: Showing Baron HP is so dumbed down!!!!
This change is no different than moving various counters out of tooltips and onto icons like they have been doing for many months now. Get used to it.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
Didn't get any sound when basic attacks hit minions on the new summoner's rift with the new Primetime Draven skin and some of the audio for his ult was missing. (Using an external Audioengine D1 2.0 audio device over USB.)
: As far as I know, Team Builder is not designed to prevent "trolls" who are deliberately trying to lose a game or make other people angry. That's what Tribunal is for. TB is designed to prevent the "insta-locking" problem in which a player who isn't too fond of sharing (but would actually like to win the game) ends up with another like-minded person and decides to become a troll rather than giving up their preferred role. In other words, TB isn't intended to stop trolls from entering champ select, it's intended to prevent otherwise pleasant people from converting to trolls because champ select doesn't go their way.
If the answer here is "that's for the Tribunal to decide", then (as part of the team builder update) there should be additional information added to the Tribunal that includes the specifics of what the player on trial committed to for each game in the case (for games that they played through team builder). In a basic tribunal case, if a player was reported and we see them playing Fiddle {{champion:9}} but building crittlesticks ({{item:3031}} {{item:3046}}) it could be hard to say whether they were doing so as a method of trolling or just trying something unusual. As a member of the jury, seeing which role they committed to playing (support, mage, or marksman) would have a lot of influence on how I rule in the case.

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