: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Jhin!
IT seems that the latest patch to the pbe has broken the skin a tad as his traps only appear as a single crescent moon rather then the full 3 not sure if this was intentional but i thought id bring it to light anyway. anyway great work on the skin! EDIT: ah so it was intended but i personally prefer the 3 crescent moons then the one with one it looks out of place.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Yeah, it surely wasn't as loud as music on Base skin for me. I was expecting creepy-magical blood-moon type of music. Maybe just make that sound a bit louder then, even though i'd prefer some creepy music like it is on base skin. As for another bug i found, its similar as bug on basic skin or it's not really bug, but if you leave your 4th shot unfired and then recall he will reload it at the last second and lets say "screw" that awesome back animation you guys made. And one question: is he supposed to go all black/red at the end of recall animation?
yea hes supposed to go all black and red or as far as i can tell anyway
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: I made a mockup of what Noxus Poppy's particles could look like to better fit the skin
Wow that looks nice and it gives me a forsaken jayce vibe,but i doubt anything will be changed :(
: Post it [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/BX1XN9Et-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-snow-day-bard) instead :> I also recommend you read [this](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/dxVMgVoG-pbe-reporting-bugs-that-occur-on-pbe) thread, which basically explains where you can find feedback threads and where you can post your feedback on the new content.
Man i am dumb or just lazy because i looked for a feedback mega thread and dident find one thanks amy OWO
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: Disrespectful players
*chiming noises* (I swear not all of us here are like that give it a little and your bound to meet some of the really cool people here) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: ADC Items on the Non-Marksman Champions
Well i just played a match as GP and with two items i had 40% crit and 40% cdr so id say they need to be toned down alot. EDIT: those items being Tri and {{item:3508}} and i was still able to do dirty gp dmg.
: [Unit Collision] -- Seems absolutely absurd on PBE vs live
Honestly unit collision should just be removed as it is the single most annoying thing in the game and serves no real function or at the very least make it so your minions have no collision to you.
: Revert the Vayne nerf
I dont quite know the right words to deal with what my eyes have read but ill try ahem firstly vayne shouldent even be doing hard trades early unless your 5/0 or something has so many other adcs have better tools to trade and secondly vayne isent the best at trading shes a duelist adc (or assassin if your one of those people) shes better the longer a fight goes on not for little 2 seconds skirmishes and besides her w is getting a huge buff to play along with her tank buster identity so just relax and let the pre-season sort itself out i mean graves jg is a thing now so just wait and see if your oh so precious vayne is garbage or not after everything is said and done.
: Grasp of the Undieing seems to no be working.
: The new Graves is everything I could ever want in an ADC
He looks about 10x better then he feels and ima leave it at that.
: They know http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/NAGbwaki-misplaced-visual-ground-indicator
Ah thank you i was unaware.
: Once he gets static shiv he cc clear becomes a lot easier
Im sorry but A: statikk shiv is a terrible item on him now due to his barrels being fantastic at aoe and dmg and B: could you a more clear about that you are saying
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: Riven nerfs
To be fair her ult is one of the lowest cooldown ults for how inpactful it is im surprised this dident happen sooner.
: Bard improve meta buffs
Actually bard has two dmging ability's his q and his passive while the q dmg is not anything crazy it does help. and as for the passive change yea a range decrease would be great but the big thing bard is lacking from his kit is a passive of sorts on his ult, i know hes kit already is kinda wonky in terms of what it offers but it would make sense as the ult only gets lower in cd per rank by 15 seconds it feels so unrewarding to even rank up the ult atm,and trust me ive played enough bard to understand him at least 99% of the way.
: Necromancer Azir Files missing in PBE client
Uh are you alright guy there is no necromancer azir skin at least that we know about.
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: Veigar w
You seem to have forgotten that its also a delayed skillshot which means it can be avoided and even if you get hit by no veigar is going to have 1K ap 20 mins in it takes a long time to get that much ap its as simple as shutting him down early and avoiding the stun combo.
: Yeah that's what I remember how it was last year, so maybe this change is intentional? To make any change at all. I noticed that riot releasing a featured mode that has been already in game they do not release it exact the same way. They always add something new. I understand their point so we on pbe are to test their ideas if we like it or not. Then they may consider if the change is needed or not necessary. Thats how I get it. Would be nice if more ppl would respond to it to see if they like this change. Personally I have nothing against it as long as I dont have to play with premades that sets a pick.. I would made a change in match making system to be less likely to be paired with premades while playing solo.
Yea if matchmaking put pre-madess vs pre-mades that would alright but the current system does not and it feels almost unfair.
