: goood goood muahahahahahaha more seriously doesnt lethality only effect squishy people not building armor? since it detracts from base armor? and all you have to do is build some tanky items to counter this or play some tanky units?
i see that u have legit NO idea xD it was complitly fine how it was.. with the new items u will get just tooo much lethality.. this is why u should nerf it with the percentage value on the champs.. u wanna say.. that an adc or a heal/shild support need to force to buy like 2 tank items.. to not be 1 shot? xD without watching on your history or others.. i see ure a sin main.. and u never play something else.. and maybe useless on everything others? xD nah sry.. ure just not thinking seriously over the game over all.. and only think about stupid 1shot sin champs {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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