: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol!
I have to agree with @SWEDISH and @CELESTIAL BOT ... as a semi asol main.. who really loves the base model... one of the best in the game.. who waited 2years since release for a new skin, i am extremely disappointed with this skin. the colour scheme, the stars, the model. there is 0 connection between mecha and aurelion sol.. it looks like you HAD to make an asol skin and didnt care what it looks like just to shut players up so they will stop demanding Asol skin. like these 2 guys said, it looks rushed. not planned. theres a lot better skin lines for him... such as dark star, ethernal(fiora/yi/janna), even bloodmoon might have worked out better. even though hes a star dragon a star guardian.. or even arclight would have worked out for him. or something opposite to arclight like an evil version of it... or a totally brand new skin line. from the leak that was out on the live boards, there was a "leak" for the magnificent sol skin which was suppose to be part of the immortal (ethernal) skin line. that could have been an amazing skin line for a true dragon. once again looks rushed, disappointing, bland, unfinished.
: Yeah I wasn't sure if the legacy and such were included in the early release. Thanks.
i am 10000% sure there will be a riot thirst akali rework skin bundle for like 5-7k RP with all her skins xD like every other rework
: My problem with that is the poly flow for the mask is a separate object on Akali's model and they've proven that it can moverify because in the blood moon recall Akali puts her mask on. To me it almost seems like a waste of detached animateable geometry. Because now we know that she does where the mask, she just doesn't on the model during gameplay. Also the only reason this one makes is because of the very fact that Akali herself moves this mask during an animation. In my opinion it should be treated like a night hunter regarding hood. It's just there and we know he uses it so it makes sense that the player can.
im just staying what a rioter as said, regarding thematic reasons for akali not having it.. and then i added some bloodmoon info into it. regarding her mask.
: Yes cause its been for 2 f****** weeks?! riot{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Will Akali have all skins available for pruchase or not (example sting is not available) on live?
i guess u dont pay attention when reworks happen... eg, galio, irelia, urgot... all skins become available for a short time idk a week or two, (or longer cant remember) where u can buy legacy skins aka stinger, infernal and i believe all star too. u can still get them from a chest or reroll or mystery gift. even if they are not on sale.
: I don't understand what you're saying. You started off against me but then defended me in the end. Please pick one argument
im neither against or defending you, im just saying what reav3 has said, that they wont add akali mask toggle, as she has skins without, and skins with the mask.. if they add it, there is no longer uniqueness in nurse akali/all star akali since they DO NOT have a mask... and then base/headhunter/stinger will also NOT be unique anymore, as you could remove the mask. he also stated that thematically it does not make sense for base/stinger/headhunter/silverfang to be able to remove her mask as she is an assassin. in case of bloodmoon there is the whole "bloodmoon skinline bio's" she doesnt have one yet.. but u can tell shes not a demon therefor she does not wear her mask on her face, thresh/kennen/shen/kalista/talon/yasuo are all bloodmoon demons, elise is the priestess that does the rituals, diana is some child who was convinced bloodmoon is the way. TF is like the leader of BM. and someone mentioned that akali is a priestess too just like elise, there for shes a human and not a human body possessed by the BM demon, therefore in bloodmoon akali, her NOT wearing the mask fits the thematic of the skin line. regarding aatrox wings, they added the "banner" wings since he didnt have any, and they need a visual clarity between him with his ult active (wings) and his ult not active (banners)
: Blood Moon Akali and her mask
reav3 said that they will not add it. as it takes away the uniqueness from skins that do not have a mask and skins that have a mask. also it makes no sense thematically, since shes an assassin and does not want her identity revealed. (thats literally what reav3 said)
: Well since you make it sound so easy to make a splash how about you recreate the splash art yourself?
fun fact same day he posted it, riot posted that it takes on average few months to make a splashart (1 splashart) and its equivalent to like 70-100hours per splash art.
