: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Love the work, absolutely amazing but compared to Sion's rework, seems a tad unfair his splashes didn't get any changes... and this is considered a smaller rework than his? Not attempting to cause any issues, just bringing it up and wanted to perhaps hear if his will get the same treatment as Poppy someday.
: GP's q is an auto, right in the description :P It's a little easter egg I suppose, it's not that good an item on him compared to shiv, but it would be cool.
For all intents and purposes its treated as an autoattack, but its not 'actually' an auto. Its a targeted skill that applies on-hit as if it were melee. You're right though about shiv though.
: Rapid Firecannon should give GP 150 more range on his Q
It only affects Autos. It'd be a nice buff but it's not intended to modify Abilities. Note: It'll work with abilities like Leona Q, Jax's W, etc, though for obvious reasons. {{champion:41}}
: [Lucian] Delayed auto-attacks after Q
This is currently on live and can confirm unless you click or A-move after Q, he won't autoattack automatically. Maybe Riot would fix it? {{champion:236}} {{champion:63}}
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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I must admit I'm a little sceptical about these new changes, but I'll give credit where credit is due. You ABSOLUTELY nailed the style of Grave's personality in his kit, a really upfront badass blasting away everything in his way(Unless he's reloading, then he's just looking badass). I'll save a lot of my judgement until I can play him, but it doesn't seem too broken from the get-go! Love it, man. {{champion:104}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=LP Chris P Bacon,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Eb2g7EEx,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-10-06T14:27:18.952+0000) > > Can you link to the rioter's comment? Riot Ohmu (NA) - 19 days ago Hey! First off, awesome feedback! A lot of the animators saw your post on reddit [and a similar mirror post on the PBE forums] and I thought I'd just reply here with some of my own thoughts: Really appreciate the visuals aides you provided as well as your clear explanations for what you feel is more appropriate. They are all critique points with solid grounds and, in my opinion, can contribute to adding even more character to the champion. Based on your examples, I actually immediately thought the closest relative to Lamb would be a Fawn from The Chronicles of Narnia, at least, anatomically. It's amazing to see players that possess an understanding of a certain area that we may have overlooked and provide an informative critique (this is what we do everyday o(≧∇≦o)) As animators, we try our best to study reference and learn as much as we can about the related subject material so we can create animations that make champions (and other assets) really feel alive in game. There are instances, however, where movements/poses in real life don't work well in game (we sometimes even rotoscope as a first pass), and we're forced to change things up. Ultimately, we strive to keep things feeling/reading as real as possible while pushing the appeal of poses and exaggerated movements for our 3/4 perspective game view. Since I can only speak for myself, I'd like to take a recent animation I did and use it as an example: I animated Project: Yi's dance which is a call to Genki Sudo's WORLD ORDER dance, "Have a Nice Day." I use this as an example because the translation from source material (real life) into League proved to be more complicated than I anticipated. The actual dance's appeal in real life comes from the stationary hips/torso of the dancers and their stiff arms/poses. Stiff body and arms, however, in Maya and in game tend to read as lazy animating. In the end, I had to break away from the original source (add breaking arms, slanted body, and lots of vertical up and down) to make it right in game (especially without music!). There may be people who disagree with the choices I made to get to the final product, but I feel that in the end it worked out sufficiently well, and even though it's not 1:1 with Genki's Sudo's actual dance, i feel like it's homage enough XD. In Kindred's case, my understanding is that the points you bring up were not entirely overlooked but were decisions either the animator or the champion pod chose to do together. In the end,** it comes down to the creative liberty of the artist and the trade-offs they choose to make, which does not take away any validity from all the points being made in this thread**. <--- ((Basically they said fuck off)) I'm not directly involved with Champ development [I animate on Skins], but I will definitely make sure to pass on the feedback to the animator working on Kindred in case he doesn't see this. Remember, though, that based on bandwidth, timeline, and the the number of projects that come in one after another, sometimes we can't fix everything we want to, even if we try. Such is art T^T Cheers! EDIT: for visibility, on reddit, iniquitee talks about how the team and Rory/RiotLamz approached her animations. :D I'm trying to find the other one where the rioter basically mentioned "how hard it is to do all the stuff they ask of the, and we should basically be grateful that we got what we got." But if you look in the story and art /GD section on live forums around 18/20 days ago you'll come across it because a large majority of the live forum was out raged and got massive upvotes about how bad the animations on Kindred are. One person even hit #1 on Reddit, and the sad part is, it took her to get #1 on Reddit before she finally got the post above which basically politely told her "we work hard, so fuck you." ((Once you learn how to read between the lines regarding Riot, it's pretty easy to tell.)) All the original poster in question was doing was showing them/telling them how to properly animate the goat leg and all of that jazz ((Which they did with Soraka)) and how to do a few other things which she really wasn't even wrong about honestly. There's a lot of stuff they could have done with Kindred that they simply refused to do out of pure laziness. If you go back and look at Tahm and Ekko just for references you'll come to find out just how lacking Kindred is in animations.
Everything about Kindred seems slightly off to me, frankly. I dunno if Riot's animators/model designers are just lazy or really stubborn, but that reply seems... a bit too much? A lot of the time I feel Rioter's give responses that're chock-full of arguements and discussion that detract from the original point, trying to distract or send our attention elsewhere. Kindred especially bothers me, it's almost unfair how wonderful a character she -could- be if Riot actually listened to the complaints and changed all the issues people on PBE brought up. It sorta makes it feel wrong to be on PBE if 90% all your feedback will be dismissed, instead we're just here to see stuff early. "Remember, though, that based on bandwidth, timeline, and the the number of projects that come in one after another, sometimes we can't fix everything we want to, even if we try." Ironic they say that, since Kindred is delayed for another two weeks, giving them plenty of time to spruce her up to whats expected! It's disgusting, like you said comparing them to prior champs, they seem so unsatisfying and unfinished if you look at someone like Tahm, Ekko, even older champions long before them!
: The one rioter that commented basically told us to fuck off because the one guy "worked hard." I don't know what hard is, but he's been the laziest person since season 2 lol. I personally want to fire whoever left Kindred so fucking clunky, especially with her one auto attack animation that makes her look like she;s snapping her leg in half when you reach 1.5 attack speed.
Can you link to the rioter's comment?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Spirit Fire Brand!
Very nice skin, don't have much complaints or qualms with the colors or textures of the actual champ! The recall is nice and the effects on his mask are cool to look at. Particles are nice and clear, nothing obscure about them though they could be shifted more towards purple than blue. Passive effect is very nice too. Overall animations are good, no bugs, but its a bit jarring that his dance doesn't loop infinitely. Maybe could change? As well death animation is a bit underwhelming with no spooky little demons. :( Thanks for reading~
: Personally i don't like it because whenever i glance at the skin i do a double take for voli-bear, but that could just be me...
It does resemble one of Voli's skins a lot, actually.
: Kindred's Visuals...
Lamb & Wolf's model in general feel **really** underwhelming and lacking in terms of detail, especially if you compare to a lot of the prievously released champs/reworks. Kind of a massive disappointment considering how impressive their lore/VO/splash is in comparison to their skin. Hopefully Riot will take into consideration of touching up the details or at least a response from them.

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