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: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
I've voiced my opinion on this year's event, and while I don't agree with it, you've gotten more than your fair share of criticism but people only take to the forums when they're angry and there just doesn't seem to be a substantial enough amount of people to have your minds changed. My question is this; do you plan to do this with every URF from now forward? The game mode is practically the only reason I keep the game installed. If so, I'd like to know if the game mode is going to be kept "themed" every time we get it. In that case I'd probably never get the opportunity to play Evelynn or Vi again in this game mode which would be pretty saddening. I understand if you don't want to reply on this subject; it's probably something still within debate inside of the team. It's just that Snow Battle is going to stagnate and get pretty boring after maybe seven or so games due to the limited champion pool, many people still stop playing after 5 or so games.
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: Please re-enable Draft.
After sleeping on this, I've decided it's probably not the best course of action. Maybe they'll tune it down because of it's overuse, but right now, Press the Attack seems to be the most common of all used Keystone Runes. It is absolutely insane.
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: > Give us five champions and let us pick from those five, instead of sticking us with one garbage champion while the enemy team gets five assassins and utterly destroys you and ruins the fun of the game mode. people are still gonna get "lucky" and get an assassin. > And if you're not gonna do any of that for us, Riot, at least remove the dodge timer so we can leave the game when we get a horrid damned champion that we don't wanna play. you know exactly how that's gonna go though. 99% of champ selects will then result in dodges. arurf and urf is split 50/50. loads of people are going to complain with either one. i don't blame riot if they _are_ dismissing the feedback (although i know they definitely read it), tbh. i find arurf fun because winning with a "worse" comp feels pretty satisfying, and i don't mind losing because i have fun with pretty much all the champions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There's a very specific set of champions that are completely useless and unfun in URF. Yasuo, Kayle, SOME AD carries, but mostly people who don't benefit at all from CDR, you know? I just wish they'd at least do some tuning to make those characters a little better. Kayle is a melee champion by default so she doesn't benefit from the extra attack speed contribution that ranged characters get in URF. Same with Yasuo; his Q isn't affected by CDR so building attack speed is so null on him. I just miss the days when we could play who we wanted. I loved playing full damage Renekton, but if I saw some cuckold playing Hecarim just to ruin everyone else's fun, I'd build full tank and absolutely destroy him. I despise people who pick champions solely on the premise that they're just straight broken. Even in this current state of ARURF, I think you should get the 10 bans and THEN have everyone's champions distributed.
: ARURF is still a terrible idea. Why not have the best of both worlds?
Ten-ban system is quite enough for everyone to ban whoever they don't want to deal with. We can revert to the old format now, I think it's safe to. Or to separate All Random from Blind Draft URF would be another good idea, it's not like there's a lack of players for either queue. Even in custom games, let us have the ability to choose our champions back. I'm so tired of getting someone I like playing in random, being hyper-excited to play them, then suddenly someone dodges and I never see that champion again. I've only wanted to play Kayn, Katarina, Sejuani, Vi, and Zac during URF and not a single time I've gotten any of them. At least give us a random POOL of champions to choose from, instead of just one. Give us five champions and let us pick from those five, instead of sticking us with one garbage champion while the enemy team gets five assassins and utterly destroys you and ruins the fun of the game mode. I doubt the devs even look at these posts. They likely just dismiss them as whining, but this is a game mode that is deeply cherished by many players of the League community, and especially people like me who don't play the game at all and only return just to play URF whenever it's around. All Random is garbage. It's not fun. And if you're not gonna do any of that for us, Riot, at least remove the dodge timer so we can leave the game when we get a horrid damned champion that we don't wanna play.
: Voluntary chat restriction
Someone as toxic as myself would find great use in this. I don't like being angry and having chat only makes me more inclined to use it whenever someone talks down to me because I simply just can't ignore it.
: No it hasn't. At point blank, it'll do it, but if it's outside the range of his normal Q, the tornado will NOT proc any on-hits. Trust me, everyone wanted Hydra Yasuo to be a thing, but his tornado doesn't like to proc on-hits. It'd crit, but not proc Shiv, Hydra, or BotRK, let alone anything else.
Yeah, I was about to say. Go on live and try to proc Shiv with a Tornado Q. It doesn't work. This is pretty significant of a buff imo.
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: **// **I did an indicator for the minion aggro, it isn't the best but that's the basic idea how I would do it
That actually was not what I was thinking at all, but I REALLY, REALLY like that idea. Wow. Good job, man. That's a wonderful proposition.
: @RiotJag Can we have an actual discussion on Runeglaive for once?
I'd have to agree on the segment of it changing lanes too much, I've seen way too many AP Smite Mid Ezreal picks as of late.
: Righteous Glory nerfs will delete the item from the game
That's just how the meta works. It's not "Good in some cases, bad in others." It's just good or bad. Most of the best players do this all the time, when something (be it a champion, summoner spell, item or otherwise) becomes less than optimal in it's effectiveness, they forsake it and abandon it almost entirely. It's the reason champion diversity is always choked out. There won't be a middle ground to work with. Tank builds already provide with enough HP and that RG as a pickup for most engage tanks to force fights with don't deserve to have that much health. This is another reason RoA isn't having it's health scaling buffed to compensate. (It honestly almost seems as if both of these are shadow nerfs to Maokai) There is just too much health available for tanks right now and these are measures being taken to alleviate that issue. Righteous Glory already provides so much offensive power through it's active, it doesn't need to be providing defensive power through granting too much health.
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: what role do you guys think ekko will fill best?
Here's hoping for an AD Mid-laner that's NOT an assassin.
: there is a zed ultimate change on the PBE CLIENT.
It forces him to commit to a target instead of just abusing the split-second invulnerability. I don't see what's wrong with this.
: {rengar} SSW rengar glitch
Artifacted model. Probably due to a vertex error of some sort. +1
: Ultimate ability timer Bug
Yes. Most, if not all, champions are having ultimate timer issues. It's not the ultimate, it's the timer itself this patch. Something broke it. Riot's probably on the job.
: New Teemo texture rebalance mushrooms cause Trypophobia.
I'm not so sure I have a phobia such as this one but I'm certainly glad I'm not alone in thinking the new mushrooms were very disgusting and mildly disturbing.
: I think I agree, the item is powerful as is, and CDR might be too good. In addition after thinking about it is balances out how good the item is on poke mages vs close range ones. Poke gets more from the effect, but close ranged people get more from the move speed. Was talking to my brother who is a Kat main and he said he loves the move speed. I just want to give Riot feed back to think about.
Yeah I'm beginning to think this item is gonna be scary on Kat.
: I Like the new item, however I don't care for the move speed
The reason is probably because CDR would overtune the item. It'd be like if Shiv gave AD instead of Movement speed.
: So about that change to my beloved Janna...
It reinforces Janna's ability to disengage. This is primarily what people choose Janna for in the first place, so it's a nerf to the aggressive Janna playstyle. Which is good. She's annoying when people play her aggressively.


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