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: [Bug][Minor] Doom Bots Viktor Laser
Agreed, this bug isn't minor. It makes the game unplayable because super loud sounds like that give me instant headaches. I'll make a youtube video if it will help Riot fix this quickly.
: Another annoying bug that seems to be happening is when one of the doom bots gets {{champion:112}} lasers as a bonus ability, the laser sounds are extremely loud and it happens very frequently.
Those laser sounds are completely unbearable. They seem like they are four times louder than any other sound in the game. I even did the repair install to make sure some of my sound files aren't corrupt, but that didn't fix the issue.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Lux and Morgana have a SUPER loud static/chainsaw sound anytime I'm around them. It's much, much louder than anything else in the game. Hoping it's a bug and not meant to be that way on purpose.


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