: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
Tried out the Cass changes today. I adore the change to her E, it really frees up her gameplay; and I like the passive change. The W fixed range feels terrible though. I get that you don't want it to be an answer to assassins who can get right next to her, but it feels incredibly clunky and awkward and it's hard to get an opponent at that exact range.
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: Thanks for ze feedback. Will likely be doing something on Morello and tuning the values on Catalyst's upgrades. I have to look into the Athene's thing - there's this weird bug where it works sometimes and completely doesn't turn on at others. I assume I've messed up a timing variable somewhere.
If it helps any, Athene's wasn't working with Karma's Inspire and Defiance shields.
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: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
Tried it out today, the sustain from Catalyst is sorta unnoticeable because it's so low, but it works well. As well, losing Lost Chapter's passive when it's upgraded to Morellonomicon sucks, especially when building it in tandem with a Tear or ROA. I like the changes to Zhonyas and Abyssal, and to Chalice and Athenes, but the shielding/healing steroid doesn't seem hooked up yet. The Hextech items just seem like something I'd never have a need for, or the item slots for. Tear also feels much more approachable for non-spam mages. I like what you're doing bud.
: Yeah - it's highly likely that if anything causes the item to fail - it will be Annie interactions. It's a fairly dangerous and pretty experimental change overall.
Why not just make Annie throw Tibbers and give it a cast time?
: Is there anything specific about the Zhonya's change that stands out? We still have time to adjust numbers if that could help things out.
I for one am super happy that Zhonya's is finally being recognized as a defensive item over an all around top-notch item.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
This is simply incredible, I cannot wait to get my paws on these changes.
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: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
while Tristana's W damage changes are useful for being aggressive with the jump, how does it encourage being a risky AD caster over her current W? Is the intent to make her constantly jump around in fights or to make her use the jump for damage more often? Doesn't the change really just make Tristana even more safe with more jump resets?
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Hey there, thanks for being so quick to let us know about the iterative process. I think you're going in the right direction, but my biggest concern when playing her was that it felt like she didn't have an ult. The mana cost did make it feel terrible to cast early game, but more so it felt like I was using a super powered version of Ghost instead of an ultimate; and without Valor Quinn loses a lot of what had made her unique. Now instead of an assassin she reminds me more of Vayne, but without as good of tools to stay alive and be independent.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
These changes sound amazing. For the longest time its felt like Graves didn't deliver on the shotgunner fantasy and I think this will nail it.
: “Black Market Brawlers” featured game mode live soon on PBE
These items look absolutely incredible! Cannot wait to try some of these out and have the Deadman's Plate choo choo train of death.
: > How do you feel these changes will affect Cassiopeia and Veigar? Cassie is already scary - and will likely be scarier. > WoTA It's less so pushing WoTA into being a more general buy as not requiring secondary items along with WoTA to make it function. Like, currently with WoTA - you pretty much need a Void Staff eventually, otherwise WoTA stops functioning entirely in fights due to the MR penalty. It's trying to reduce how many items WoTA locks you into, etc. > Do you think a perpetual 40% slow, like what Cassiopeia can do, will be agonizing to deal with? We'll actually be evaluating slow rules soon as we've been increasingly unhappy with them but also feel like we're unable to put any slows of significance because of the stacked case. > Rage Blade and Hextech Gunblade They don't fit in currently at the moment. Just doing a pass on Core AP.
alright, thank you! It'll be nice to grab WotA without having to have tons of AP first.
: I have some thoughts in this space - but I wanted to do an isolated Core AP pass. I do have some ideas for Gunblade though. I'd remove the lifesteal and spellvamp and essentially convert to a global damage steal from all sources of damage - which I think fits better the concept of Gunblade entirely. So like No Lifesteal No Spellvamp Unique Passive: You heal 12% of the damage from ALL sources of damage you deal, including items. Which creates some interesting synergizes with characters with strong on-hit magic damage and procs.
I would love this. I like playing Diana as a fighter, but there's no sustain item that fits her and without sustain she relies on burst. This would allow her to use her passive to regen, which would be great.
: This looks amazing and I can't wait to see this on live. Really nice to see Spell Vamp and Liandry's being worked on.
Actually, i had some questions. How do you feel these changes will affect Cassiopeia and Veigar? Are you hoping to push WotA into being more of a general buy? Do you think a perpetual 40% slow, like what Cassiopeia can do, will be agonizing to deal with? Also, how do items like Rage Blade and Hextech Gunblade fit into this?
: [5.13] Core AP Items Pass
This looks amazing and I can't wait to see this on live. Really nice to see Spell Vamp and Liandry's being worked on.
: New HUD Feedback
The HUD update is just gorgeous, absolutely lovely. However, the indicator on skills for not having enough mana to cast them is incredibly hard to read while playing, and the area for character stats is hard to read due to its small size. Are there any plans to make either more readable?
: Cinder hulk bugged
https://youtu.be/bjUPoX-97pc showing the Cinderhulk bug
: Incentive to play with friends. Some people just grind solo que all day and forget how to have fun imo. Also when non-league playing friends see you playing with mutual friends, they would want to play with you guys to not feel left out...if that makes sense. (bad english XD)
: Bard Bug Report Thread
when minions are chasing Bard through the jungle and he uses Magical Journey to get way, the minions group against the wall he went through and get stuck without a new target.
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
He's really super enjoyable to play! I've noticed sometimes his Chimes spawn just under, or completely under, enemy turrets; making them very hard to grab safely. I can't wait to hear his sounds on Elderwood!
: " I think the item's too strong on Cassiopeia and it's not useful other than just more AP on most mages." You contradict yourself within a single sentence.
What I mean is that Cass can abuse it; but on most mages the proc is frankly not noticeable. The base stats are nice but even those mages who could abuse it don't really benefit from the proc.
: Play with friends and earn bonus IP with Party Rewards!
What's the purpose? Won't those already queuing with friends continue to; and those without friends or without other players to join queue alone? As well, will this come with more ways to spend IP? Those who already have all their runes and champs already have too much IP and few reasons to spend it.
: new ap item available for testing soon!
Tbh the item's damage is not noticeable and Cassiopeia abuses it. She can proc the damage on every poison damage instance, so it can proc just while targets are taking poison damage. Though she stacks the item well and makes strong use of all of the stacks, even at 1260AP she only gets 289damage per proc, it's not even noticeable. I think the item's too strong on Cassiopeia and it's not useful other than just more AP on most mages.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
I love the skin, like I'm having to contain my excitement and love for how gorgeous it is. Her Q and R-Q look gorgeous and i adore the new particles, but her other skills need the same treatment; her R-W could use lotus petals or a flower upon a full tether on a champ and her R-E could use a faint lotus flower or petals on affected champs or such. I really love the outfit but the skirt or it's angle could use some help, currently she looks like she's leaning forwards with her arse sticking out behind her. I really like how it reminds me of Diana's Lunar Goddess skin in the lotus flowers.
: Cassiopeia, Texture and Gameplay Update
Really loving the new Cass texture changes, but her death seems to keep the old textures? Not the actual animation itself, but when she's cracked on the ground it's still the same as before, so idk if this was intended or not or if I'm just not noticing it. It just really doesn't look right at all to see her old textures still there even after this update.

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