: Removed Ranked From PBE
I actually really do agree with this. There is nothing to achieve if you played ranked in PBE.
: A request for PBE.
Are you saying to bring back One for All for just new champs? If so I don't think it might be effective because people want to learn about strengths and weaknesses when playing against other champions
: First Big Update to PBE Summoner's Rift
Is this the reason why I have to re-patch the client after I already did it a couple hours ago?
: Gnar as an ADC "Marksman-MM"(S4 stuff u know?) #AncientYordle
What is your opinions on maxing first (abilities) for both adc and for top lane? anyone can answer this
: Yea he is hard to learn, his passive is his greatest asset and weakness if used correctly or incorrectly. Currently i do not like it, i think Small Gnar is way more powerful, but im still learning him so that might change soon :). What are your thoughts on building him like an ADC, like BoRK IE BT LW Shiv kinda stuff? or do you build him more tanky? Usually i go BoRK, Sunfire, B CLeaver/Ghostblade depending on situation, Warmog, Frozen Mallet and whatever shoes fit. I do not think thats a good build and am still trying stuff out but it works well enough against bots.
If you know how to play, {{champion:119}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:2}} Then you should be fine because Gnar is a little mix with all of them. As for builds What I did was, {{item:3153}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3364}} (tanky but still deals a lot of damage) BOTRK and Randuins does a lot of damage with just the two of them
: New Summoners Rift is nearly all Dark. Anyone else?
Quick question, how did you activate the new Summoners Rift? Is there an option button or something? When i played it wasn't the new one.
Same problem here.
: Gnar Passive feedback
truth is you actually can control it. His passive is based on if he is attacking of if he is being attacked. So if you try freezing the lane you can still get cs but with little rage at a time, If you see an opportunity for a kill then start auto attacking the minions more while still trying to get the kill and gain rage go into Rage mode Wombo Combo GG
: First of all, well done to all the people who designed this champion, I think this is now my favourite champion (and I've only played him a few times) His gameplay design is awesome, and comboing E with transforming and ulting is an awesome combo (although I'm pretty sure this was a bug you decided to keep :P). His boulder feels awesome to throw and pick, and all of his abilities have really awesome mechanics. Now even though he's awesome, there are some things I would change: * I really like that you can throw the boomerang and hit someone behind you, so maybe you could make that mechanic worth using and make it a bit easier to pull off: * Make the boomerang return to where it was thrown instead of how it is now. This would make it easier to land. * Make the boomerang have even more range on its way back so that it's worth the increased cooldown. Something like double the normal range: >································X················> * I've never liked abilities that reduce their damage each time they hit something. I feel bad for hitting minions, and hitting someone alone doesn't give enough good feedback to fix that problem. I'd prefer a boomerang with reduced damage that deals the same damage to everyone than making it hard to guess the damage it will do to each target. If it has too much waveclear, you could reduce the damage dealt to minions. * I don't think the attack speed buff on his E is necessary. It feels strange and that power could be allocated somewhere else.
The boomerang should actually stay the same in my opinion. You are the one actually controlling where the boomerang will be angled and go to like {{champion:119}} 's axes. The range is alright too because i think when you throw it, it usually a little bit farther than where your cursor is.
: Mega Gnar lasts 15 seconds, and in late game it seems too short. Conversely, it feels a bit long in early game. This is just from one game, though. Also, I'd imagine the ult is devastating in Baron/Dragon pit. Hops in, transforms, ults entire enemy team into wall, rest of the team cleans up. Has that ever happened to anyone?
Scaling the time of how long he goes into Mega mode depending on the rank of ult? Does that sound any good?
: Gnar gameplay and balance feedback
Can we fix Gnar's Ult icon when he turns into Rage mode? Currently you can see the image when he is small but when he goes enraged the image is gone.
: Gnar Feedback
I was wondering what is the best build for Gnar, a tiny tank/huge tank or build dmg? The reason I ask is because he is really squishy trying to get that rage up and he can die in an instant.
: It's on PBE already!
But I heard store is not working Right now (I'm updating). Thanks!
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: new zac skin
I mean not only Zac needs a new skins but there are a handful of champs that still only have one skin and they are probably working on it soon.
: Hi, New Patcher/Launcher/Client visual look was reverted because Riot is preparing a new patch for Live servers. It should be back somewhere next week.
So PBE is not up right now? Is this why I can't open the application at all?
: rename your folder as PBE server and Air Client server or "Servername"
The names are different I was just wondering if there would be an icon change or something.
: [Suggestion] Champion Tool Tips from Champions Menu
I do like this idea because every time I log in and look at some of the champs I only get what their abilities do, then I have to go on a website to get better details so I can build properly. This is something I am looking forward to probably seeing in game.
: I like this idea. Why not have all the **AVAILABLE** skins unlocked for that champ as well. I don't see how that could hurt Riot's revenue stream at all. And if you own one of the champs during their free week then those skins would be unlocked for you too. They would probably sell more skins using this model to be honest. I would love to try out a skin on a owned champ and if I like it I would buy it. That's what happened with Superfan Gragas. I don't like Gragas' default skin at all. However since it was 1 IP on the PBE I pretty much tested it out on here and liked it. I got use to seeing Gragas like that so I jumped over to the NA server and bought it and that's the one I always use when I play that champ.
In my opinion I think having all the available skins out will be too much, what will happen when {{champion:81}} and {{champion:77}} come out? That means that all their skins will come out including their ultimate skins. I do agree with the person who said that the cheap skins of the champs should be available so at least people who do not want to spend money on the a game can experience having a skin. At the same time I kind of disagree with this proposal because I think skins should be used to show that a player buys it because they like the champion, or maybe they could buy it because they like how the skin looks. Having free skins is kind of taking away the point of it because some players might think they they can just wait every week to play a champ with all of their skins.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
This skin sounds really fun to test and give feedback. I got to try it out soon!
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: you dont have your rp/ip right away after you sign up and log into your account. riot adds the rp/ip usually the night of when you made your account. After they have done that, sometimes the rp/ip both still say 0. Go to the store and purchase the bundle, then the actual amount of your rp/ip will show up
Actually a couple hours ago I tried what Lunar Revel suggested and it worked just fine.
: Skin prices
I 1 IP for the new content is there to make a point, there is also a reason why they gave us a whole bunch of RP mostly to test new content but also I think they did it so you can test some content that you either don't have enough money to buy (e.g.. {{champion:77}} {{champion:81}} Ultimate Skins)
: Hi, Yes you get IP and RP but it's shown as 0 at first. Try buying one of the bundles (don't buy Rune bundle more than once) and RP and IP will show up.
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