: Played Sion in a custom game earlier just to see how the new kit played, and I gotta say that I completely love it. Although it won't be as funny as just standing in the middle of the entire enemy team and life stealing your way to a penta with the live Sion ult, the way his kit is now provides a much more interactive way to play him. That being said I do have a couple of problems/possible bugs that I came across while playing the new kit. 1. On smart-cast, his Q won't go off sometimes. I'd say that about 20% of the time that I tried to Q, Sion just sat there in the middle of a minion wave. I made sure to keep an eye on the icon, and most of the time that this happened the ability had been off cooldown for about 1 second. 2. The shield seems a little weak to me, seeing as how a minion wave can take it down in a few seconds. Now I don't claim to know what is considered good or bad for a shield, but even late game when I had stacked health, the shield just seemed small. Maybe increase the cooldown by a couple seconds and give it a little more juice. Just a thought though. 3. I watched the ability preview after I played and saw that Sion's new ult is supposed to do damage to minions. Not once when I used it did I do anything to minions, also I had bought Boots of Mobility and the passive on them stayed the whole way through, as if minions had just ignored me the entire time. 4. There needs to be a refund mechanic for his ult. If you hit a wall of stop his ult before a certain time into it, it should have a slightly reduced cooldown. (Admittedly, It took me a few tries to get the ult down, as I kept smacking into the turrets on accident and then wondering why I was just sitting there.) I'd love to hear opinions on what I found, as I know that I am far from an expert when it comes to balancing a champion, especially when it comes to basically releasing a new one as they have with Sion. {{champion:14}} "Don't be a Bonehead"
Agree with you that Q feels unreliable in terms of being able to cast it. I didn't notice the ult not hitting minions but then again I wasn't watching. I did notice however that Sion's abilities sometimes don't cause towers to agro him, might just be that his abilities haven't been added to a database or something. Only thing I feel might be really abusable is the fact that E still slows even if you use a minion and the projectile, as i feel as thought this make the ability a little bit target agnostic. All in all, I really like the new kit.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
Just wanted to say thank you uncle Vesh for the amazing soraka rework, I'm really looking forward to learning how to play her.
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
I have only played a single custom game with bots and one blind pick: * Really like the satisfaction of landing a Q. * W feels like it is on too short a cooldown (might have been because of the people I was playing against, who would always focus my ally and never me) * I think I agree with the people who say that E feels out of place, perhaps a bigger AoE without the root would be nice, Soraka has never been a CC focused support and adding the slow on Q already feels like its pushing it. If the E were to be kept, then I think a small transition animation on the snare would make it feel more impactfull. * I also agree that Q needs a slightly bigger AoE or a lower ratio on missile speed as it moves away. 1) Her laning is really fun, both as and against, not too oppressive or too hard on soraka. 2) Her mid game skirmish phase is AWESOME, for Soraka at least, I can see it being frustrating for her opponents though. 3) I haven't had a game that lasted more than +- 30 minutes with her, so I cant really say much about her late-game. All in all I love the new 'raka, she is like a Nami without CC. {{champion:16}}
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: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
I like how Azir has turned out :) reading his abilities, he sounded REALLY broken, but it turns out he relies quite heavily on his soldiers to deal damage, and the soldiers have a short enough duration to prevent him from completely shutting down an area. I personally think the shield that he gets on his E is unnecessary as it provides him with some defence for failing a jump in some cases. I like the building damage mechanic on Azir's W it makes for some nice trade-offs(deal extra damage now or save the soldier for a fight). I like how you guys have managed to give Azir some cool mastery points that people can work on. I agree with alot of the people here who have said that the W shouldn't auto cast at max range when attempting to cast outside the range. **Bug:**found that the range indicator for Q is not entirely accurate, I found that I was often ordering my soldiers to places about 50 units farther than my range indicator said I was allowed to( I don't mean they wound up that far, I mean I cast the spell that far). The same thing seams to be the case with W.


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