: not lvl 30
You might have the same problem that most of the new players had some weeks ago. It's a script that makes you level up and give you RP and IP. Maybe Riot shut down the script again, but you will be level'd up if you contact Riot in the forum.
: Riot has stated that they will not open other PBE servers ^^
: Free Mumble Voice Server for PBE-ers - Share bugs and Play Together in Ranked Queue!
: Server support for EU and the rest of the world.
It would be nice to get a Riot employee to comment on this and get some information about it :)
: According to RIOT official page, new workplace have been estabilished in [Cologne](http://www.riotgames.com/articles/20131022/951/riot-games-cologne), this could mean EUPBE servers comming but no mention about the time. Anyways PBE servers are not mentioned to be used for daily gameplay, but for testing of new content and searching bugs. {{champion:77}} Snooli
: Since the server is in America, there's nothing really you can do. You'll have high ping, but you should be able to play normally, regardless of the ping. It shouldn't lag as much as on main servers, where with 100ping you have huge problems. I'm from Europe myself and I think it's quite ok to have 200ping yet little to no lag.
Yeah, I know what you are talking about. It dosen't bother me that much, but its irritating that it takes 1-2 seconds to put out a shaco box (example). But i also heard that they are working out an solution for us in the eu.
Rioter Comments
: Guys can you please type from where you are so I can confirm something. :D (from what server)
: Lvl 30
Have any of you found a solution to this?
: Lvl 30
Well, this must be a mistake by riot, I too have been waiting for ages to get level 30.
: Newbie at PBE needs a little help
Im stuck in level 1, been it for about 14 hours. Dunno what i can do.
: Why is everything locked?
Do you still have the same problem?
: Co op is locked?
Well, the best question is how do we start level up from level 1 then? I have just started in the PBE and I can't level up.


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