: About those new game queues on the PBE
6v6 map pls riot. I'd love another classic game style.
: Health Bar Rework Update (11/6/2013)
Could i suggest a change? Since Riot doesn't seem to think that it's a good idea to use up space with an exp bar, maybe there could be a special animation when you're close to leveling up? Maybe your level box starts to sparkle or something? I think that would be simple and not distracting, but also gives you an indicator so you can prepare for your level six strat or something. tldr Instead of xp bar, champ level sparkles or something when close to lvl up
: What was the comment? :O
: Nexus/Inhib problems
Somehow I got {{champion:75}} to hit it a couple of times, but before and after could not repro. Not that Riot really wants to repro anyway. And no, I wasn't in his ultimate. Idk what caused it, but he hit the inhib until I moved.
: Well Lucian got disabled so i dont see no reason for Pant to have the same thing..
Except that in Lucian's case, the bug probably literally breaks the game. Panth's is a very big and overpowered glitch, but it's a problem because of abuse cases, not big giant client killing errors.
: Just checked these out and I have to say I'm on the fence about this change. On one hand, the new health bars are extremely high quality and colourful, but at the same time they just seem a bit "off", I guess. They don't seem to fit with the aesthetic the rest of the in game UI has. I know there's limited resources to work with there, but for me I'd appreciate it if the health bars were tailored to look more inline with the visual style of the UI. They're great looking health bars, but they don't seem like health bars League of Legends should have.
Yeah, I think that the squarish, bright look departs from what the rest of the HUD is trying to accomplish in terms of theme. I love the concept though, with things being more clear to the user. Also, it looks like you've removed experience from the health bar display, and I'm wondering if it will make it back.
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
Could you give us an option in the menu to decrease the opacity of the health bars? Sometimes it blocks me from seeing a minion's health for last hitting, or blue's health, or even dragon's health. It's not urgent, but it would be a really cool option to be able to see through the bar a bit.
: [Executioner's Emblem / Reaper's Emblem / Martyr's Call] Impact on Jungle, Buffs Donations
Minions, unfortunately, means no monsters are included in this. Also, jungle monsters only give experience to one person anyway. the support would be super behind since it wasn't getting any small monster experience and only some big monster exp. Don't get me wrong this idea's super cool.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
Nasus looks super cool, and i just had a few issues. I won't address the voiceover, since I didn't have much of an issue with it. His sash/skirt does some clipping around his butt and thigh areas. His empowered autoattacks seem like they work differently, since I can't switch targets or cancel once it's in motion like I used to. It made last hitting the right creep tougher. It needs to be cancellable. His animations all look really cool, and I don't really have an issue on that front. His dance is ridiculous, and even though it doesn't fit him, it's a lot like swain's in that respect. If you decide to change it up a bit to be more iconic, i wouldn't bemoan it, though.
: I am slightly worried about the change where jungle monsters level increased. I fear it will make counter jungling too strong. When I was in a bot game and getting completely fed and something concerning happened. I could counter jungle the enemy and force the respanwed monsters to be higher than they were before. If enough players got ahead you could effectively force the opposing jungler to be completely unable to clear their own camps instead of giving them a way back into the game
They'd also get a massive experience boost. Most junglers do not have to worry about being at low health in the jungle when they get past early levels, and the experience boost you just gave them would help them out due to the increased exp from being behind the jungle.
: No longer level 3 after red and blue. Why did you change that riot? To take early pressure from the lane?
It's because they lowered the experience, since they don't want buffs to give TOO much bonus experience when you give it over to a laner who is behind on levels. Bonus xp OP otherwise.
: stealth champs will have to be reworked if riot want to remove oracle elixir
Except that now vision wards are permanent and cheaper, and you can have a free oracles for ten seconds if you upgrade your sweeper
: Heimerdinger's Strengths and Weaknesses- the Opinion I've Developed
Thank you all for posting your feedback on this. No matter what the response, yea or nay, I'd really love to hear what you all (and reds) think about turret durability.
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