: headhunter splash already got updated
i think he means remake it totally.. but i doubt its gonna happen + its WAYYY too late should have been suggested day 1.. + they released info that a splashart takes like 70-100hours to create EACH. also in reworks they dont change splasharts for new skins and for skins that are 1350 that where released not long ago. since headhunter was very uptodate skin and splash. they only altered her weapons, added backpack and changed few things. same went to order of the lotus irelia a 750rp skin. released in what 2014 or 15, is pretty much the same skin ingame/splash just changed things like face, hair edited, and weapons to match her rework. same treatment headhunter akali got
: Blood Moon Alkali Skin FeedBack
considering reav3 did pass on my suggestions from reddit to riot im really happy with it. they darkened her kimono making it look 100% better. my other suggestion was for a different hairstyle/ flip her ponytail backwards, her back was empty. so it would not cover anything up. so they decided to add that golden think on the back (which im 90% in love with, like it makes her back better, it is slightly too big but still love the overall of it) and the fact that she's 975 and had no recall like any other 975 BM skin have. they added one. i really wanna see the VFX they add to it in 8.16
: I agree with you, it is an assassin and therefore very fragile. How ever i worry about the CD of her Q, witch i think it should be a little longer.
the issue with akali is she needs that low CD Q, since her E W and ult are on high cooldown, without any ability to attack/proc her passive she would be useless, her Q cost is high thats why they where like "lets give it a short cooldown" also a rioter said this, and i found it true that mid to late game you should be able to use up to 4 Q's including her 200engery, W regen and normal energy regen. they already tweaked her Q dmg on minions from like 165 + 60total ad and 60% ap or something like that to just 133% dmg of the overall dmg the skill does.
new akali isnt too strong, shes in an alright spot, shes an assassin after all, shes meant to jump into and insta kill squishy.. majority of people that say shes overpowered cant play against her. shes new... people are getting used to her.
: Problem is they didn't add any new vfx for silverfang either, they recolored existing vfx which isn't nowhere near as time consuming as new vfx from scratch... Aside of that there are still skins valued 975 rp or higher that don't even have the recolored vfx as of now which are All star Akali & Nurse.. Riot refused to add a recall for blood moon because of an excuse being "if it didn't have a recall before we don't give it one" yet crimson akali also known as red chroma akali got an entire overhaul including a new recall which contradicts what they said to begin with.
but they remade it into a brand new skins... its a bit different.. even if they only recoloured silverfang vfx its still something. also silverfang received "slightly" unique recall where as it never had one and i know since that was a reply to me on reddit. but he did add that it all depends on time.. they might add a recall to BM akali or not.. highly unlikely they will add it but whatever.
: You did an amazing job on SilverFang Akali. But what about Stinger and Nurse?
well stinger had her passive changed, also u have to understand that its only a 520skin technically it should not have any kind of particle changes. only reason riot gives some 520 full out vfx is because they dont have many other high tier skins. like take evelynn as an example, he had 2, 520rp and 1, 750rp. thats why they gave her shadow skin full out vfx. Galio was similar he had like 2 or 3, 520rp skins so they gave the blue galio full out VFX. in case of akali, she has 4, 975rp skins, 1x 1350rp and 2, 520rp they made bloodmoon have vfx since it would be dumb for that skin to not have any vfx when its part of a HUGE skin line. headhunter is a 1350 so theres nothing to say about it. in this case they decided to turn crimson 520, into an actual 1350rp skin but it is still 520rp. feel like nurse akali would be a great way to introduce pastel pink vfx. (only issue is headhunter has pink too) only issue is that it takes X amount of time to do VFX. I mean now that silverfang vfx are out, only 4/5days after she went out to PBE, maybe they will have enough time to maybe do nurse akali, or add recall for bloodmoon akali. who knows we will see, but its highly unlikely they will add any more VFX
: Then when will that error will be finish?
when riot fixes it? they just started a new cycle few days ago with a big rework.. their priority is the patch, pbe is just testing grounds, it will be fixed but no one knows...
: Bout the akali skins
darkening the kimono was already suggested by me on reddit and reav3 has responded that he talked to the team and it shouldnt be an issue to darken it.
: They have either no patience or do not use the forum. The issue has been present for a while now and nothing happens, that's why those people are getting bored or angry. But everyone must understand, that stuff like that may take a while, because there are other updates too, like Akali now. So everyone that is getting their panties wet, because they do not get what they want should just know, that not everything drops from heaven. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
that has nothing to do with being bored or angry... the fact is riot knows.. there is the "notice" button in the client as well as forum... that literally says that its a bug and they trying to fix it.. so whats the point of making 500 identical threads about the same problem when riot already knows about it... sure if it was an unknown thing by them.. but its not they know.. thats just called being lazy, and blind.
