: Shen's Abilities Bug
Same has happen in two other games with my top laner using pulsefire shen
: Did you notice any network connectivity issues like packet loss or higher latency than normal around when this happened?
Not really, It happen again today i was morgana, tried to lvl q with alt + q while right clicking, didnt have packet loss or higher latency leading up to it.
: Bug with leveling up abilities
I got this bug with cho gath top, I tried to lvl e using alt+e (remapped crtl to alt), its been a little while but i think I was right clicking while trying to lvl the ability up
: The rune Kleptomancia
This happen in my game as well with a gp and sona running the rune both triggering the rune more then 30 times without any item
: I will miss the infinite stacking of grasp of undying
The new grasp is gonna go back to the original or get nerfed heavily, a 4k health mao can easily get over 300 ap with this new change, makes no sense why riot basically combined fervor and grasp together


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