: i am in 76:43 minute queue ... is it a big fat bug ?
The problem is that the server is in the US. We have around 200ms of ping in Europe so it's a pain to test new things
How is your question related to "Champions & Gameplay Feedback" ? Please delete and try elsewhere
: Jinx buff feedback
Maybe they should do like they did with Lucian's Q, reduce the cast time with level
Rioter Comments
: His passive Echo Flames, do not crit, and neither do his W autos, his regular autos do though.
Not sure why you decided to disable crit on this, the Runaan build could be fun
: Urgot Rework
I hope some mechanics of the old Urgot will appear on a new champ (the long range targeting and swap positions). The new one is kinda cool tho, I just dont like the E, I'm getting tired of all these dashes and hard cc
: Runaan's Hurricane on reworked Urgot
I don't think it's a bug, the Hurricane's passive always deals 40% AD or so, it's not an on-hit effect. It's not op anyway, the stats of the item are pretty useless
: I mean, you can only reactivate your ult when someone is low enough. So that is a pretty good indicator.
I think he means before your use your ult. Your comment for Chogath's R would be "Your get a kill so that's a pretty good indicator." :D
: Diana changes I would like to see.
I think those are good elements to work on. BTW Diana's E has a pretty hard slow already
: Diana changes first impression feedback
I'm not conviced by these changes as well. First, the Q spell early cooldown reduction. It may be a little buff for the first clean of Diana jungle, but in the midlane this is totally useless since you want to avoid as much as possible using spells in early game because you need mana for W otherwise you take too much poke. Second, the lack of base AS makes it very difficult to farm mid. Fizz and Kassadin have mana-free auto-attack reset. Diana needs at least more base AS. The bonus AS on E passive is really weird, the gameplay isn't smooth, and it forces wasting mana to get some AS. And we will still max E last so 40% for only 3 attacks is quite a weak buff. It makes her a better assassin because the passive procs faster after jumping on someone, but she is already very good as an assassin, so buffing this aspect will only be more frustrating for people playing against with a squishy champ. In the other hand she has a really difficult late game because her burst is limited by tons of shields in team fights and she has no escape whatsoever. A better thing to work on is how she can enter fights after missing a Q in late game, because currently the 2 possibilities are : you still jump in, you lose half of your burst, and once you are in you stay in, or you wait 4 more seconds before trying Q again, but your team might be fighting and losing during this time. Honestly I would prefere something like crowd control immunity after detonating the 3 spheres, and bonus range for the 3rd attack of the passive.


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