: Just had a pretty good game as Skarner on the PBE. 16/7/16. Most people left me alone at first, so I felt really good in my zones, managed to squeak out a dragon at lvl 4 after first back. That being said, the power difference between in zone and out of zone is quite noticeable. Which is a good thing I guess. The problem for me was, as soon as they identified me as a threat, it was nearly impossible to keep zones. Our team was behind and we only won the game because of a late game ace in base. I did this well because by the time they identified me as a threat, I had a nearly sated devourer, trinity force, merc treads and deadman's plate. Overall, I like how E works outside of zones. Having that stun at the ready is actually really good. Will be very useful vs champs with channels and such if your ult is down. The speed buff with Ult, MUST stay... I love it. Caught me off guard at first. TLDR- Overall, I like it, but my biggest concerns still remain: 1) Taking my power zones away should be reward enough. Enemies shouldn't get gold or vision. If anything, they should be revealed for taking it. 2) Skarner being the master of his domain should be able to prevent capture if he is ANYWHERE in a zone he controls. You want my space? Kick me out first.
Agree both, when I play the PBE version, I was fighting with another Skarner in my zone, and he just stand in the crystal and take it away, that is kind weird and make my domain advantage not secured enough. Imagine if somebody could just capture {{champion:48}} 's domain away :P
: It's not a simple fix...
Yeah, when think deeply into it, I could see why it is so hard, but what I mean is they are not prepare it well, when it is a big update to a champion.
: Yeh, but 100 free movespeed while ulting is really nice. The atkspeed is irrelevant while a target is under our Impale. But it is quite useful when we are in the Cristal spire range and when we land a stun with E.
Still it felt inconsistent, movement speed is mostly unnecessary while you are in spire's range since it is too small to actually do any considerable work unless someone is stupid enough to run into it. While the new passive E granted also made the AS buff unnecessary since it will be so hard to land out auto attack more than two under 1 sec limit. And anyway, those design does not make any sense in lore consideration. Why Skarner granted Spires power by just impale someone? Those design are still very lazy compare to the big idea they throw out.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Again, the problem about PBE's passive is that compare to the benefit Skarner get, such limited area is not worth of it. If Skarner only gain MS and AS ( Mana Regen is good, but not strong enough to make the passive worth of it. If the Area will continue to be that limited, why can't Skarner get something better? Like a update of his kit, just like Victor level up his Core . Also the new buff on E, maybe a bit, but consider the buff he get, this short duration seems weird. Skarner is never a damage-burst fighter and the buff he get in zone is AS and MS, which means to make him more sticky to his enemy, but you only get those buff for 1 second? Don't even need to mention that he can not apply the AS benefit while Impale the enemy. And this new change seems more like a hot fix to his problem, since it has noting to do with his passive zone. I am glad to know Riot actually listened a bit, but compare to the idea you brought on the table, your following steps are seems unprepared and not well planed. I hope to see his kit have more connection in the further update, now they just seems all over the place.
Rioter Comments
: The charging is a good idea if this version of Skarner is pushed through, and likewise to the stun then slow, although tying that much power to the E is still a bad idea.
I main E in the PBE because that became the only burst I ll be able to use during the gank, and that is simply stupid. Still the most stupid part is to make the Vanguard a Watchpuppy.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
This design is well thought but poorly addressed, and still does not make sense, why should the Crystal Vanguard became a Watchdog of jungle? And anyway the spires does not gave him that much power consider of its small radius, if riot really want this passive to work, at least Skarner should be able to hold the passive that the spire gave for several minutes outside of its radius, currently he can not even clear two camps of the jungle with consistent game experience. If it could be like a charge station, which when Skarner enter and automatically receive a buff which apply the full strength to him for several minutes, that will make much more sense. That several minutes will allow Skarner to clean his jungle and charge one more time to do a Gank, while not allowing him to stick on lane too much (Isn't that what Riot is considering? ). Agree with others, gold gain to enemy for capturing is stupid, enemy capture already prevent Skarner gain his full strength in Jungle, that is already a big advantage for them ,no more should be given. Also, the slow and stun gave to E is actually became exclusive. In the current meta, Skarner's lane gank is about "Landing the E, gave DPS while the slow and apply two more passive, and then Stun, more DPS, and he is down" , but now because the E automatically apply the stun status to the enemy, when he trying to apply damage to the enemy, he won't even have chance to fully apply the damage to the enemy champion, because since mostly he ll just apply the stun during the slow, the old concept I described won't be able to work anymore. Why can't you just apply stun and a followed slow after the stun? It fit the idea of a "Venom" much more. I understand the idea of a "map mechanic champion passive", but the design on Skarner is just poor and poor and poor. You can't just let such design pass to current meta, this is not what Crystal Vanguard supposed to be.


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