: About the Skins (Please respond)
it depends on the skin really... like the dark water skins are/where for 1BE for like 4weeks cuz i just bought them 4days ago. also i think pulsefire are still like 1BE and they where out for like 6-8weeks now i think. it really depends.
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: i am not reset rp
https://imgur.com/a/kgiV3AN can you actually read? why no one on PBE can press 1 stupid button and read....
: Guys, why crimson akali which is 520rp got so much love and attention, but the most ninja skin of hers got nearly none....im talking about silverfang, which is 975 rp but have no effects, blood moon is the same price but with so much effects! It will rise the popularity of akali and the skin so much if you ad d lighting effects to the silverfang skin, especialy on the dashes, and the daggers, other thing are fine. The kama is a little weird but im ok with it. Just imagine Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series and you will get my idea, "raikiri" etc. They look so close, she have mask like him, she have big white hair, and is ninja, she just needs these effects, not the ugly green "effects". Also for another of her skin, sashimi, just make her eat sashimi and you will make her way better, and maybe add some " food" effects. Crab thingies for the daggers, kind of maybe orange, bbq-ysh color to the smoke. Please hear my calling, im sure many people will be happy with these changes.
750rp skins aka sashimi wont get any type of effects, its just a pure remodel.. on champs like akali/katarina that throws her weapon they started to remodel the skills that thrown the weapon to match the weapon on the skin. but effects wise sashimi will never get any.. along side any other 750skin. also if you done your homework, you would know that silverfang is in fact getting effects, but they arnt finished yet. the infernal akali skin cant wrap my head around it why its still 520, as that skin should be 1350. but oh well They didnt want another useless 520 recolour skin on her (stinger being one) so they changed the whole theme for that skin.
: Yes they did, completely. Give ti a quick google search buddy.
they renamed it and remodeled it into infernal as it fitted akali better than having a red base or stinger recolour.
: I really enjoy playing the new Akali, but I feel like her 975 skins deserve some more love. I’m talking about custom recalls, maybe some more particles, possibly some recolors for example. Overall a great rework though!
Reav3 did say that theres 100% gonna be Silverfang VFX before release, and maybe more if they have time and resources. im still hoping for bloodmoon to be slightly darker, and maybe add some bloodmoon to her recall like other 975rp bloodmoon recalls.
: When skarner ults akali and passes through shroud akali becomes invisible and cannot be targeted.
> [{quoted}](name=TeriyakiSama,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=o2lJuHL8,comment-id=002b,timestamp=2018-07-19T09:24:14.633+0000) > > When skarner ults akali and passes through shroud akali becomes invisible and cannot be targeted. i believe thats intentional as shes in the shroud, same thing with WW ult, he can ult her but if shes in shroud no one can see her and dmg her with autoattacks or point and click abilities, only aoe/skill shots.
: Well yeah, I posted this about a half hour after she went live.
it says it was posted about an hour ago. thats why i responded saying its already being fixed.
: Akali or Brand
its called infernal akali and the colours fit alongside infernal diana. the only problem is infernal diana splash fits her ingame.. where as akali is yellowish ingame but pinky red in splash
: Akali bugs
known issue already, is being fixed in this maintenance
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
hey i know this is gameplay feedback, but i feel like the visual part of feedback isnt being noticed in my opinion.. heres a feedback i have mostly towards bloodmoon akali, any chance to make her clothes darker red so it matches the rest of bloodmoon skin line. any chance to give her a bloodmoon recall (just like every other 975rp bloodmoon skin) also any chance to give her a different hairstyle? since bloodmoon doesnt have a tattoo on her back could the ponytail be turned backwards rather than have it facing the side? she has the same identical hairstyle in 8 of her skins as well as her classic skin. so 9 altogether. or even give her a bun instead of the ponytail and stick 2 bloodmoon theme chopsticks in the bun. or give her modernised old style akali ponytail? or anything other than the same defying gravity ponytail she has on every skin. also maybe make her sleeves just a tiny bit "looser" "longer" similar to what she had pre rework and what is showing in splash art (but not as long since of animations etc ingame) since her ingame sleeves look skin tight yet splash indicated very loose sleeves.
: Akali Bugs and Feedback
theres a bug thread made by a rioter already, the 2nd dash already been treated and fix should come out with todays patch along side Q beign bugged.