: Oh if that's a case.. so then my theory works only on 40% vote for 1 champion and 20% for others then. I just thought it works same way. Wasnt paying attention for mayority vote that is making sure pick. Well I think I did not played enough ofa to actually notice that^^ but if they would make as I said that would be a solution ;p I would change it like surrender vote 4 vs 1 and 5vs0 ^^
that would make more sense but i think it should be like afo from last year were everything had a chance even if it was 10% or less.
: I think it already works like you saying. While in case of 3 votes for one champion means 60% other 2 different votes has 20%. Still it is unlikely 20% to win over 60% but possible. I myself won my pick like that a few times.
nope it turns into a "majority vote" and wins the lotto.
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: Kindred Ult
Its not meant to be a super strong dueling ult the rest of her kit takes care of that its meant to be a saving grace a last resort if you will and its usefulness isent limited it champions it also prevents neutral monsters like dragon and baron from dying in its aoe,and being the jg adc that shes meant to be it kinda makes sense that she has utility in terms of objective control as well.
: Kindred Passive Incorrect Color
ah so im not the only one this happened to. EDIT:It seems that both the skin and base skin have the same bug, hopefully its fixed soon its a little confusing if there is two kindreds.
: The numbers shown are incorrect, but the damage and meep benefits appear to be correct.
it seems so yea,i wonder why this is caused.
: ***
getting kills is hard what i played two games where i got 11-12 passive stacks in 25 mins or so,its not that hard although its enemy dependent like {{champion:203}} vs{{champion:68}} is super easy early as rumble can be dealt with swiftly but later on it gets harder but {{champion:203}} vs lets say {{champion:122}} yea its hard but you can deal with him purely though scaling and farming stacks because a champions biggest strength in AFO is its weakness as 5 darius while scary is still 5 kite-able bruisers with no ranged dmg so if your in a safe spot or if your teammates understand what to do to stop a darius from murdering you where you stand then it becomes a game of cat and mouse and that's what makes it interesting.
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: 'One For All: SR' featured game mode coming soon to the PBE
What about bard and his chimes will all allied bards get different chimes or will all of them get the same spawns?
: Please don't nerf Devourer for ranged champs
Im running the risk of sounding like a salty guy, but screw sated vayne kill it with fire.
: Ranged Champions w/ Sated
Have you not played vs the nightmare known as stated vayne?
: Any Master Yi compensation buffs?
Good god no let that champ suffer more and be forgotten
: Gangplank crits way to high
hes also has no mobility aside form his passive and no hard cc and he can be demolished early just saying
: Darius is too strong currently they need to nerf his passive à bit on exchange of Q delay lower.
Shhhhhhhh let these fools keep complaining about how under powered darius is i enjoy my feelow :^)
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: Yep, just tested. Hyper Charged hammer attacks apply Recurve Bow damage. Seems I was wronga bout the "reduced damage overload" theory, maxing W has no effect on damage from W'd hammer attacks.
Strange i wonder when this will be fixed because its fun to activate w then go into hammer and super speed smack people.Also i applaud you for going to this length to test this bug most people here dont even care about the forums. {{champion:432}}
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: A bit of help needed.
Currently i dont think there is a way to get rid of runes so sit tight untill riot does something and they might even be able to purge your account of runes. {{champion:432}}
: King Ramus Skin????? HELL NO
O-o well this is news {{champion:432}}
: server offline?
RIP PBE D: {{champion:432}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Prehistoric Anivia, Cho'Gath & Renekton!
So after seeing all three new skins in action i have do say they are very well done a few things i'd say to change that would make them a bit cooler or rather the renekton and cho one is take away the gold plating stuff and change it to bone and spikes and for the cho skins q a bit of texture tweaking would make it alot cooler looking as well same goes for renek and perhaps his weapon could be more stone and bone rather then metalic and as for the {{champion:34}} one perhaps make the animations a bit more snowlike and the passive form is great but it feels very dull to watch so mabie make that a bit more lively(considering shes coming back to life) but other then that great job on them :)
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: Haven't been placed in ranked yet after 10+ ranked games
Oh no not you too im having the same problem although truth be told i dont really care about my rank id still be interested to know what it placed me Q_Q {{champion:432}}
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: I know there has been a bug before with ranked teams where placement would take a while and you would end up playing more than the usual number of placements. Did you get a notification after 10 games saying you placed in challenger? or is the first time you say the challenger when you went into your profile page?
That doesn't seem to be the problem and if so its crazy how that would happen considering its been three days since i should have been placed in any form of rank but i think it has to do with me usually duoing with some one and not solo qing perhaps.
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