: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Jarvan IV!
First off: Jarvan feels like a... interesting candidate but Kha got in the skin line so I won't complain much there The only thing I really have to say is that the ult feels completely underwhelming. The other Jarvan skins, at least from what I can tell, really make the terrain feel big and getting out. Here it looks like the arena spikes give too much room between them or aren't big enough. It feels like you could walk between the gaps. On top of that, I'd somehow like it if maybe there could be an effect in the arena to give more of that dark star/hole feel. Maybe give it an effect similar to the E when it lands. Just my two cents.
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: Unstoppable Ornn (or how to fix Ornn better)
This. Having the unstoppable is one of the most fun things about him. If Riot needs to nerf him, **actually nerf his damage**. Hell I like the Brittle duration nerf as well, it does feel like it stays for too long.
: MORGANA 99999?
kinda hope it's a bug because it really doesn't make sense if they were to add that skin in the store to price it at something that nobody can get to anymore (like that stupid riot ward)
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: @Riot !! New Blitzcrank skins
Like everyone is saying, the walk animation on these skins just feels awkward. It also, at least to me, doesn't fully feel like spending 1350 each, or 1820 for the bundle, on these skins feels fully up to par with say Piltover Customs or iBlitzcrank, at least when it comes to the walk animation.


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