: Loud static noise
I have the same problem at first I thought i was my cheap headset but now i know it was the work of {{champion:112}}'s laser
: Bot Bug!
Lucky I read this before posting a thread. Yup bug confirmed same thing happened to me
: That ult change is ridiculous. I don't usually use the term 'gutting' or 'Olafing' but I think this qualifies. You say you go overboard, but you're not overboard, you're still on the pier. This completely kills any Pantheon. I mean, I get you got a lot of that when you removed the global part of his ulti, but this is...stupid. It's basically a ground targeted version of Elise's Rappel at this point, and that's a normal ability. If your ult is equal to someone's normal ability, something is wrong.
Riot now just focuses on late game never early. Like lee sin his early game is pretty good Riot decides to nerf him. Now looking at his stats he looks useless until late game.
IKR I bought like 2 bone necklaces before I could get a trinket
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: You don't need to test old skins. If there is a bug with old skin, players on live servers are going to find it much faster than players on PBE.
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: AI bots too easy
I agree with this also we tried to feed bots but that end up buying dumb stuff and lost to us I suggest that bots get kind of harder per level ( I don't know how to do that ) bots get harder a bit so that higher level people can apply their skills in bots.
: Team Builder Bugs! - 2/14-2/20
Idea of Team Builder is awesome but sometimes it takes a while for that role that isn't that popular eg: jungle. support. But it is not your fault that this happens please keep up the good work =D.
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread
Bots in PBE saw me at low HP kept running to their lane. Their builds are just..... wood 5 builds better make them. I believe this was already mentioned you can just bait the bots under turrents and get easy kills. And i would always think that bots used the weaker champs cause they suck. So make them a bit better so people don't underestimate them.
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: I believe it is a new queue system they are implanting into the game to prevent games from being disbanded do to lack of players
I can see why it's a good thing and bad but what if they take longer? I think this feature should be added into challenger because Turtle's stream toom like 20 min to find a match so it's a neat system but it has flaws.
: Team Builder Bugs!
The same bug I think some skins don't load in teambuilder
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: Hexakill bug
Yup happened to me too said there was some error.
: Me too. Also if I try to play another game like within 10 seconds of getting returned to the play button, it says "Error Failed to join queue, please try again."
Yes same thing happened to me too
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: [Bug] No Announcer Voice
I can confirm this bug there is no announcer sound for me too.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Hello I have found this with multiple people but in Team builder sometimes the skins you pick don't load it has happened to me and other people too please look into this.
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: Server support for EU and the rest of the world.
I think Riot said that they keep the HQ in LA for faster updates and patches but i agree too it's impossible to play a burst/assassin with 300 ping
: About those pesky 4v5 matches [To PBE Community]
Sometimes even when you try to be positive as Spongebob being all cheerful and helpful some people are still going to f**k off. I was in a game recently and it was a bad day for me i lost 4 games in a row so this one I could have won but i just need gold to get the item to carry.But since i was 3/6/1 my top laner said to get out of his lane since im going to feed anyways the gold that i get will go to waste. My point is not everyone is a fighter some will give up and say "gg" after first blood it has happened before and it will again but i see your point and those are the words of a great leader. ( i bet you have the leadership ribbon)
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: High Ping
Since PBE HQ are in NA Los Angeles you're playing on a NA server from EUW. But I also suggest Razer Gamebooster it helped me lagg less in game. Hope this helped ^_^


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