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: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
As a person who played soraka a significant amount in season 3 and early season 4 this rework is literally killing me. I loved the spammy feel of old soraka's q and you killed the only reason she was ever picked as a support. She was supposed to be a tanky heal and mana battery. By removing the armor bonus from her w you made her heal near insignificant and the fact that it costs health makes you much less inclined to heal people while you are tanking damage in a fight. Her E also now feels very inconsistent based on the fact that the 50% slow on her q is barely enough to allow her to land the root unless she has some other cc spam champ on her team. Please for the love all that is soraka do not push these changes to live or if you do they need some major tweaks. Possible tweaks: --Make her q fall at the same speed no matter the cast distance as when trying to help chase it is near impossible to land the slow on moving targets --Move the slow from her q to her e and increase it slightly --Give her q the magic resist debuff back --If you are going to make her heal cost health and mana decrease the amount of mana and give her the armor buff back --AND PLEASE ABOVE ALL ELSE INCREASE HER BASE MOVE SPEED! I know I am just another angry player when it comes to this, but seriously for once listen to the players that actually care about the champion as she is. This change will hurt raka more than help her in the long run and she will see significantly less play across the board.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Just from what I've noticed so far when placing your cursor over the map she doesn't jump towards the location on the map where your cursor is placed like most other champions would only towards your cursor. There are also times where she will only pounce/swipe in the direction she is facing and not the direction of the cursor. EDIT: She also seems to lose turret aggro after pouncing some times.
: Trying to enter a game as Arctic Ops Varus caused game to crash, forcing a re-install of the client.
The same thing happened to me on 2 consecutive games, checking now to see if running the client fix will fix the issue. RE: Using fix will solve the issue.

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