: New Particle and Rendering System in Testing on PBE now
In the long run, when rendering is totally perfect, could we knock it down to, say, 99%? I would totally miss having those one-in-a-hundred games where I have my spells emitting flash symbols. It's almost League tradition {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: [SKIN CHANGE THINGIE?] Possible change to Victorious Sivir Portrait
Yay at all the nice feedback c: I'll pass it on to Chris (remember all creds to him) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Yeah I believe the splash art of the victorious Sivir needs some more effort.Ranked Boarders, splash arts, Riot dont be lazy :P
The ranked borders this season are a billion times cooler though, last season silver was so awful
: came for the same thing to post, Upvote!
: I like your idea! :) but i dindt like this currently spalsh and his look ingame. i wished, that she would look like the other victorious skin.. more blue and purple... her teaser was pretty cool, so im a bit disappointed from this skin. i hope there are some changes on pbe :(
part of the charm of the skin is the whole color shift from a traditional Victorious skin, at least in my opinion. When I first saw the splash I was literally like "woah"
: Same here. Pretty annoying when I was buying all these reward icons...
Saaaame xD but for me they all were still showing because it kept reverting to show all, not "not owned"
: Please switch the position of the coutdown of Baronrespawn and Heraldspawn
Ehh the thing is the Herold no longer is around when baron spawns, right? So having it there means it can simply go away without screwing with symmetry or having baron swap places
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: Champion Portraits not matching Champion
Nidalee's looking pretty blue {{champion:13}}
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: Enable Team Builder only mode for the day a new Champion hits the PBE
You'll never find teams though, EVERYONE will be playing the new champ xD
: You should always have this bard Runes and Masteries
Oh that's essential, I'll add it to my collection
: You have money for it, so try whatever you want. Break the meta all you like. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Just don't be a dick and intentionally troll in matches (DPS Malphite or something)~
I gotchu. I'll get some basics like AP and jung and work from there. Maybe a tank page too.
: The same runes pages you have on live? Runes do not need testing, so do whatever the duck you want with them. Have fun :]
Hehe I have two pages on live, AD and AP, I was wondering if I should figure out more (IE tank, jungle, crit damage). And thanks, I look forward to (attempting xD) to help
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