: Casting Q - Noxious Blast with "Quick Cast with Indicators" enabled will behave like regular quick cast.
This is intended. You always smart cast that ability, on the live servers as well as the PBE. That also happens with Urgot's Q and Karthus' Q.
: Basically, leaving in Ranked is considered "more severe" by the system and leaving even once in Ranked can result in penalties.
I don't think doing it like this is even close to being fair. We had a power outage in our whole village 2 months back while i was in a ranked game, do you *seriously* want to punish people just for bad luck in *one* game? If you do it like this *everyone* who plays ranked will be punished by this system at some point without being able to do *anything* about it. There are many things that can happen outside of your control. Even if this ruins a game nobody should be punished for leaving one single game, ranked or otherwise. As a customer, Riot doing this would truly disappoint me as i've spent way too much money to just be punished for something that isn't my fault at all.


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