: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Poro Wards!
The Poro ward looks cute and has a nice animation when it is put down. However, the first time I put a ward down I got a black texture glitch. Also, after the ward has been placed and it becomes transparent the details become harder to make out and it looks a bit like a Poro on a Christian style cross.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Winter Wonder Orianna!
Feedback: 1) Her ball and back animation are very cute. 2) I was surprised at how human-like she looks. 3) I would appreciate more detail on her boots and legs. 4) I like her W animation. 5) Her E shield is great. :) Overall I would recommend the skins to friends.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Rek'Sai!
I get a texture glitch (black blurry boxes) around my hands when I activate Q in un-borrowed form. My legs are disconnected from my body and my body is disconnected from tail, which may be intended. I don't think the skin looks very fearsome. Perhaps it should be darker or more metallic? It reminds me a bit of a cool toy. :P
: Soraka Rework Feedback Thread
Soraka Feedback Overall: I like her kit. However, she felt fairly weak to me. She seems to need chalice for mana sustain. Passive: seldom seems to come up. I like the idea. Q: provides decent harass. Its damage seems to fall off at later levels. W: doesn't seem to heal a lot for its high heal costs. Only good when you're low on health. E: decent CC. Seems easy to avoid. Long cool-down. I like the rework's potential because I'm tired of seeing Soraka be nerfed whenever she becomes viable. However, as it stands I can't see myself picking Soraka over Nami or Sona.
: Gnar Bug thread
Gnar in little form can run through Veigar stun walls without being stunned. Both forms sometimes can jump over Veigar walls without being stunned. Tested in: New Summoner's Rift intermediate bot game.
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
The kill report for dragon was displaying a blue box instead of a dragon portrait.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing This Week!
Draven (with the new skin) had some loud and echoing/repeating ultimates.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Pounce and swipe seem to work as intended. They feel different, not better or worse. The hunt pounce combo was easy after one game. In lane as reworked Nidalee, I throw down traps. Then I hope the enemy is dumb enough to walk over them or not dodge my pencil thins spears. If anything lands I activate cougar form and go all in. The modified bush mechanic is useful for ganking. However, it's less powerful than the old cougar bonus speed and increased bush speed that was always on. Also new Nidalee only seems good to roam well if she far ahead because her spears are hard to land and she is usually too squishy to jump into a tanky top laner or duo bot. As far as bugs, Nidalee's spears initially did not make hit sounds. Is On Hunt supposed to work on big monsters? It doesn't seem to. I tried building standard AP, AP with some defensive items, and AP/movement speed items. I did not build tanky bruiser because Nidalee has only one AD scaling and no defensive abilities. With standard AP items I seemed good when fed and weak otherwise. Generally she seems a bit weak. ==== I really do not like this rework. I think it makes Nidalee have no escape potential. She seems like a bad Assassin because she first needs to setup her cougar form by landing a spear or trap. I don't know why you would pick reworked Nidalee over Leblanc, Kassadin, Fizz, or Zed or have the same or better damage and better mobility.
: New Audio Engine On PBE - Continued Testing!
Draven axes no hit sounds. (Consistent) Nidalee spears no hit sounds. (Consistent) Enemy Nidalee swipe sounds heard from 3 or more screens away (loud). (Inconsistent) Enemy Nidalee swipe sounds normal volume, but very high pitched. (Inconsistent) Gangplank attack sounds oddly high pitched a tinny. (Half of game). Overall, sounds good. :)
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
This version of Nidalee seems to turn her into an all in Assassin, which there are already plenty of. Playing PBE Nidalee made me feel like a second rate Zed or Khazix because I could not escape easily after I assassinated a target. . I'm going to try her another few times, but I think the rework more or less dismantles one of my favorite champions. Bug: Nidalee's spears did not make sounds when they hit an enemy champion.
: [SR Map] Clicking on the minimap to move bug.
I have the same bug. I would classify it as important to fix because it is quite noticeable. I am also receiving giant blue boxes on my mini-map when I use the new pink ward, although not consistently. I've noticed similar errors in the main client.


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