: [ARURF] So, ARURF once more, is it?
the simple thing what i get from this discussion is, ARURF is so fucking not fun anymore on this current PBE test. And i agree with that. And i agree with all of this shit > [{quoted}](name=El Mimos,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=AEFh1WMH,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-15T19:24:25.050+0000) > > All right. PBE is all about testing and whatsoever. And if you gotta complain, you gotta complain. > > I'm not gonna ask the age old question of ''Why not normal URF'' because, seemingly, everyone hates it. Instead i'm just gonna do some observations about ARURF: > > * **No picks = No counterplay = No fun** > > Okay, this is simple. Some people asked for an all random pick on URF, so they wouldn't see Sonas every game (guess what, Sona is not even that good anymore since all the nerfs they gave to supports here). But, isn't it fun when you get 0 cc on your team (despite rerolls, because it happens WAY MORE OFTEN than you think) and you go against Kata, Jax and Yi at the same time? yeah, full random is so fun when both teams have bad champions, but more often than not, people will just keep rolling until they get an OP AF champ, which if i'm not mistaken, was the main problem people had with blind pick URF. Which is why you see a Jax every damn game on a (supposedly) random pick mode. > > **but rerolls and champion pool are there to give more choice, besides, urf is not about strategy** > > Yes but 2 rerolls per 5 means 10, plus 5 initial champs means 15 champs, which isn't even A DAMN QUARTER OF THE WHOLE ROSTER. That, and not being able to play what you want because #random and you instead have to retort to picking a not so useless champ because the other team is going to do the same and if you don't, you'll have such a bad time trying to even get a kill. Yes miracles happen, but that's why they call them miracles. > > * **Runes are useless** > > Just tell me, in a game mode where early game is all about poking out guys until you can kill them, why would you ever consider getting any other rune than Dark Harvest? Like, it's literally the only rune that has a significantly reduced cooldown (predator has a reduced cooldown too BUT you can't use it from start of game unlike DH. And Aftershock is niche anyways) Big part of the secondary runes only had numbers tweaked AND they nerfed trascendence (which i believe didn't hurt the gamemode as much but i'm not a developer so who knows maybe im wrong). And still, no other runes make any sense outside of the (i think) standard DH/Sorcery, since it's all about the dmg. I mean, guess you can't change the runes that much since it doesn't make sense to change them just for a gamemo- oh wait you DID CHANGE SOME OF THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE EITHER BUSTED OR USELESS. Why not just buff the less used runes just for this gamemode, then? > > * **Infinity Edge is busted** > > Okay i guess this is a problem from normal 5v5 directly affecting a gamemode anyways. Most AD champs will just buy 3 or 4 of this and 1 shot anyone who's not a tank/bruiser/busted champion. Which makes my first point stand out even more. Anyways, 225% crit dmg plus 25% from awesome buff plus being able to crit 100% of the time is... well. Why even build anything else. There are 86 finished items, and they build at best 3 of them. In a gamemode where you can SUPPOSEDLY play anything you want and it will be viable (i already talked about this so i won't go back to it). I guess this is a minor concern, just nerf the damn item or something. I guess you CAN do that at least. > > > **To finish** > Not everything that represents ARURF is as bad. Champion catapult is really damn genius, as well as gold gaining, the nerf to healing and shields, that kind of stuff that makes this mode unbalanced balanced fun. BUT, my point still stands. It has a LOT of flaws, and as much as i love it, it's not fun anymore. Either kill this like the other gamemodes, or bring back draft pick URF. We have 10 bans in total now, it's better than S4 and S5. > > Also, take this as it is. You don't have to get praised for everything you do. It has flaws. Accept it, and do something about it. and i hope Riot do something about all of this thing


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