: If you got fps drops on the new map, you need to disable your sound so you won't get them anymore.
Disabling sound makes the game a whole lot harder to play. You lose the ability to hear skill shots and other things.
: You are using a build that gives you about 896AP (witn Nashor)...arrivng at 1165 because of 30% bonus AP But you have 0.35,0.6 and 0.5 ratio on attacking spells With 896 AP (without bonus from passsive) you need to have 0.455,0.78 and 0.65 ratio to do the same damage. These ratio seems pretty normal while Cassio's actual ratios are too bad.....so...it's not OP even late.
I guess i didn't take into account her ratios, but it only took about 3 E's to kill anything other than a tank.
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: In old summoner's rift, it just shows purchased!
It happens in new summoners rift as well. Anytime you buy anything or anytime you chug pots it shows Purchased! in chat.
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: Speaking of Patches, is it normal to have to go through a patch every time I run PBE? Just wondering
You have to take it out of the zip file. put it in it's own folder then it shouldn't update every time you open it.
: Mecha Aatrox wings could look cooler
"mecha aatrox" more like starscream lol
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: PBE Ip and RP
Just try to buy something sometimes it's just invisible.
: I have encountered this issue and have a theory. By any chance, do you use Avast? When I have this problem, disabling avast results in the next patch attempt working just fine. I'm not completely sure if this is the cause, since I am but one data point and all that.
That seemed to fix it. Thank you.
: I have encountered this issue and have a theory. By any chance, do you use Avast? When I have this problem, disabling avast results in the next patch attempt working just fine. I'm not completely sure if this is the cause, since I am but one data point and all that.
I do not, but I'm assuming that's a virus protection program. I can disable my AVG to see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
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: [?] Can still create Hexakill custom games
Just a tip you might want to try and use the search bar before you post something you are not sure about. It prevents double threads about the same thing. I'm not trying to sound rude but this way it just keeps the forums from getting flooded with the same post. :)
: HexaKill
I'm pretty sure they would't forget something that big. They left it in for a reason.
Have you tried to let it sit for a while? If that does not work try relogging and if it still does not work you will have to repair your client. One more thing make sure you don't modify PBE at all. It is updated constantly and things might go bad.
: Cannot Start Client
Try restarting your computer.
: downloading the game error
Try restarting you computer.
: Server Down?
They take down the server periodically for maintenance and to implement bigger patches. They also take it down just about everyday.
: Hey Crs SweetCheeks, what buff sound did you experience this on?
Blue buff and Red buff. I don't know about baron though, I haven't gotten it since the new audio engine.
: because she moved?
Yes but she was moving about every time there might have been once when she got like half an ult off but she never let it go all the way even if she was hitting people.
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: It seems every time you make a big change, bug come with it. When u do vision change, we can see enemy in fog of war; when u do audio change, we lose all sound in game...now my game still have no sound
That's what you the "tester" is for. Why would they need us if there work didn't have bugs.
: Thanks for letting us know! Anything in particular that stood out in your mind about what feels weird?
To name a few the buff sound and the sound the buff makes when it ends all sound different. That's all I remember from my last few games. When I play more tomorrow I'll update here.
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
The victory panning sounds starts but cuts out after a second of it starting. Also a lot of the sounds are different, I know you said they would but it feels weird lol.
: PBE unavailable?
I know most of you are new to PBE but it goes down a ton more than the live servers so just be patient this kinda stuff happens every so often.:)
: PBE Account "BUG"
I'm glad you read everything unlike all the other people that get on and then freak out when they don't get there ip/rp instantly. Welcome to the testing community. :)
: So I went on the server and clicked "PLAY", Selected the teambuilder and clicked "solo". It returns me to my home screen and says Unable to Join Group but i hear music in the background and when I go back to play and click solo i see a screen for half a second then says Unable to Join Group. Don't really know whats going on, if its just me or if others are having the same trouble.
you guys should have tried re logging and if that didn't work you might want to repair the client.
: "This is the PBE, you're not going to get banned"
+1 Trolls are getting a little out of hand its getting a little frustrating playing even normal's without getting flamers and trolls.
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: The bottom scroll bar in the store doesn't work well
It's been like that since I started playing almost 2 years ago. Ether it's not high on the fix list or they just don't see it as a problem.
: [Question] Yasuo's Ult and Airborne Champions
It's because there are no jumps in the games terms, they only look like jumps to us there really dashes. The game doesn't have a "y" axis if I'm correct. [edit] I know I'm wrong can someone tell me the what axis it is, I know its not the "Y". "Z" maybe
: No rp and ip for weekly?
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: Kayle is kinda weak as she is now. Probably you are just not used to play against her. She's actually quite "standard" to play against as she does not have any hard CC, only that slow.
I know shes fairly easy to play against, but its like right before laning phase is over she excels because of her passive mixed with her E is able to melt targets. Mix that with her being played mid and its a bit much, but maybe your right and I,m just not used to playing against her.
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: im a diamond player in live server and being placed in bronze in PBE was just the worst LoL experience for me. I can't seem to play a single game without someone saying "report soemone for trolling" Trolling here means unintentionally feeding cus of lacking skill, someone who is really is trolling aka cho gath adc, leaving the game and such. I'd say at least 60% of the population in PBE are toxic players. Honestly I left 3 games total out of 20 (because of these issues) so I dont really get a voice in this problem. It was just too frustrated to play in this kind of environment. However, one thing that I can tell you is that leaving games are more strict than the live server. One leave was a ban for me. I think the reason for this kind of problem is that theres really no penalty for leaving the game. Sure I got banned after leaving games but I could always just go back to the live server until the account is unbanned. I dont really mind getting a "test" account banned which I dont even get to keep permanently. It will be taken away from me soon anyway.
With this mind set you are the leaver we find to commonly in ranked games. If your going to have a mind set like that being on a test server isn't your thing.
: Make a requirement for people to play ranked on pbe
why not make it so that what ever rank you are on live thats what rank you are on PBE.
: 12/4 Major PBE Issues Update (SR/TT/HA queues disabled)
Is there no reverting back to the previous patch so we can atleist keep playing?
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: [game] Screen panning not working [critical]
I had this same problem when I used my new T.V for the first time last night as a screen and I had to alt tab and use my computers screen to lock the camera then switch back to the T.V.
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: [Shop] Can skip Mystery Skin cooldown
oh wow i thought you said masterie skins. iv been looking for a masterie skin tab for 10 mins lol.
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