is satisfying. His Q damage didn't really change aside of 0.1 ap buff and some late base damage increase, its still close range combat nuke as it was before just with some damage delay, allowing enemy to have at least chance to avoid quite heavy damage just because he walked to close to the Viktor. (For melle mid laners it was especially stupid because they just had 3 states of laning phase against Viktor, tower babysitting, lane fully pushed, or brawl with Viktor that usually didn't end well for them). But the cool fact about isn't that it made Viktor's gameplay more engaging but it opened some build possibilities for him. Lich bane is obviously more attractive for him now (Even if i still gonna prefer building DFG for reliability on live unless I'm 100% convinced that lich is go to item for him), but due to its nature of converting all damage to magical (Like Mordekaisers Q EVEN CRITICAL ATTACKS) I've seen some viktors on pbe building trinity force bruisers and doing reasonable good job with it. His E is kinda meh in terms of changes. The passive got a little damage increase but it was designed with W active in mind, or the enemies will just walk out of it. Which sucks but it isn't to big of a deal since normal E is just as good as it was, and sometimes you can even hit additional person for full damage, his wave clearing got better though which is always good. Removal of the Silence on his R was perhaps the biggest nerf to him, but lets be entirely frank... It was quite freaking stupid for a champion that can stun you after short delay. Viktor throwing his ult on you meant you had no way to respond to him for a while and after the duration has gone by you were just 1 tick away from being stunned again not allowing you any kind of response, while he unleashes all the damn hell he can on your face. I'm glad it was removed even if it nerfed him, but the new particle effect sucks compared to the old one if i have to be honest. And the movement speed bonus is good enough to compensate for the change i feel. But overall my thoughts on him remain the same, he haven't changed in a big way. He is still just damage dealing mage who can inflict his damage in many various ways, ranging from aoe nuking, pokes to brawling and sustained damage. And he's still damn good at it, without his mechanics being changed that much. That's the most important thing, they just make him even more fun to play and they fixed some of the problems he had, without making him superb mage with overloaded as hell kit. When i saw information about his rework, i just thought to myself "Just please fucking don't...", I was expecting Karma kind of rework. What i got was impression that Riot can actually rework unpopular champion without nerfing or buffing him in a big way, or just demolishing his kit and giving him a new one in its place. So yea I'm Impressed. As a person who fallen in love with him and stood by him even when he was unfinished buggy mess of a champion, I actually like new Viktor.
: Braum could probably work as a Triforce bruiser if you really wanted. His passive is alot of damage with the proc and even afterwards if you keep AA'ing. I've been building him with Frozen Gauntlet and it worked pretty well.
I had problems killing cho'gath bot with triforce. No he's not good triforce bruise, and not fun either. Shen without tri force deals more damage, and he's really not supposed to have any good damage. He is good support, but nothing freaking else :/
: Braum Questions+Feedback
I don't think his single target damage is that high to be honest. Sure his high damage spikes can be a bit overwhelming in early game but as the game progresses his damage quickly stops being relevant due to his lack of ratios and actual combat spells. 2 Of his skills are skills that focuses on providing artificial gold to either you or ally. And his Q is not really that spamable and his passive not only dealing pretty low damage from auto attacks also requires you to stick to the target, and he lacks free mobility to do so well. He has good damage in early game but lacks any kind of good ratios to multiply it later on. Which brings up the fact that you can't build him offensively (At least not in the useful way). Which locks him hard in pure support tank build, he can't build to murder people in any way. Leona can be AP one shooting machine, Thresh can be one-hit nuke ad carry, Soraka can be mage that has incredible late game power. Fun builds are impossible on Braum which is not a cool thing in my opinion.


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