: League client update - Read me if you've patched the alpha since 4pm PDT November 2nd
@Wiot Wittwock Hi, i've tried everything you listed in this post including other methods told by other Riot employees, but it does not work. Any new information that might help? Thanks in advance.
: Sorry :( You may have to try again tomorrow. I got the retry button and eventually through retrying, it was fixed. but I'm not sure that works for everyone :(
Hey, yesterday i tried logging in to my PBE account on the PBE client. And the same problem happend today. I've tried lots of solutions that was given out by either riot employees or private people, none of them works. No matter what i try the "Update failiure - unspecified error occured check logs..." If you by any chanse know a solution or if the team is working on one please notify me, thanks in advance. Logs link: https://www.mediafire.com/?0gizxeag5w4s7so


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