: This has been suggested from the moment they announced it. Riot's said they want to do it, but the animation team is too busy right now. Sometime in the future, though!
hope they do it in the future :)
: Definitely! Or it could do something othervise than eating it. Maybe it can shrink to a scuttle size and change a bit and then jumps in some Void pool or something similar :D
or like i said herald gets scared when baron comes ( during baron spawn animation which starts at 19.50 and he crawls back in at 19.55 ) :)
: I hope they keep that awesome Baron roar when he spawns, that's the coolest sound ever. xD
yeah no need to change that :D
: Riot said they would do it, but not yet. First, the Herald would be released on live without the animation, and afterwards the animation would be added. [Reddit link](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3qm09d/if_the_rift_herald_is_alive_when_baron_spawns/cwgn5u9) [Link *from this forum*](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/z44jEiXG-rift-herald-pbe-feedback-thread?comment=000800000000)
yeah i read that .. but its feels weird that it just dies on its own :|
: I complete agree with you! Please Riot do this! :D
:D yea it would be cool if riot did this in the future :D
: I would really enjoy seeing this animation take place in the rift. Kinda like the dragon flying in from the background.
yeah all other jungle mosters dragon baron crab has death and spawn animation but herald only has spawn animation !
: No~ It's a Scuttle Crab fallen into the void, iirc
lol its a rift scuttler ( crab that fell into the void and came back :D read the story :P
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: that video quality tho lol :p
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: I think this is a bug and i think it should be fixed. Should be posted on the live board :O{{champion:223}}
yeah i have already posted :) http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/95fhQYPm-is-this-an-intentional-bug-riot-must-watch-video
: (Programmer here) I don't think is is quite a bug, rather a way to deal with a known edge case. Whoever programmed this I expect knew this could happen and had to find a way to deal with it. They could change how it works to make it harder to do, but really, for now, I don't think this is much of a problem. It's innovative play that is far from free. You not only have to coordinate it, you have to use your smite, and level 1 that is a big deal. You also have to have Syndra or Tham(Bliz Poppy or others might also be able to do it as well). It takes a lot of time to do, and over all I don't know if the pay off is worth it in a real game most of the time. And when it is used it's interesting play. If you could do this while still killing wolfs quickly then it would be a larger problem, but from what it seams you lose a lot of tempo doing this. That said, I don't jungle much, so it might be a bigger deal than I think. And at a higher(LCS) level of play vision controll like that is very important.
Still I feel this must be fixed If it's smited on left half of map go to blue blue side. If it's smited right go to blue red side. Easy. Mastah of coding. The left and right thingee can be changed to top n bottom side of the map n this problem can be fixed
: Is there going to be an option to bring back the "old" new hud layout?
Just get used to this :) cuz the old one aint coming back this one is much better n more clear ! :)
: Awesome, though I think the NA/EUW boards have a little more visibility :')
oh i play in eune so umm i was logged in it will post it there too then :D this needs to be fixed right ? i mean a tam can help the jungler smite the wolfs n grant vision on the enemy blue side at the start of the game
: well i think as said in the video the smite buff works on which side of the map the wofl is smited
here is a follow up link on the boards :) http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/95fhQYPm-is-this-an-intentional-bug-riot-must-watch-video
: Yes :] Boards is the basically the same thing as a forum.
cool here is a follow up link on the boards :) http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/95fhQYPm-is-this-an-intentional-bug-riot-must-watch-video
: I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but as Amy sed, this should be posted on the live boards~
well i think as said in the video the smite buff works on which side of the map the wofl is smited
: I think this is worth looking in to, but you'll have to post it on live boards for more visibility, maybe tweet a few Rioters.
live boards ? u mean the Live forums ?? ok thanks cooL
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: [GameplaY] A small Error in Training Mode
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: Guys I dont know how to start my own thread. dont laugh at me im new to forums but pls someone tell me how.
Log in to ur and at the home of forums page u can see at the right side Bugs Champions & Gameplay Feedback Site Feedback AIR Client & New Features Feedback General PBE Feedback click on any one of these and CREATE A DISCUSSION button will pop up and there u go u have ur own thread :) Cheers
: This is my favourite champion. I bought the skin instant and I didn't noticed the bug. I hope Riot will fix it soon.
: My god I feel awful. I have played easily 25 games with this skin on both PBE and Live, it is my favorite champion and I have tried a lot of things to improve it and I did not notice this :c
yea its a small bug even i dint notice while i was testing in pbe !
: My favorite skin and I just missed that bug. Shame of me :P Well we'll just wait for it to get fixed
haha yea :) hope they make a fix sooon :)
: Confirmed. I usually have Shadow Off so I don't notice that when I was testing it. Now that you've mentioned, I switched Shadow On and the shadow of the spheres are missing. Good job.
Yea and this patch with no **shadows on spheres** moved to the LIVE servers as Well hope **RioT** Fixes This Soon :)
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: Hope they are working on it, I really like the skin
me too man mee too i wanna buy it in the live server !!
: Yes it has been over a year xDDD
: Over a year* xD Scorched Earth Renekton is not high priority, so Riot is doing things they find more important ^^
naah it hasnt been an year i gus ! :P well umm still it needs a splash n it needs to pop out in the liver servers right ?
: I haven't tryed it yet, but i saw a video on youtube that show it, i hope the splash will be fantastic as the skin and they are working on it for this :D
well dude that skin was released months ago -_-
: I've used this Renekton skin and quite enjoy it. I don't mind that the splash art hasn't been released yet. I like the recall animation and the animation when he gains 50 fury. The only thing I don't like about the skin is his bottom jaw. It looks gummed to me like he's an old man crocodile with no teeth. Lol.
yes its a very good thing and my point is !! only wen the splash releases it will come out in the live servers right ? {{champion:58}} ?
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