: Bug shaco jungle
Supposedly this occurs when shaco clones. His clone gains a dog that never goes away. It can also occur to jungle wukong when he W's.
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
What's the difference between the first Unique passive on Titanic Hydra vs the second "cleave"? Does cleave only work on minions?
: [Viktor] Games with Viktor Crashing
After I loaded into a game as Viktor, I went to check his items. I moused over his Hex Core, and the game would crashed and I got a bug splat. I was unable to connect back to the game, so I loaded into a custom to test. Even before the 1:30 mark I checked his items and the same thing happened. Its his Hex Core that's crashing the game. I just dont know why.
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