: Yorick is available, played with one earlier.
yeah I just seen him today
: Queue Dodge Bug
stop playing the game after get 22minutes penalty because the dame bug
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: Queue Dodge Bug
https://imgur.com/JwqfKBk same shit man, this just happened to me last few minutes ago
: Yeah. the first few problems are definitely awful and should be fixed as soon as they can. Sona is meant to be disabled. as far as i am aware i believe right now 6 champions are disabled (Ryze Sona Hecarim Evelynn Kai'sa and Irelia.) all of which i haven't seen once. there might be a few others that im not aware of but these ones i know to some extent are not available.
I haven't see Yorick either
: FPS ?
for me it been locked at 60fps when in Fullscreen mode which I support to have more than just 60fps
: [Runes] - Not changing properly on URF screen.
: same here
and Riot still haven't reply of this issue
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: Why allow people toxic on PBE
because this server open for all, so that's why PBE have tons of cancer from every where in each server
: PBE Won't Load Into a Game
Riot said they will fixed all of the error by Monday and if you still have issue you can submit ticket for them
: Can't get in a game
just got same thing as u bro
: Client not connecting to game
same, it tell me i don't have internet connection and force me quit the game
: Problem with connect to the game
: System Error, Created a Dump File
i can't even enter the game because it auto crash when login and no one give shit about my problem
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: PBE lag is simply awful
move your PC to NA instead?
: Problem with update
just try restart the game again and everything will fix or you can try to look up the fixing tools that may help
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: [Suggestion] Grace in Ranked Games when team goes AFK.
if you want do ranked, do at live server because PBE are now full of Bronze
: Went 10-0 in placements and got B5
that's weird when i have only 6 win and end with silver 1
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: PBE sign ups are to free?
because it so easy that all the low skill player move to PBE
: Fizz, and Annie are absolutely ridiculous in URF..
Riot should banned {{champion:17}} and {{champion:15}} in URF because this two is way too op..
: I see that all the ARURF Champion pool limit complaints are being ignored, some players come back to this game just for this one game mode and you don't seem to care about it at all? Either acknowledge that restricting the pool was a bad decision or give us your thoughts on why it isn't just give us a yes or no if this is going to be changed, so you don't raise peoples hopes up and then surprise them with this straight up downgrade of arurf. @Riot
like they even bother to read
: Could this thread be seen as feedback to the lack of feedback to the feature feedback in question?
it could be lack but not many people denied it?
: I had to deal with this and the game became completely unfun, I couldn't move the entire game. He just kept stunning you like come on riot fix him please
yeah, he should get banned same with teemo
: This kind of post is useless. The PBE boards are for feature feedback or bugs. This is supporting neither of those. Please refrain from posting useless comments.
this is "feature feedback" section if I'm not wrong
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: It's either the following: one is toxic, or one has an unstable connection. For me I've unintentionally afked twice on pbe bc of the latter, but my teammates were nice enough to let me go for both games. I'll thank them eternally lmao But gotta admit amount of afk due to connection issues would be negligible
tks for answer
: Just report them. If all of your team reports them, giving a good report explaining what happened, they will very probably get banned. The PBE is a zero tolerance environment, so if people intentionally leave, and talk about it in the chat, RIOT will see it, and they will get banned. Until now I think I have "banned" 3 players because of either scripting, toxicity, or giving up. Just report them, RIOT will do the rest if what happened is true.
tks for answer, Until now I think I have "banned" 1 player for being so toxic in the game lmao
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: PBE Community and Afkers
we really need a punishment for those AFKer, like afk more than 2 match get banned account for couple hours
: Leavers in PBE
Honor 3 and lv30 bring tons of Bronze into PBE
: Can't edit rune pages in champ select
: Wukong hasn't had any changes this cycle. Suggestions for new changes should be posted in their respective locations on the Live Boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is only for content *currently* in testing.
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: It's not against the rules to be bad. If they're purposely feeding that's one thing, if they're making poor decisions that's something entirely different.
I mean they don't even try to win the game, just come and feeding them
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: RP visual bug
I have a same problem 2
: I'm not getting the skin i am buying with RP
it happened to my again, it first happened when first time PBE open now it look like happened again
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: bug of the reconnect
same here, I literally cant connect back to the game
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: Numbers of item slots are not appearing
I think Riot want you to memorize it
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