: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I'm a little confused, seeing as how removing spell vamp is your solution to a case provided where "Vladimir only buys this so we are abandoning it and reworking him." It almost seems like giving up on a play style mechanic that could be so much furthered. Why not simply rework Vladimir, but put a pin in spell vamp and look at new possibilities to how it works? From my point of view spell vamp doesn't currently work because the champion is centered around 1 to 2 of these things: * Low ability scaling high base damage * Area of Effect * High cooldowns So spell vamp can't work if its based off of the champion damage. Gunblade works because it is for hybrids, but spell vamp itself doesn't fit a lot of champions because they aren't all Vladimir who already has spell vamp and heavy hitting spells. If spell vamp was based off of something like total AP then spam champions would get out of control. The AoE gate for healing is a little silly after what you did for Darius, where he gets more healing the more people he hits. Also these MR shifts are neat but its coming off like we need these items faster due to the new items but in the end they are less effective in your full build.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
So far I love this champion, I love that he's a solid long range assassin ADC that can get caught with his pants down while he's reloading, I love that one time where I got 1024 AD, and most of all I LOVE his voice acting. The ultimate's in a good spot, feeling like a Xerath's ultimate's risk of being singled out, but with a higher cooldown refund utility. Only problem I'm having is trying to figure out... > #Who exactly is his voice actor? It's bugging me to no end that it's sounding so familiar. I'd appreciate a little credit where it's due because bravo on the pick.
: So, I'll just keep the Malz e damage away to make it clearer, but I will still take the 4 sec duration into a count. 1st DFT: Since 4 seconds (e duration, so permanent deathfire proc) + 1.5 sec (dot/aoe duration of deathfire at the last tick) make 5.5 seconds together. The scaling was 20% over 3 (10% over 1.5 (aoe/dot)) seconds at that point you have to multiply the 20% with 11/6 (5,5 : 3 = 11/6) resulting in 36.6666......% 2nd DFT: Dft now deals the same damage but over 4 seconds resulting in a decrease of dps, additionally dots only make dft last for 1 second now. 4 seconds + 1 second = 5 seconds Since deathfire touch gets all it's damage of once and a fourth of it's damage, 20% multiplied with 5/4 = 25% ap. 3rd DFT: Ap ratio 20%->25%. So now: 25% multiplied with 5/4 again = 31,25%
Thanks for clearing that up.
: Isn't it: Release: ~116% AP Damage Type Adjustment: 105% AP Current: 111,25% AP ??
From my understanding, deathfire touch has half effectiveness with DoT's, and with 3 procs before the damage type adjustment, it resulted in .8 (regular scaling of e) + .3 scaling (.6 from the 3 procs/2) and so forth. With the damage type adjustment it went to .4 scaling, and now .5 scaling with 25% for each proc/2.
: Well he is at 55% winrate.... Either they'll keep nerfing masteries or nerf the powerful champions down, considering the mages who are profiting almost always take Deathfire Grasp. Brand, Anivia, Swain, Malzahar, etc.
Seeing as how they are aiming at immobile mages for reworks, Malzahar will more than likely get one, he hasn't been touched much since his conception. Hopefully with the rework he will stay the same playstyle as he currently is, low mobility with a high control archetype. Would love his w to be more control than damage, possibly a hole to the void that draws people in. I witnessed a Vayne QSS my e the other day, and I was sad, seeing as how I had nothing else to kill her with at the time. With the ADC reworks it's become increasingly difficult to pick the problem and deal with it.
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: Context on Malzahar nerfs @red
I like to think I main Malzahar in normals, I enjoy his outplay potential despite being immobile. This is a whole hit of 10% off the potential max health. (before MR kicks in) Most of the time, people will only stick around in it for 2, maybe 3 seconds if you don't waste your ult to try and kill them. I like to think of Malz as a tank buster/problem solver, and this is really taking a chip at his identity.
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: > what strategic niche is Skarner expected to full with these changes, as it does not read very clearly. Skarner's intended strategic niche is best-in-class neutral objective control.
He should be a sticky tank with peel fit for gods!


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