: They should just make ALL Random when urf goes live :)
: [URF] Do not ban new champions and rewoks!
Indeed. Will copy paste here : > **Champ testing: (this means not banning them so you can test them :P) > > Taric > Jhin > Aurelion sol > Illaoi > Tahm Kench > Kindred > Ekko > Poppy > > Thanks PBE crew. <3 ** And starting now... Yes, **Ekko** needs his cd's nerfed or perma banned ( like you did with some champs in the past, Hecacopter being one of them ) Thank you in advance. Also, asking please please, a higher ban pool on URF like 4/4 or even 5/5 or else you'll just see always the same champs, annoying gameplay, no fun in the end ^^ Also, **Fiddlesticks** is a SQUARE on minimap
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: URF is broken!
It is up now, with lots of bugs
: Can we expect to see Legend Of The Poro King on PBE Again?
I hope not ( at least for now ) It's been more than a week now with Ascension, Poro King was already tested and I hope they will start with URF or Doom Bots soon.
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: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Hey there ^^ So, today I was able to install and start trying the new Alpha Client. Before everything, it's really GOOD for you ( and for us ) to have something really yours, done from scratch, so you can do "whatever" you want, whenever you want, be that improvements and tweaks, bug corrections, skins for events, etc, because it's something that you know and understand fully. 1) **Downloaded** the Alpha client without a problem, "linked" to my PBE folder, downloaded/updated 840~860 MBs ( more or less ) and got in. 2) ( Donger ! Keep working on that, fast ) **Client looks nice, is smooth** ( maybe the backgroound can/could be a little tiny bit brighter. Not grey, still black, but a tiny bit brighter ) 3) **Noticed fast**, **the lack of clickable buttons** ( I know, it's on purpose, but still, feels a bit empty =P ), **no chat at all ( at least you could create an auto chat for the Alpha clients**, so we could speak, invite and play with each other. Would be faster to start and test stuff. And once in a while Rioters would join the chat and games ) 4) So, **got on Queue** and it wasn't that long untill it found a game ( like 5 or 6 minutes ) and someone rejected. 2 Minutes after, another game, and now it started. 5) **Champion select was a bit weird** ( looks that everything is on top of everything, maybe it's the big / huge champion in front of you, dunno. Have to play more ) and you really have to **put the reroll button right in front of you, of your champion**. It's far and it's tiny, because our vision is mostly in the middle. 6) **Game started ( or should have )** with that "Entering Battle" sound. The client flashed twice, minimized, maximized after a few seconds, heard that "Entering Battle" sound again, and then a black screen came. It took some minutes for the game to start, and it did indeed, but **without the loading screen**. ( Tried to report this bug, but wasn't able to. It kept saying: _"We encountered an error while trying to process your bug report. Please try again in a moment"_ ) EDIT - 2ยบ game, black screen again, no loading screen, game started. 7) **In game was normal**, as far as I can tell. No missing items, no crashes from anyone, no freezes. Noice ! 8) **After game lobby** , again, looks cool. I want to ask if you can make both team scoreboards, symetrical. Like, make the team on the left ( or the other way ) symetrical to the right ( maybe with a thin line or other thing separating them, in the middle ). And I think that it's all, for now ^^ Keep up the good work and I hope you start adding some more clickable options. ^^
: Definitely Not Ward shows Maokai instead
: [Client] Upper portion of the Play button doesn't work
It's a bug with the chat/tabs. Close all, it should work now untill Riot fixes it.
: [Client] Part of the client doesn't respond to mouse clicks
Thanks GONE ! That fixed ( for now, untill Riot fixes it for good and allows us to open tabs / chats again ) ^^
: Buttons not working
Please, PLEASE, fix this. Also can't change spells ( second spell in my case ), neither change masteries. The Play / Solo button also needs to be clickable on one of the edges. My monitor is a Syncmaster 17, I play in 1280 x 1024 EDIT - Looks like user "Gone" found a fix for this. Just close all tabs/chats and it should all work now ^^
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: [General]- Experiencing substantial Bugsplats
HI there guys. So, I logged into PBE and started a game with Bard ( obviously ). No one on my team warned me about anything ( and 2 of them started to spam in Caps and being really jerks.. Eventually muted.. ) ANYWAYS ! I found this post and started to test stuff.. Only roamed ( crashed ), didn't use my E, crashed anyways... While I stood at base, nothing happened. Used ulti, Heals, Q's, nothing happened. Walked from base to pick up 2 Chimes, crashed for me. Enemy team said that once I showed to them ( out of fog of war ) they crashed. So, to sum up.. I couldn't really figure what's wrong, but it must really be Bard, and not the skills ( or maybe passive/Chimes ) It gets annoying since everyone wants to play Bard,so you really need to disable Bard or PBE. Have fun around ^^ PS - Both teams had a Bard. Dunno if the other Bard was taking my tests seriously ( I said him not to use some spells like me, but his teammates said that he was using them here and there.. ) And yes.. Not only 1 or 2, but like 10 or 15, not kidding..
: Nemesis draft creating enemies
Hi there. Please bring back a fun mode like URF ( Ultra Rapid Fire ). We want to have fun and not be bored as 666 with Nemesis AllistarFeces. Thanks. PS - Bring back URF
Hi there. Just passing by to say that this mode vacuums big pendulous balloons. Appreciate your attention. Bye
: Nemesis Draft and the problems it creates
I agree with all points above. Urf had 30 second queue, this has 12 minutes or 15. Enough said. Sux a lot of balls, perhaps all the Syndra + Ziggs balls together ( you even can chose which balls ) It's boring as hell, no fun at all..
: Nemesis draft is terrible
Well, this mode sux a lot of balls. That's my 2 Million Cents.
: Replay not working for ARAM
Damn.. I really wanted to save a replay with Full Party Pool. Was so funny.. We warned everyone ( enemy team included ) that we were going do a Party Pool on Bot lane at minute 5, mid at minute 10, top at minute 15, drake at minute 20, and Baron at minute 25. We wanted to make Nexus party, but the game ended before :\
: [Client] Unexpected Platform Error when trying to log in


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