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: Yasuo Practice Tool Bug
I'd rather say that the visual doesn't show up when you cast it multiple time. The first wind wall appear and until there is a wind wall up, other wind wall won't appear. You can still hear the sound however.
: Ok repertoir I have played Rengar now and I got a few things for ya. First of all thanks for the sounds! Now straight to the point, the jump is too small, I was expecting it to be a slightly bigger but it feels smaller than live without 6 stacks, this might be caused by the fact that you dont have the .25s to jump after exiting brush, I have seen you reply to a comment like this and would like to know if you are thinking of implementing it. The jump either needs to be bigger or you need to add the .25s back. Ult jump is fine because you have plenty of movespeed, but toplane jumps are terrible, early game jungle jumps are terrible they need fixing. The other thing is: alot of people have said this but I just want to support their statements: the Ferocity decays too fast. IMO the perfect spot is when rengar jungle can go from camp to camp withou losing it, and when rengar top can just last hit minions and not lose it. So I would suggest you look into the average time it takes for a minion to die top, add one sec to it and maybe its fine? Either way its too fast, esp because it starts decaying right as Rengar uses an ability and not after if finishes casting. Everything else seems to be fine, I dont know if bola is still clunky as I have 200 ping (eu) but other people might help you with that. With this said have a nice day big boy!
Totally agreee with you about the jump, it miss me terribly not to be able to jump from bushes to dragon and blue, adn also feels really weird not to have the 0.25 delay after leaving the bush. I hope they will fix this if possible
: Shadow Performance Improvements
It's just an optimization right? because i can't see any difference between the two pictures appart from the FPS x)
: Anyone else feel like the mastery page is really hard to tell what is selected and what isn't?
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Just a little feedback on the end-game screen : it would be nice to be able to click on the whole reason on the report option instead of checking a little box. Anyway thanks for this new launcher, it's amazing as far as i could see
: Definitely Not Dominion shown as **null in Match History
I'm not sure but if a patch happened between your answer and now, the bug is still there :), i reported it like 5 mins ago
: [BUG] Summonername wont change on the web :D
have the same issues but changed my name about 1-2 weeks ago
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: Store wont open/load
got this too sent a bug report hope this will be fixed
: Actual Feedback on Soraka
I think the new system are very awesome, and when i read our comments, some of these solutions can be help this new raka. I don't know if it's me but the time for launch the q is less than live or not ? (Sry for my english)

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