: also, i believe the second hit of her ult does damage based on missing hp? so if they have full hp it would do very little to "no" damage. but it sounds like what youre experiencing may be an actual bug.
Rioter on the buf thread replied to me and said it is a bug. As 2nd dash does base skill dmg eg at lvl6 its 200dmg +100ap. And it scales to eg. 400dmg +300ap. Depending on missing health. But it still should do the minium dmg. Just like pyke execute. Riven execute. Veigar ezecute. Apparently 2nd dash is bugged and it only hits 1st target instead of everyone in the hitbox
: Akali Bug Thread
i believe akalis new ult is bugged, usually the first dash dmgs and micro stuns enemies but her 2nd dash doesnt always dmg, only dmgs when they are low hp but if they are 50%+ it sometimes does 0dmg
: Hey there! Its better to report Akali bugs on the stickied [Akali Bug Report Thread.](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/EblZMfMg-akali-bug-thread)
oh thank u sorry, i seen the thread but it got deleted after 2minutes and couldnt find it again
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: Akali Q broken
same issue was about to post something myself
: Suggestions for Bloodmoon Akali
:( damn only 2 peeps agree with me gg
: I don't like the tattoos either, since they represent yakuza, not ninjas, and that doesn't feel right for Akali's personality. That said, it seems like they've totally changed her personality from being a mature adult ninja that cares about bringing balance to the world, into a young punk. The personality change doesn't make sense, since it seems like she got younger and more immature, not more developed. But the tattoos would make more sense if she's now some sort of yakuza villain I guess...
her bio came out, and shes more of a "shen your all about balance and harmony and peace yet ur doing nothing about it while ionians are being murdered" so she left to protect ionia on her own, her way against ionia enemies. and really her title doesnt fit her bio.. as its rouge assassin.. but she isnt really rouge she left, and shen let her go, so thats not rouge. and shen himself knew that she might or might not return one day, meaning he wouldnt mind her coming back. so again the whole rouge assassin title doesnt fit.
arurf ended on live like a week or 2 ago.. so yes pbe also ended. and its not a bug
: Akali
use surrender@20 it tells u live server maintenance and updates as well as PBE. akali been announced yesterday. PBE starts new cycle on Tuesdays every 2weeks (just like live but 1patch ahead aka, live gets 8.14 tomorrow, and today pbe gets 8.15) PBE usually updates afternoon for NA and Evening for EU, so you have to wait a few more hours before shes out on PBE
: I know isnt available in live servers but in pbe must be release
how long have u played pbe for? pbe never updates on a monday. its always tuesday. and its never in the morning. but afternoon for NA and evening for EU. so i believe theres anywhere between 2 and maybe 6 hours before theres a maintenance to release akali rework (i noticed it used to go down for maintenance around 7/8pm in UK so theres like 3-4hours left imo).
: I agree about the issue with her hairstyle looking identical on every skin (especially after irelia got 6 different styles). I'd prefer her traditional long hair on the Blood Moon skin though. Also her face looks really weird on this splash art, and I don't like the straight bang cut.
i dont mind the bangs, and teh face on splash its just the whole "defying gravity" hairstyle on EVERY SINGLE skin she owns
: Guys I log in to my pbe account and when i try akali i see the old not the reworked Its pbe bug?
u know that the update hasnt been released yet? hello??
: you have to remember certianlyt made this champ rework so the hair is gonna somewhat be like yasuo. plus i do love how her kit is but something tells me she not gonna do alot of dmg since she is that mobile {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
she will in 1v1's especially, and her 2nd ult dash is an execute... so yeah she gonna be all good. theres a possibility they will either make her too strong on release and they will have to nerf her or she will be too weak and they will buff her.. either way she should be fine within 2weeks after her release
: oh ur right lol
or play pbe for a good 4+years and u should have it when it came out :D hueuhe
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: Help
No one will help you if you talk in Polish on an English based forum, and server. :)
: What about Irelia Rework
: New skins pack.
there are champions that need new skins... like azir, gnar, zac, braum,
: Please read this Riot
why did u buy skins with rp when you could of bought them with ip? for 1ip lol
: Ekko Unavailable
im trying to figure out the samething
: [Lag] Lag is different on PBE after recent patch (5/28/15)
i dont think thats the game fault it might me ur pc being shitty, and before you say its a good PC or whatever it might happen try checking it out
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