: PBE->Logs->LeagueClient Logs Sort it by date modified. Open the recent file which consumes the most memory dated today. Look for the last "Login queue position is"
Dam well in past week I only managed to login twice played some TFT Back then it only took 25 min Now it's 31 hours
: after few mins i reopened the log file and found : "Login queue position is 208361"
What is the file name and in which folder and where
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: PBE should kick people who stay afk in client
Nope they should not do that Those people are afk testing the client Seeing how long it will take from green online to go to red busy in status See afk testing
: Finally after 3 days of queue exploding itsef, spent another 12h in queue. Finally managed to login.
Don't worry once TFT hits live Server population will go down Then you can join pbe
: During maintenance you'll be kicked out automatically and will also have to download the update, so that trick won't work. But on the bright side, there shouldn't be any maintenance taking place until Monday--unless something goes wrong, that is.
look what I know is if you go to task manager,details and go to resource manager and you have the option of suspending league client If you do the client will get frozen Then you look through your other pc if there is maintenance If there is maintenance After maintenance resume league client from suspension it will connect and say client will restart and you will log out in 5 seconds Terminate the league client app in background process not the main one before the the 5 seconds this is important If you do this much league will update once in beginning then client will auto restart with you already logged in and it will update after update click play
: Jokes on you; you'll have to log out again during daily maintenance :P
> [{quoted}](name=PBE Bugs Are OP,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=rE069527,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-22T01:22:35.956+0000) > > Jokes on you; you'll have to log out again during daily maintenance :P Yeah but if you suspend and end proceess the league app in background it will restart client automatically update it and auto log me in without going into queue
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: Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.
: PBE on EU.
150ms is totaly playable
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: [Bug] - TFT - Cannot leave queue
Just logged in could not play TFT it kep saying connecting could not play summoners rift Dam what is going on
: Remove 'Your position in queue'
Omg I'm so close 2 min And 3000in queue and decreaseing
: Proposal for TFT Hero Upgrade!
I don't know what your talking about I haven't played auto chess and I can't login pbe
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: Attempt to join queue failed
Be glad you logged in I'm still in queue for 30 min Position 9000
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: Take it from someone who was all available skins from store, mystery gifts, Hextech Loot, *and* skins that aren't available these days anymore: you will not get these skins. My mystery skin pool is 0. I only own Human/Young Ryze because he was available during his VGU. Not even I own PAX Twisted Fate.
Hey can you get mythic skins from hexchest or rerolls Such as prestige edition akali in pbe
: TL;DR No. How normal mystery chests work: only normal and legacy skins, NOT limited skins (aka Vic More, PAX TF, Human/Young Ryze). How it works on PBE: the classification is messed up because we get things in store if they need testing. In short: you can get Vic Morg out of the PBE store and therefore she's also in mystery gift. This does not go for the other skins you listed. [Here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/xhPoY674-about-golden-spatula-skin-limitations?comment=0002) is a small explanation by a Rioter. The system slightly extends into mystery gift as well.
Well either way I'm gonna test something One of my smurfs got Honor level 3 I'll create the account unlock only twisted fate and start gifting it skins If it says pool is low I'll unlock another champ with least skins If I don't get pax TF after my 15th champion unlock I'll just give up
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