: Excuse me? Poppy was a determined, fearless warrior. She took fighting seriously knowing that she had a strong will and knew what she was fighting for. Now she cant even look at herself as the Hero she is She is EXTREMELY modest and its not the Poppy we know and love. If you disliked her Pre-Rework Identity, than you are not a true Poppy enthusiast. {{champion:78}}
Well, that's just a No-True-Scotsman statement. The only requirement for being a Poppy Enthusiast, is to like Poppy. If someone likes her for different reasons, well, that doesn't entirely matter. They certainly made a very drastic change to her personality and identity, but I think they solidified it a bit more. Her old persona was very gruff, no nonsense, determined, and very Lawful Good. Her new identity is the very typical anime-esque adventuring good-doer, slightly tilted given her size and look. Honestly, I like the new identity a lot better overall. If not just for the art, but also because it more solidifies her place as a Yordle. Old Poppy was a Yordle in name and size only. She had no whimsy, no jokes, no inventiveness, and no real connection to the race as a whole. New Poppy is really bad at being a Yordle, but you can still see some tell-tale traces of the race's traits in her character, which I think is in-line with the Yordle reworks on the whole. She has a few playful lines, is a bit more light hearted, and her goal is far less serious business than it was before. That being said, I think a couple more heroic sounding lines would go a long way to helping establish that she is in-fact a destined hero.


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